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We are all expats and we know it can be difficult to meet new people in a new city.

Whether you land in New York, Chicago, San Francisco or Barcelona, there is a EuroCircle group that can help you to meet Europeans and other expats and network in YOUR city. We’ve been doing this since 1999 so we are pretty good at it. Home away from home. Wanna start a group in YOUR city?

Its free, it has always been free…

No membership fees, no pressure, no monthly fees, no restrictions to contact other members…how do we do it? EuroCircle has always- since 1999 – been a labor of love!

As members say “what goes in EuroCircle makes it good. What doesn’t, makes us GREAT”.

Don’t pack that suitcase just yet…

Sherry organizes annual trips for fellow EuroCircle members.  Most cities organize plenty of local excursions.

Come with us  – explore your own city or the planet. We have organized trips for example to Turkey, Peru, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and 2019 we travelled to Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Check out the travel page here.

Its all about having fun…

Wine tastings, dinners, art events, concerts and excursions…you name it, we have done it.

Come with us and mingle for a night with Europeans and Europhiles.

Make the most of your city!

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