Travel Impressions: Jeff Hrusko on EuroCircle’s African Safari, 2015

 Traveler bio: Jeff came to EuroCircle through a romantic relationship, so you could say he’s like the boyfriend you stay friends with after the girlfriend left. He’s a technologist, graphic artist, and strangely enough, brings both an academic knowledge and caveman sensibility to our travels. When we reviewed our African itinerary, we quickly realized we were unprepared for the remote wilderness of the Okavango Delta, Kalahari desert, and Nata. But Jeff, an avid outdoorsman reassured us, we could survive without hair dryers for a week. EuroCircle’s African Safari, 2015

All travel photos are available via Sherry’s Flickr account at HERE!

 Jeff, unlike most of our members, you haven’t traveled much outside the USA. What possessed you choose EuroCircle’s African Safari, 2015 as one of your first adventures abroad?

I figured I should go big, or stay home. I mean, now that I’ve been to Africa I feel like I can go anywhere.

Be honest, what did you think of our group of travelers?

I think we quickly became like a family unit. That’s not to say we weren’t dysfunctional, but I know we looked out for one another, and had to accept each other, warts, dirty wash, and worse.

Being in a social group that’s bound together by logistics and miles of savannah, there’s no channel to switch or website to keep you in your comfort zone. I love that. We had to engage with each other as people. Sometimes the scarcity of choice brings about an abundance of value.

Of all the travelers, you seemed to be the most easy-going, and laid back. Nothing seemed to bother you. Are you like that in real life, or was that your strategy to get along with the various personalities?

I try not to “sweat the small stuff.” Of course one person’s small stuff is another’s civil war, but I felt we were a good hearted group, for everything else there is always headphones.

What was the funniest thing that happened for you on this trip?

“Oh my god, a lion!” Or a donkey, it could be a donkey. “Ah, a snake, look a snake!” Or I guess it could be a stick. The adamant misidentification of animals was definitely a high-point of the trip’s comedy.

Beyond that, outside of Victoria Falls, when we were all dressed in white (me in the Alana’s sparkly tank top), I walked out ahead of the gang, and a local asked me “Why you all dressed in white?”

“Oh, I’ve just married wife number five.” I replied.

“You must be rich!”

“No, just very, very tired.”

If you could re-live one day of EuroCircle African Safari, 2015, what day would that be?

From an adventurous perspective I’d say being among the elephants in the Maun, but in truth, two times during the trip, once at the Thamalakane River Lodge and the second time on the Chobe river, I had a chance just to feel… it’s hard to put into words, and please shoot me if I say “one with nature” but I felt like just another mammal, and it was a good feeling. In our dominance as a species we’ve killed off the large mammals in Europe and America, and I miss them. There was a certain rightness being among them. Not in a Disneyfied way, but as fellow creations of evolution on this planet.

If I could stay in one moment, it would be that sensation. The smell of the soil and grasses, the setting sun streaming through the trees over the river, life was everywhere and I was a part of it!

As a single man, would you rather bring a significant other, or next time, join us solo?

Blow up doll? Did you mean to ask to go solo or bring a girlfriend? In a way I had the best of both worlds. Maryana and I grew close again during the trip. I think the answer is whatever enhances the experience. I mean, one can fight with their girlfriend any place, but kissing someone in front of Victoria Falls is another thing all together.

All travel photos are available via Sherry’s Flickr account at HERE!

EuroCircle Travels is an annual program, that takes our members on a global adventure. So far, we have explored the silk markets of Istanbul, trekked to the top of Machu Pichu, raced tuk-tuks in Siem Reap, Cambodia,, and sailed down Halong Bay for an unforgettable experience. As a group we experienced dune bashing in the Arabian Desert, UAE, dined in a palace in India, then trekked across 5 countries in Southern Africa on safari. Join us!

MAP: Dual Citizenship Around the World (Video & Infographic)

MoveHub wrote this cool article telling which countries allow and restrict dual citizenship around the world. For the globetrotters that is good info to know.
Some countries have strict yes/no policies regarding dual citizenship. However, it is more complicated than that. They ended breaking down the following countries that allow dual citizenship into:

Yes, with restrictions*
No, with allowances*

Countries that allow dual citizenship

There are countries such as the UK and Australia that allow dual citizenship under all or most situations. Some others – Russia, Spain, and Turkey – allow dual citizenship but their residents either have to notify the government before and after applying for a second citizenship. Usually they can’t run for federal office – or only allow citizenship from certain other countries.

Countries that don’t recognise dual citizenship

There are a few countries that have a no tolerance policy – for example Austria and Ukraine. Many countries that restrict dual citizenship tend to have rules that only their citizens can have dual citizenship, but not naturalised foreigners. Or they allow it only if another country won’t let someone out of their original citizenship. Norway does that/

Courtesy of MoveHub: Dual Citizenship Around the World

Dual Citizenship World Map

Atlanta – Jan 06 2016

Greetings everyone: Please join us for our very special Get-together on Wednesday, January 6th at the Red Martini Lounge. Not only will be celebrating the new year and our first event for 2016 but it is also the anniversary month for Eurocircle which has been going strong for the past 17 years worldwide.

The Red Martini Lounge is located at 3179 Peachtree Road in Buckhead. Parking behind the venue is plentiful and we will also have complimentary appetizers available. Come join us for some fun and kick off the new year in style. Please feel free to invite all your international & like-minded friends.


David                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       EuroCircle Atlanta


Red Martini is an upscale restaurant and lounge dedicated to serving Atlanta patrons with chef driven gourmet cuisine, exemplary service and ambiance.


If you are European/Europhile who is not a member yet at the website, but you are at Facebook, please take the following steps:
1. Login at Facebook
2. Head over to to SIGN UP (REGISTER) – and choose to use “Sign in with Facebook option
3. The site will grab your name and photo from Facebook (your name can be edited)
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5. Don’t forget to SAVE (bottom of the page) and then login

EXISTING members can also use Facebook login provided you use the same email on both.


New York – Jan 19 2016

Excited for Tonight – When You Get to the Dream Midtown Hotel go to the Elevators and go up to the PH floor!

Join us for a fun night as we celebrate EuroCircle’s 17th Anniversary at new hotspot PHD Terrace @ The Dream Midtown. The drink specials will be a $10 cocktail and $7 beer special all night. Food is available for purchase. DJ Chris Bachmann will spinning tunes throughout the night so put on your dancing shoes!

NO COVER with online RSVP by 4 pm on January 19th and saying EuroCircle at the door!

Attire: Dress to Impress in either Silver or Black. (Strongly encouraged by not required)

Hosts include:
Pasquale Maio and Archina Dagostino, Italy
– Ilona Lee, Poland –
-Harriet Kulmala, Finland, Arctic Circle Finns of New York
– Jari Mattila, Finland –
– Henry Picado, Italy
– Mina Deutsch, Hungary and Romania –
Tanya Angelova, Bulgaria

Sponsorship are available – contact for more info!
We look forward to celebrating the New Year and this great milestone with you!

Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

Philadelphia – Feb 11 2016

Featuring  Premier Matchmaker Kristi D Price and International Psychic Mare Spencer


For those of us who are hopeless romantics, but hate Cupid and his stupid holiday, I decided to forego our traditional Valentine’s party in favor of some professional help.

Meet our featured guests:

Kristi D. Price, dating coach and elite matchmaker for PA, NJ, & NYC
Mare ( -A free 5 minute reading, your love prognosis by, international psychic and medium extraordinaire.

Cash bar
Drink specials and light hors d’oeuvres
Free 5-10 min psychic reading

Philadelphia – Jan 21 2016

EuroCircle Presents the Goddess Principles, a series of events for women only
Space is limited, for ladies only. (please LOGIN to get the ticket info)

Co-hostess: Valeria Khmelnitsy: Valeria was born in Kiev, Ukraine and immigrated with her family to Philadelphia in 1991. During the day, she is an IT Project Manager at PECO Energy and in her free time, when she has some, she enjoys travel, photography, museums, foreign films and good wine.

Our guest for the evening is Jane Berryman, the woman who is doing it all. Successful, ballsy, and unapologetically single, she is a journalist for Money magazine and London Bureau Chief for CNBC; former bond analyst for Thomson Reuters in London and Tokyo, and former chief economist at the Bancroft Group, a hedge fund based in Paris. She works in wealth management for Ameriprise, America’s oldest financial planning firm.

When she is not helping her female clients reach their financial goals, she can be found sipping champagne or margaritas on a secluded island no one has ever heard of.
That’s because Jane is an avid traveler who has circumnavigated the globe in search of fun, adventure and bliss. Having visited over 200 countries, she runs Travelers Century Club of Philadelphia and is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club.

But that’s not all, she recently purchased her dream home which is listed on Register of Historic Places, renovated and stocked it with an impressive collection of fine wines and port, and is busy plotting her next adventure.

As a special gift to our members, the evening will also feature international psychic, medium, and matchmaker Mare Spencer.
Tonight, Mare will be on hand to offer you a free 10 minute reading for 2016.

Dress code: Professional, Cocktail, dress like your inner Goddess
Cash bar and light hors d’oeuvres
Includes: Talk by Jane Berryman, free psychic reading by Mare Spencer, networking.

Once again, the Pyramid Club has generously offered to extend club membership to all Eurocircle members. For information and details, please ask at the front desk, or contact Sherry Kumar.
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Women of Strength by Jodi Swanson, Chicago

Do you know a woman in your life that has too much on her shoulders?  Maybe you are the woman that is expected to always hold it together.

The Truth

If so, this is a Kickstarter to either watch and relate or share with someone you love.  It is photography project for women who never knew how strong they were, until they had to be.  Maybe you know one, maybe you are one.

Women of Strength
Why do so many women cry alone? Are they silently carrying too much on their shoulders?
Jodi’s campaign will illuminate answers to these questions and empower women and people by:
1) Creating a book that shares stories and images.
2) Helping reach more women to photograph… (details below).

Here is a link to the Kickstarter created by Jodi Swanson:

Jodi is a photographer that uses her camera to talk about the emotions that many women never speak of.  She does this either through documenting the stories of women or taking self-portraits that bring to light those moments many women silently hide.


Many of her photos can be found at:


Uninvited Guest


A woman who knows the silent pain of a miscarriage…

Ringing in Opera on Tap in Berlin for the First Anniversary

Many of the original EuroCircle members from all the way back in 1999 from NYC recall how much I love Opera. So did Anu Arponen who used to organize fun ballroom lessons for our members with Benito Garcia. In fact I think Anu knows by heart almost all most famous operas. Eline de Kat –   current Déléguée Artistique/Artistic Coordinator @ Opéra de Monte-Carlo – organized some unforgettable after opera events for us. Hundreds of EuroCircle members went to the opera with us.

I just found out that our neighbor’s daughter Sarah lives in Berlin. She is a co-manager (with Anne Byrne) of Opera on Tap Berlin, the first international chapter of Opera on Tap (OOT).  They are producing a full production of Jacques Offenbach’s “The Tales of Hoffmann” in honor of OOT Berlin’s one year anniversary.  The incredibly talented team of singers, with Gidon Saks, an internationally renowned, Grammy award winning opera singer, at the helm as their director.  He will co-direct with Caroline Staunton, assistant director at the Staatsoper in Berlin.


They searched  for something visually striking that would transport the audience to another world as soon as they walked through the door.  The result:  the Delphi, a former silent film theatre from the 1920’s in Berlin.  The Tales of Hoffmann is about the author E.T.A. Hoffmann as he is going through a period of writer’s block tinged with alcoholism.  Perfect fit, isn’t it?

Everything in place.  Now all they need is financial support. Sarah and Anne launched their Kickstarter campaign to get funding. They need to reach €7,500 euros.

The deadline for fundraising is midnight on December 24th to raise all of the money for the project or they do NOT receive any of the pledged donations. Tip: read Gary’s Blog on crowdfunding!
Shall we give them a nice Christmas gift – and help to reach their goal!
Another way to help would be to share the video on your social networks at least in Berlin so they spread the news to as many potential donors as possible.
Here is the link to their video and the page where you can DONATE:

What is Opera on Tap

Opera on Tap Berlin at Facebook

The concept of Opera on Tap (OOT) was born in 2005 at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom in Brooklyn and incorporated in 2007 to promote opera as a viable, living and progressive art form and to support the developing artists who continue to keep the art form alive. What began as a small monthly gathering of ambitious, classically trained singers looking for more performance opportunities, has grown into a producing organization that has gained a loyal audience base and national recognition as an innovative force on the classical music scene. Through its Chapter program, which now has sixteen vibrant national chapters, OOT has created a large network of performers, creators, and supporters.  Opera on Tap (OOT) is a not for profit corporation with 501(c)3 status.  The organization is formed for educational purposes including:
1) Educating the public on culture and the arts
2) Providing support and performance opportunities to young opera singers and classical instrumentalists.

Their mission is to:

  • Expose new audiences to opera and classical music by taking opera and classical music out of the concert hall and performing it in alternative venues
  • To aid young performers in their development by giving them the opportunity to perform and to promote and support them through our organization
  • To help promote new classical works of contemporary classical and operatic composers

Contact with Opera on Tap Berlin
Opera on Tap Berlin at Facebook
Email Sara
Send Email to Sarah Ring

Los Angeles – Dec 16 2015

Join us and have a fantastic time on Dec.16th when Tanya’s son Benji STAWSKI (youngest EuroCircler) is going to rock the house @ Avalon Hollywood. …..
Please keep in mind that part of all his ticket sales are always donated to his fundraiser to build a school with Pencils Of Promise.  Let’s party a bit for a good cause.

Doors: 8.30PM-4AM

Ilona Lee – A Manhattan-Based Polish Entrepreneur Inspires Other Entrepreneurs

Please introduce yourself:

My name is Ilona Lee Wojciechowska, I moved to New York from Warsaw, Poland eleven and half years ago. I’m the proud mother of nine year old Vivienne. Midtown Manhattan is our home.

How do you make a living and – and how would you like to develop your career?

I’m an Entrepreneur, the founder of ILE MAISON (Platform for International Entrepreneurs), a Personal Branding Expert, and a Real Estate Salesperson at TOWN Fifth ave. I help others to build an authentic and unique brand for themselves and their businesses. After over fifteen years of working in marketing, branding and public relations I have seen what it takes to build a powerful brand and make it unique. It’s an Inside and outside job. To help my clients with the Inside Job I became a strategic business and life coach. I am certified through the T. Robbins Maddens Training Center. I’m passionate about uncovering what is unique about other people.

I love inspiring people to start original projects and launch initiatives. I strive to help them envision what can be accomplished when they use their strengths, unique talents, and passions. I have been consulting, coaching, and connecting women in business with one another in New York for years and now. ILE MAISON is expanding internationally and opening the door for men as well. We are adding new events series and Travels with Intentions. Our goal is to inspire, connect, and help people discover themselves, other people and the world around them.

What are the best and worse things about NYC?

NYC is the best city in the world but it can be overwhelming and stressful at the same time. This
is especially true if you don’t have a clear vision or a purpose for being here in the city. That’s why it’s so important to know who we are and understand what we do and why we do it. Having goals, dreams and mission helps you overcome challenges and stay strong and positive 😉

What restaurants in NYC do you recommend?

I love fresh, healthy, and well-presented food. I’m also a big fan of mixing and trying signature dishes, and fusion cooking. Jean Georges Vongerichten never disappoints me. He buys ingredients from local farmers, fresh fish, and his skill extend far beyond the kitchen. His restaurant ABC Kitchen is my favorite place. I also frequently go to Jean-Georges. Eric Ripert ( Le Bernardin) inspires me. Greek chef Maria Loi – owner of Loi restaurant on W58th St, one block from me is so creative. EATALY Cafe has the best coffee in town ! For those who would like to taste authentic polish food I recommend Christina’s Restaurant in Greenpoint. My favorite places and chefs in NYC are all European by the way 😉

What would be your ideal life with no monetary issues to worry about?

I’m happy to say I would continue doing what I do. I am grateful every day to be doing what I love. I would continue to expand my business globally, help people in other countries, especially women and kids. I would also work to help people in developing countries grow their businesses. Making a difference, doing purposeful work and building meaningful relationships make me happy. I would travel extensively to meet and build new authentic businesses, and help them build their brands. I know it’s gonna happen soon anyway! 😉 I’m a big fan of spas, wellness centers, and tranquil spaces. Building a wellness center with a boutique hotel by the ocean is on my list as well. For now I am just continuing my travels to the most beautiful beaches in the world looking for that perfect spot. Maybe in few years I will host Eurocircle events at my ILE Maison on a beautiful Island 😉

What should everyone know and understand about your country?

That the biggest treasure of Poland is Polish women! We are smart, well educated, and beautiful. We make great wives and moms. We are down to earth, caring and strong. I have met so many successful polish Entrepreneurs here and I’m so proud of them!!! They inspire me every day. I used to be a part of the committee that chooses extraordinary Poles in USA. We have so many extraordinary people coming from Poland. Part of my mission is to empower polish women, and help them to create their American Dream here. I see this happening more and more.

What is the essence of NYC?

The essence of NYC is the powerful energy of the city and the amazing people from all over the world who live here. Everyone is different and unique. Everyone has their own inspiring story. There is so much Creativity, Start up spirit, and endless Opportunities!

What do I miss the most about Poland?

I miss my parents very much. I wish my daughter Vivienne and I could spend more time with them. I want my daughter to get to them and Poland even as she grows up a true New Yorker.

Any final thoughts?
I would like to invite all my EuroCircle Entrepreneurs to connect with me ! Also, if there is anyone who just moved here and is looking for a new home (renting, buying or selling) please let me know. As a life coach with New York State real estate license I’m here to help and guide on your new journey as you write a new chapter in your life.
Ilona at Facebook
Email Ilona