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UNVEILED: An American Woman Living in Saudi Arabia. (Part 1)

To protect the interviewee’s safety and privacy, we are not using her real name. Instead, we will refer to her as “Sina”. This will be a series of interviews, covering multiple aspects of her life and career in Saudi Arabia. I first met Sina in 2011 when she was working at International House, in Philadelphia. […]

Travel Impressions: Jeff Hrusko on EuroCircle’s African Safari, 2015

 Traveler bio: Jeff came to EuroCircle through a romantic relationship, so you could say he’s like the boyfriend you stay friends with after the girlfriend left. He’s a technologist, graphic artist, and strangely enough, brings both an academic knowledge and caveman sensibility to our travels. When we reviewed our African itinerary, we quickly realized we […]

Philadelphia – May 13 2015

Border Crossings:  Syrian Cultural Heritage in the Crossfire: past, present, and continuity TICKETS:  http://www.geographicalsociety.org/border-crossings-cultural-conversation-and-cocktails/ $9 Members, $15 Non-Members ADVANCE TICKETS ARE A MUST! THIS VENUE LIMITS ATTENDANCE TO 25 SEATS AND NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. Border Crossings is a collaboration between EuroCircle and the Geographical Society of Philadelphia. We aim to humanize […]

Marek Danielewski : Portrait of an Artist

Marek Danielewski was born in Warsaw, Poland. He moved to Sweden as a young child during the 1980s. After a short return to Poland, he came to the US around 1994 where he lived in Huntington Valley and later Philadelphia. How was your art selected for the Natural Selection movie? A friend of mine, a […]