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Vienna’s amazing historical face is easily recognised: grand imperial palaces and baroque interiors, museums flanking magnificent squares and, above all, the Hofburg – where the Habsburg rulers lived, loved and married into empires..However, it is also one of Europe’s most dynamic urban spaces. MuseumsQuartier houses some of the world’s most provocative contemporary art behind a striking basalt façade. A courtyard buzzes on summer evenings with throngs of Viennese drinking and chatting. The city of music greats such as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Strauss, Brahms, Mahler and Schönberg is also the Vienna of Falco, who immortalised its urban textures in song. The ‘blue’ Danube cuts a path just to the east of the historical centre and the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) creates much of Vienna’s western border making Vienna a capital with a great outdoors.

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Your Vienna Team

Christian König

Christian König

Christian grew up in Germany where he studied together with Tom Lepere – the former EuroCircle Vienna Team leader. Tom used to attend EuroCircle events at Chicago
Christian and Tom reconnected by coincidence in one of the coolest typical bars of Vienna (Jenseits, of course). Tom introduced him the EuroCircle a few years ago.

And here is a secret: Both organized parties already in the 90ies at the University of Jena.
Since 2003 Christian works & lives mainly in Vienna. He loves bringing people together with new people and or ideas.

With the passion of networking and organizing parties he discovered and is still discovering Vienna.

As a new father he is taking a break of work and reactivating the EuroCircle Vienna Group.
So,  Christian changed from his Vespa to a baby stroller, and he is loving it!

Upcoming Events in Vienna


Events and photos prior to 2014 are still being migrated and will be available soon.

There are no upcoming events for Vienna at this time, check back later.

Past events in Vienna

2021 - Events Listing

2020 - Events Listing

MQ Vienna 1900 - Guided Tour for Eur...
March 19 at

2019 - Events Listing

EuroCircle Vienna Drinks at Ruby Sof...
September 17 at Ruby Sofie Hotel & Bar
EuroCircle & Free Spirit at Mi Barri...
April 09 at Mi Barrio Andino
EuroCircle & Free Spirit Mixer
February 07 at Manolos Tequileria Bar

2018 - Events Listing

EuroCircle Vienna - Hot drinks for c...
November 28 at
EuroCircle's Bye Bye Summer... 2018
October 11 at Die Wäscherei

2017 - Events Listing

EuroCircle Vienna at Punch instead o...
November 15 at MQ – MuseumsQuartier Wien
EuroCircle Cocktails and Conversatio...
October 11 at Die Wäscherei
EuroCircle Vienna - Cocktails and Co...
September 06 at Mi Barrio
EuroCircle's Cocktails & Conversations
August 09 at MI Barrio Andino
EuroCircle Cocktails & Conversation ...
July 12 at Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar

2016 - Events Listing

EuroCircle Meets at Spittelberg Chri...
November 24 at Amerlingbeisl
EuroCircle Vienna Meets @ Kotor
October 27 at Kotor Eat & Drink
Vienna Night Run ("Licht für die We...
September 27 at MQ – MuseumsQuartier Wien
EuroCircle @ Vienna Night Run ("Lich...
September 27 at Manolos Tequileria Bar
EuroCircle Evening with Latino Styl...
January 27 at Nueva Havanna Cocktail Bar & Salsa Lounge

2015 - Events Listing

EuroCircle's Summer in the City
EuroCircle's Spring Time@ If Dogs Ru...
May 21 at If dogs run free
Mixer at a Hidden Place
April 16 at The Little Havana Bar close to the Ring

2014 - Events Listing

Rahim retirement party
June 05 at Clubbing room of the new WU

2013 - Events Listing

October 03 at Radisson Blu Style Hotel - H 12 Bar

2012 - Events Listing

2011 - Events Listing

2010 - Events Listing

2009 - Events Listing

2008 - Events Listing

2007 - Events Listing

Vienna IAEA Ball in Hofburg
February 03 at Hofburg Palace 

2006 - Events Listing

Vienna Jingle Bells @ Schönbrunn an...
December 13 at Motto
Drinks @ Tanzcaf Jenseits
November 24 at Tanzcaf Jenseits
Lange Nacht der Museen in Wien 966
October 07 at Karlsplatz, 1 (Meeting point)
Sunday Brunch and Christina’s B-Day
October 01 at Kulin
Tour de Vin with Maria
September 09 at Wachau
Vienna Drinks in the Courtyard Garde...
September 09 at Stiegl-Ambulanz
Vienna July event
July 09 at TBA

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