Dallas – Apr 15 2016

European "Meet Your New Best Friend" @ Ivy Tavern

The best patio experience in Dallas is now open.
The Ivy Tavern is a new generation of dive bar. A neighborhood bar where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail, …damn good bar food, bad ass burgers, solid sandwiches.

After 9 pm DJ Jennifer Miller & Paul Paredes

Invite a friend from Europe to join you and come along.

We look forward seeing you there.

Alex & Matthew

Urban dictionary defines IVY as
“A beautiful vine of strong, vibrant leaves that adds lushness to any garden. It climbs to amazing heights and has been called “clinging” but really it is loyal and true.
It can also be a woman’s name and usually indicates a strong woman! She is calm, thoughtful, kind and very artistic.
She can be shy but when she shows her true self she shines brightly. Ivy also has a wild side which includes her passion and deep loyalty.
Ivy is very sensual but is careful who she shares this with. She is the one you want to be your best friend forever.”