Welcome to Dallas

Funnily enough the city of Dallas is worldwide known because of the TV series Dallas for a time it was a symbol of the USA. We all thought that it IS the USA. Americans know Dallas for the Cowboys and their cheerleaders, The Mavericks and its outspoken billionaire  owner Mark Cuban.  The professional sport theme means there is a lot of money – which leads for an amazing restaurant scene. There is no lack of great dining experiences or the glitzy nightclub scene.

Any history buff would know President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas and would want to see the Memorials. The massive 68-acre Arts District, now the largest in the country is the most impressive addition to Dallas‘ cultural landscape in recent years.  There are plenty of excellent and even unique museums

There are more malls per capita than anywhere else in the US which makes shopping  Dallas‘ guiltiest pleasure. So if you feel the urge to take out your credit card, throw frugality to the winds and say ‘When in Dallas…’, you won’t be alone.

Fun facts: The frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas. It is  also the home to two of public television’s most beloved characters, Barney the dinosaur, and the literature-loving dog Wishbone.

Your Dallas Team

Matthew Devlen

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Alex Neagoe

Alex is a civil engineer who hails from the Land of the Dracula, Transylvania.  Alex knows how to build bridges between the cultures as his career is about building bridges.

His wife is a true Texan. Before Dallas Alex has also lived in San Antonio and Madrid, Spain. That also means he speaks pretty good Spanish!

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