Denver – Jun 12 2016

The Euro 2016 will start on June 10 in France. The Euro is second only to the World Cup in all soccer championships. A soccer tournament similar to the Gold Cup and the Copa America.

Germany, Italy, France and England are qualified. A selective number of other teams from all over Europe qualified as well. A number of first timers, like Iceland, Wales and Albania, will join the ranks of regulars like Czech Republic, Sweden or Portugal just to name a few.

They all will play for the European soccer crown.
Chinook Tavern will be broadcasting all Team Germany matches live and will be serving a special “Stadium Menu” during these games. Along with all Team Germany games we will broadcast all other matches during regular business hours.

Come join us for another great spring of world class soccer action!!!

See you there,


Denver – Apr 28 2016

Let’s have a good time at the Punch Bowl Social, new bar, restaurant and gaming parlor…

We look forward to seeing you all again.

Ksenia & Stephane

Denver – Feb 11 2016

Join us to raise a glass of bubbly, meet some fellow Europeans, kick-off 2016 in style!

See you there,


About the venue:

“Corridor 44 is Denver’s only champagne bar.

Such level of prestige requires an appropriately matched selection of innovative and champagne-inspired plates of various sized portions. While champagne has often been a beverage to signify celebrations and milestones, it is our philosophy that celebrations and milestones are found every day and should be savored with the decadent culinary creations on our contemporary menu.

An opulent champagne bar which exudes French-coast-meets-Morocco cache, Corridor 44 is intimate and unabashedly sensual, juxtaposing white leather banquettes and crystal chandeliers with striped walls, oversized chairs and Zebra-print carpeting. It is a room that welcomes and warms.”

Denver – Jan 22 2016

Oscar will be celebrating his birthday with his friends at Tapas D’Jerez. EuroCircle members and their friends are all invited!
This month also marks EuroCircle’s 17th anniversary – do double reason to celebrate.

He will bring extra mics for daring singers, and music sheets of usual Spanish suspects –Joaquin Sabina, Melendi, Estopa, Miguel Bose, etc.

Alt / Pop / Rock Flamenco Karaoke all night long!

More about Oscar at

Denver – Dec 21 2015

Come kick-off your holiday vacation at EuroCircle’s holiday cocktail hour. This event will be at the beautiful Oxford Hotel’s Cruise Room.

Please invite all your European friends and Europhiles to join,

See you there!



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Denver – Sep 23 2015

Join EuroCircle Denver at this fun venue – thanks to Ksenia for the suggestion!

With inspiration from European Markets, modern communal workspaces, and high level chefs taking to food trucks  the ownerscreated “Avanti Food and Beverage”. Very appropriate for EuroCircle.

Share the event at Social media below – invite your other European friends.

Stephane & Ceridwen

Denver – Jul 17 2015 (date changed)

Join EuroCircle at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) to check out the exhibits and have a drink on the roof-top. MCA is a beautiful space and this event is sure to be special.

Have a stroll through museum and meet on the rooftop around 7:30pm. The places closes at 9pm so we can head to another venue near-by after.

See you there,


Denver – Jun 17 2015

Summer fun time in Denver. Please join us to show off your table tennis skills – or just have a drink and chat
with the other Europeans & Europhiles.

About Ace:
“The fun and lively energy of the Ping-Pong hall carries itself to the outdoor Pong tables, picnic tables, and into the dining room. Ace is a different and affordable night out. A drink on the patio, a casual dinner at the Chef’s Counter, and some laughs over a game of Pong combine to make Ace a totally new and unique concept to Denver.Ace serves Asian inspired dishes conducive to sharing, drinking and hanging out. Voted as Denver’s Best Bartender by 5280 magazine, Randy Layman has created a bar menu featuring house made sodas, fresh juices, Asian beers and a craft cocktail menu.”  Direct quote from their website.

Heidi (Pajavaara) Mendoza – Working in Denver as a Finnish-born interior architect

Please introduce yourself.

Heidi Mendoza (maidenname Pajavaara) / Current hometown: Castle Rock, Colorado, US / Place of Origin: Helsinki, Finland / I am an Interior Architect/ My Family: son Tino (born in Finland) 22 years old, daughter Siena Blue (born in Irvine, CA), husband Dave Mendoza (family originally from Madrid, Spain, he was born in NJ, US)

How did you end up in Denver, CO of all places?

I lived in Finland when I met my husband Dave. After year of long distance dating I took a leap of faith and moved to Orange County CA with my son Tino.

My husband did a road trip through Colorado when in College and fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. After we lived in Orange County CA for 6 years he introduced me to Colorado and we decided to move here after I graduated from Design school and Siena was born.

What is the best and worst about Denver for you?

I like the Urban feel and atmosphere of Denver. Denver is also not a too big of a city. Denver has a great art/ design community which is important to me.

How do you make your living now – and how would you like to develop that career?

I am an Interior Architect. I work on both residential and commercial projects and would love to expand my business even more to cover national and even international projects.

What is the essence of Denver to you – what do you absolutely want your friends to see or feel in Denver vs. Helsinki?

I usually take my friends for a drive around the city so they can get a feel of it. Larrimer Square is my favorite spot. I also take my friends to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to feed the giraffes as well as places like Garden Of God’s, and a drive to mountains/ Estes Park is a must. In Denver a must see is Denver Art Museum, Washington Park etc…

What do you absolutely miss from your country/heritage (food, culture, movies etc) …or elsewhere?

I do miss Finland quite a bit. I miss my family and friends naturally, but I also miss the food, salmiakki, the culture, the beautiful summer especially Mid summer when the sun does not set. I miss the beautiful nature.
I miss the unique people and culture of Finland. The Finnish logic whether it comes to thinking, planning or building (if you have been to Scandinavia, you know what I mean). I am very proud of my heritage and think that Finland really is a wonderful country in so many ways.

What do you miss the least from your own country?

The gloomy and dark November.

When you think about what did you think about life in Denver before you moved there – did you misconceptions that turned out to be wrong?

I did. My first reaction was a total panic. I grew up watching Dynasty and though that Denver was a red neck cowboy town, but I pretty much fell in love with Denver and the mountains at first sight.

What should everyone know and understand about your country and its culture?

Finns may appear shy and serious, but their humor is dry and sarcastic, and they are opinionated and competitive. Finns are very educated and knowleagble about things going on in the world.
Finns are not the most talkative, but you never have to “read between the lines”. Listen carefully when a Finn speaks, every word is carefully though of and sincere.
While Helsinki, the capital, is one of the coolest cities in the world, you should wonder out and discover the countryside. There are many beautiful places between Helsinki and Lapland.
Also, First thing after entering a house or an apartment: shoes off. I hate the American habit of entering homes with their shoes on!!!

What would be your ideal life – with no monetary issues to make it happen!

I would love to spend 3 months per year in Europe

Would you move back to your country/Europe fulltime – yes or no (why and why not)?

Yes. It’s is in the planning stage already. While I like US very much, Europe is my home and I miss the lifestyle. At least if the current plans don’t come true I would love to retire in Europe

How to connect with Heidi:






Denver – Apr 22 2015

Europeans in Denver who want to socialize – join us for happy hour drinks and food at Charcoal restaurant in Central Denver!

TRIP WITH SHERRY – EuroCircle Journeys Across Africa – Oct 2015
3 Countries in one EuroCircle Adventure!
Namibia, Botswana, Zambia. From the Kalahari Desert, through the Okavango Delta, we walk with the San bushmen, visit Chobe National Park, search for the Big 5, float past hippos in a dugout canoe, raft the whitewaters of the Zambezi River or bungee jump down the Victoria Falls! Scared?


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