MAP: Dual Citizenship Around the World (Video & Infographic)

MoveHub wrote this cool article telling which countries allow and restrict dual citizenship around the world. For the globetrotters that is good info to know.
Some countries have strict yes/no policies regarding dual citizenship. However, it is more complicated than that. They ended breaking down the following countries that allow dual citizenship into:

Yes, with restrictions*
No, with allowances*

Countries that allow dual citizenship

There are countries such as the UK and Australia that allow dual citizenship under all or most situations. Some others – Russia, Spain, and Turkey – allow dual citizenship but their residents either have to notify the government before and after applying for a second citizenship. Usually they can’t run for federal office – or only allow citizenship from certain other countries.

Countries that don’t recognise dual citizenship

There are a few countries that have a no tolerance policy – for example Austria and Ukraine. Many countries that restrict dual citizenship tend to have rules that only their citizens can have dual citizenship, but not naturalised foreigners. Or they allow it only if another country won’t let someone out of their original citizenship. Norway does that/

Courtesy of MoveHub: Dual Citizenship Around the World

Dual Citizenship World Map