Women of Strength by Jodi Swanson, Chicago

Do you know a woman in your life that has too much on her shoulders?  Maybe you are the woman that is expected to always hold it together.

The Truth

If so, this is a Kickstarter to either watch and relate or share with someone you love.  It is photography project for women who never knew how strong they were, until they had to be.  Maybe you know one, maybe you are one.

Women of Strength
Why do so many women cry alone? Are they silently carrying too much on their shoulders?
Jodi’s campaign will illuminate answers to these questions and empower women and people by:
1) Creating a book that shares stories and images.
2) Helping reach more women to photograph… (details below).

Here is a link to the Kickstarter created by Jodi Swanson:


Jodi is a photographer that uses her camera to talk about the emotions that many women never speak of.  She does this either through documenting the stories of women or taking self-portraits that bring to light those moments many women silently hide.


Many of her photos can be found at: www.facebook.com/thewomenofstrength


Uninvited Guest


A woman who knows the silent pain of a miscarriage…