Marisol Monasterio’s Love for Flamenco & Tango Keeps Her Busy in Houston

Please introduce yourself

My name is Marisol Monasterio.  I came from Caracas, Venezuela when I was 16 years old to start college with a swimming scholarship from University of Houston.  Later I attended Texas Woman’s University to get a Master degree in Occupational Therapy and specialized in Hand Therapy.  I have been very involved with the American Society of Hand Therapy and the Texas Society of Hand Therapists for many years. I work in a private clinic by Spring Cypress helping and assisting orthopedic patients to be independent again.

How did you end up in the art field? 

When I was finishing my fourth swimming varsity year, I decided to join the Colombian Folkloric Ballet in order to stay active and start a more artistic path. Dancing was not my specialty at all, but with time it kept growing on me and getting better at it. I also did a few years of Argentinean Tango dancing.

So why Flamenco?

Since I was a little girl, I was mesmerized by Flamenco, but it was a very expensive activity for me to follow.  When I started working and making my own money, I decided that it was time to take some classes, plus I was motivated by one of my dance teachers that told me that I had the “porte” or the style for it. I started taking dance classes in Houston, and later I was asked to start singing because of the roughness of my voice.  I studied cante (singing) locally with Kina Mendez, Javier Heredia, Juan Bacan and Isai Chacon, as well as in Granada Spain with Sergio “el Colorao” Gomez. 

What have been your merits?

I recorded as a vocalist in Amin Safari’s CD “Pasion de la Guitarra”, I have been honored by the Houston Press with an article as one the 100 Creatives 2012 due to my unusual voice and emotional performance, I have performed in many “Tablaos” in Houston and San Antonio as well as having the pleasure of representing Hierro Forjado flamenco dance troupe in several theatrical performances, but my biggest merit was to direct the show Caminos Gitanos in 2015. (

What is your most immediate project?

Hierro Forjado’s Director and Dancer, Alexandra Simmons,presents her newest production: NuevosHorizontes (New Horizons), featuring HF’s Performing Troupe and a display of Houston’s most recognized flamenco artists: Lucía and Valdemar, Marisol Monasterio and Martin Rodríguez, Laura Siebert, and Bianca Antonia. Don’t miss this fabulous flamenco concert and performance. It will be held at the beautiful Queensbury Theatre by City Centre (12777 Queensbury) at 7:15 pm on May 14th.

In this show we will take you from the most delicate and delightful representation of Flamenco such as Guajiras and Alegrias, to the earthy and emotional Tientos/Tangos and Bulerias.  Each soloist will express their deepest feelings only seen in Flamenco Hondo, and the Cantaoras (singers) and musicians will transport you to another level with their sensitivity.  I have the great honor to interpret the cante (singing) for the troupe, dance with them and paid a tribute to my biggest inspiration in flamenco, Lola Flores.

What is the essence of Houston to you?

their cultural variety that makes us so unique and gives us the opportunity to learn from each other.

I have found that through art, we have been able to connect lives and people’s backgrounds.  Houston is a wonderful city to explore and to find what makes you special.


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