New York – Jun 02 2015

Join EuroCircle as we celebrate the 2nd Annual Immigrant Heritage Month with and and sponsored by Equmix!
No Cover when you say “EuroCircle” at the door!

5-6pm Open Sangria bar
5-8pm $6 beer $7 wine/champagne $8 well

$35 carafes of Sangria (all night)
$45 carafes of Mojito & Margarita (all night) and EUROTINIs on Special for $ 10 All Night Long! Food served on the roof till 10pm.
Great DJ– Full kitchen – Rooftop – Amazing views, newly renovated!

Featured Hosts: and

Meet our Sponsor for this Event Equmix:


Equmix is a global shopping experience where people around the United States connect online to buy & sell a diversity of art, fashion & specialty items that are usually only found abroad.​ We are very excited to announce we will be launching the full version of our site this June! Find those items from back home!!

Anne Kim, Rose Barghout & Sadia Hussain – from the USA, New Zealand & Pakistan
Dara Adams, Welcome.Us/Fwd.Us
Boriana Pavlova, Bulgaria
Harriet Kumala, Finland

The second-annual Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM) this June, a nationwide effort to gather and share inspirational stories of immigration in America, will celebrate our country’s immigrant heritage–stories of individuals, families and communities who have contributed to the unique social fabric of a country whose greatness is fueled by its diversity. By highlighting the intersections of each unique immigrant experience, IHM 2015 will illuminate how each individual journey has been instrumental to the formation, foundation, and ongoing strength of the United States of America.
Visit WELCOME.US to share your story!

We hope you join us for this great event on June 2nd!

Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team
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Sherry’s Blog: Fox. On the Road.
Read her latest post:
Alive for the Whole Shebang
It is good to know a person if you plan to join her in October (Trip to Africa)
Travel to Africa details
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New York – May 22 2015

Summer Kickoff Party & Launch of Space Ibiza NY Rooftop & Launch of Hampton’s Monthly

This is a ticketed event!

Eurocircle, Star Vodka and Hampton’s Monthly presents the first annual Summer Kickoff Event to launch Hampton’s Monthly & at Space Ibiza in New York City. It is being held at the internationally renowned Space Ibiza in their newly opened NYC home. There will be a one hour sponsored open bar. Feast your eyes on Peace Simon’s paintings as we officially launch the Space Ibiza NY Rooftop. Dean Mickoski, Sam Allan, Andrew Beseda, DJ Aki, and DJ Paippai will be on the DJ decks until 4AM.

Featured Co-Hosts:

Pasquale Maio and Archina D’Agostino of the New York Italians

Husain Ansar, Hong Kong

To kick off the summer, there will be a one hour sponsored open bar by Star Vodka and select liquor sponsorship partners. Artist Peace Simon will be exhibiting his artwork.

We look forward to seeing you at this great event!

Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

Atlanta – May 06 2015

For those of you who plan to celebrate ‘Cinqo de Mayo’ next Tuesday throughout Atlanta, be sure to save some energy to attend our May Get-together which takes place as usual on the first Wednesday of the month (May 6th).

We will once again gather at THREE SHEETS as this has always been a great venue for our group and they were nice enough to accommodate us last minute. Weather permitting we will meet on the rooftop patio – otherwise we will have access to the inside area so this is a rain or shine event. Complimentary appetizers will be served as usual and drink specials will also be available.

Please RSVP and invite all your international friends so we can fill up the venue and have a great Summer kick-off party!!!

See you next week,
Salutations – David
(EuroCircle Atlanta )

Gaby Rios – Contemporary Latin American Art Dealer in Houston

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Gaby Rios and I co-own an art dealing business with my mom, Susana Rios. We are from Venezuela and have been living in Houston since year 2000. We both worked as elementary teachers for a while and really enjoyed being with kids. Another passion of ours have always been traveling and art. Every time we traveled somewhere, surely a painting would make it back to Houston with us. What started as a hobby and a really small collection soon showed potential to become our business. People always complimented the works we owned and grew more interested in international artists. Just last year we decided to go full sail with this idea and started bringing Contemporary Latin American Art to Houston. We see huge potential in the arts happening in Latin America and are excited to open the way in Houston for these artists.

How did you end up in Houston, TX of all places?

In year 2000 Venezuela began to roll down and very long hill of unfortunate events. Socio-Political circumstances made it difficult to have a peaceful life. With the opportunity of my father’s career in oil & gas we were able to relocate to Houston in search of better quality of life. Houston has really become our city and our home. We are forever grateful for all the opportunities we have been giving since moving here.

What is the best and worst about Houston for you…what is a typical day and weekend??

We really enjoy the diversity of Houston. It is easy to find groups on any interest. It is easy to make friends and meaningful relationships in this city.

Houston has become an international hub of opportunity, providing an exciting professional environment full of culture. This diversity in culture brings us an international and excellent food scene. Houston can definitely provide a great meal of any kind. The arts of Houston are equally rich, we have all component of a well-rounded, rich cultured city. We enjoy Broadway musicals, concerts, restaurants and all the city events, especially during Spring and Fall.

The heat of the summer can be hard, but it is always fun. Houston is full of patios and conformable places to gather at sunset with a nice cold beer. There is also plenty of pools and friendly people to make you forget the heat. We actually enjoy that season very much.

How do you find the lifestyle in Houston compared to your hometown?

Everything is bigger in Texas. Houston is a city that works. It offers very competitive services, which makes it easier to live a conformable life. If you stay here long enough, you become spoiled and accustomed to the small luxuries of living in a large land full of opportunities.

How do you make your living now – and how would you like to develop that career?

We are in the first year of our art business and look forward to many many years of growth in this field. We are extremely excited to bring new styles and artists to a city that shows so much appreciation for the arts.

What is the essence of Houston to you – what do you absolutely want your friends to see or feel in Houston/TX vs. your country?

Houston is friendly. You want to show off this city, invite your local friends to a nice chill bar and have them enamor your guests. This city thrives in quality time, well spent with excellent people. The food scene is definitely part of the definition of Houston, as well as the historic neighborhoods that hold the most secret golden spots for fun and relaxation. You just have to DRIVE AROUND a lot.

What do you absolutely miss from your country/heritage (food, culture, movies etc.) …or elsewhere?

We miss mostly, family and the beach. We used to miss a lot of food but found new foods along the way, plus more Venezuelan food is available here every year.

What cafes or restaurants do you recommend to tourists to go to in Houston and why? Or to
do something else.

People come to Houston and expect a good stake, we like Taste of Texas or Capital Grill for that. Always offer a nice stroll through Montrose at night and show the newly revamped Downtown night scene. Honestly, the NASA is not that fun, it is very far away…. Consider that before hurtling your whole international guests on a long trip there. A pic nic at the Menil Park is fun and relaxed. Visit HEYEVENT.COM and find events of interests. Go out there, do stuff, talk to people… that’s what’s fun around here.

What would be your ideal life – with no monetary issues to make it happen!

WE ARE WORKING ON THIS. The ideal for us would be to have our own SUGAART GALLERY, to show and sale Contemporary Latin American Art. We would like to bring the artists we work with to Houston, have them be active
participants of the internationalization of their art in the city.

Would you move back to your country fulltime – yes or no?

We love HOUSTON. I don’t think we could move back. We are happy here.

Connect with Gaby and Susana Rios:
sugamobilegallery @ Facebook
Phone: 713.412.0232
Email SugaMobileGallery

Austin – May 23 2015

Join SACC TX, SWEA, EuroCircle for an afternoon of Eurovision song contest at the Russian House – we are allying with a European venue of course!

Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce TX,
SWEA Austin,

The Eurovision Song Contest 2015 will be the 60th edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest.
Forty countries will participate in the contest, with Australia debuting as a guest entrant.

Eurovision Finale Show 2015 – LIVE STREAMING at 2PM
Come after 1pm, show starts at 2pm

There will be discounts on food (20%!), games, and all kinds of fun.


Marek Danielewski : Portrait of an Artist

Marek Danielewski was born in Warsaw, Poland. He moved to Sweden as a young child during the 1980s. After a short return to Poland, he came to the US around 1994 where he lived in Huntington Valley and later Philadelphia.

How was your art selected for the Natural Selection movie?

A friend of mine, a fellow artist, Danielle Payne, contacted me saying she was involved in this project, and that they needed artwork in their movie. So I sent over a few images to the film production designer, Eileen Dennehy. She came to my home, looked thru my inks and took about 8 pieces she felt worked best for the film.

What is Natural Selection about?

The movie is a drama, about a high school senior, the people around him, his influences- all this leads him to a horrible reaction to his circumstances. The purpose of the film is to bring attention to troubled “students” but not just them, the environment that creates and enables, drives them to these behaviors and reactions.

Were you surprised that your art, which is dark, was chosen for a movie of this nature?

Yes, in the beginning I was a little surprised. Once Eileen explained the premise of the film to me in more detail, which I’m not going to get into- go see the movie- the use of my artwork made sense. They’re archetypes, a sort of visualized frequency at which a mind operates.

What makes your art dark?

I think it could be a subconscious reaction to the general sense of angst that fills my life. Which funny enough, I feel starts in high school. But I’ve always been attracted to this type of imagery. I think for people who are into art its great, it allows them to express their emotional needs, a demons for that matter. For me as a teenager art was, and still is a form of therapy. I took art classes in high school, and that was the only time I really enjoyed being around people. These people had similar interest as me.

Is “being dark” something permanent or will your art change eventually?

Yes, my current work has already become a tiny but lighter. I reintroduced color which is a lot of fun. There was a time of about 3-4 years when I literally decided that there would be as little color as possible, if any in the work. I did only very graphic black and white inks. It was from this collection that Eileen chose for the film. But strangely enough I felt that experience really taught me about color.

What inspires you?

Images. Films. Madness. Music. Artists like Beksinski, Geiger, Moebius, Fellini. The first two especially when I was younger. I just found their work to be so beautiful, stunning. It’s an urge to make art, I have to do it.

In reading about the film the main character seems to be a bit of an outcast, were you?   Do you feel that is an influence in your work now?

Yes, I was an outcast. Not a willing one, there is a difference. I think I have always lived in a slightly different reality than my peers. I took art, in all forms- movies music, fine art- very seriously as a kid. For example in high school, we had to wear uniforms, an all boy catholic school. We had a “dress down day” or could wear what ever we wanted for one day. The goths wore black, the jocks wore sport jerseys and so on. I, inspired by the style of the movie Akira, wore red jeans and a polo shirt.

What are you currently working on?

I am finishing up a project now that was a collaboration with a local band, Starwood. It’s called “God of Drones”. Its a symbolist image. I was looking a lot at both Dore´ (Divine Comedy) and Japanese Gundam series. It’s an archetype, a god of war.- like Mars.

You mentioned you took art classes, would you ever teach art?

Not high school. But yes, people college level. I think I could contribute something there. When I took my Masters I paid a lot of attention to the style and approach my professors used. Art in high school is just very limited. There are no live models, or casts, it’s very restricted. And maybe it should be, but it’s not the right environment for me.


Natural Selection movie website: Natural Selection is a timely drama set mostly in a PA high school, with a young cast of Disney Channel and MTV stars, including Mason Dye, Kat McNamara, and Anthony Michael Hall. The film is produced by Modoc Springs, an Elverson, PA based company whose last feature, The Suspect, (IMDB page), is currently available OnDemand and Netflix and in retail stores both domestically and internationally.

The first screening of the film will be April 22nd at 7:15 at the R/C Reading Movies and IMAX.

This screening was just announced so I believe ticketing info is still being worked out, but further information can be found at the websites:





New York – May 23 2015

No Cover when you say EuroCircle at the Door!

Join us for our annual viewing party at this Midtown Hotspot. We will be watching the EuroVision Song Contest live on several big screens

Food is available for purchase and with their special brunch menu a bloody mary or mimosa are included.
$5 refills on bloody mary’s and mimosas are included after the drink gotten with brunch!
Looking forward to seeing who wins this year!

Featured co-host: Featured Host: Olga Papkovitch –

Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

Witamy! Asia, Iza & Margie bring authentic Polish cuisine with Apolonia Catering to Austin

We love helping other European expats to get the word out about their businesses. You all have met David Lowe, Uberpong, Varda and Vladimir from The Russian House, Florian and Romana from PRELOGS (April 30 party) and Emma Cartmell-Hochman (Excede). Now it is time to introduce you some Polish entrepreneurs. By the way, they are planning to organize an exclusive, limited space dinner event for our members featuring Polish traditions. All payments will be collected in-advance – and it will be organized in a private home. Stay tuned!! I saw the menu they were considering..yummy!!

Witamy! Apolonia Catering has officially landed in Austin, Texas and are ready to bring you authentic Polish cuisine. Three adventurous women who all originated from Poland, have traveled the world and crossed paths in the heart of Texas. Their passion for perfecting a home cooked meal brought them together and ignited the idea in creating a catering company to share their recipes outside the family home.

Asia, Iza, and Margie were drawn to Austin and it’s many wonderful attributes. When they’re not cooking up something new in the kitchen, they enjoy hiking through the gorgeous greenbelts as well as exploring and discovering the hidden gems that reside throughout the streets of Austin. For these ladies, the best part of this city is how there is so much opportunity to grow and everyone is friendly and supportive of new ventures and ideas.

Although Texas is their new home base, they sometimes yearn for the more modest and traditional days they had back in Poland. One of the differences they notice between their homeland and the Americas, is the lack of community and family time shared around the dinner table. Americans live a very face paced, always on the go lifestyle which has benefitted them throughout the years, but for Europeans food is an art. They treasure every meal and treat it as a grand event, putting everything in life on hold to truly enjoy what’s in front of them. Living a constantly “go-go-go” lifestyle, you forget and miss out on the simple pleasures in life such as hours of conversation and laughter at the table with friends and family while enjoying a well prepared meal.

Another aspect these ladies miss about Poland is growing up with the flavorful and straight from the Earth ingredients their mothers and grandmothers would use in their meals. Numerous chain grocery stores produce for the masses, therefore disregarding quality, and this lack of vibrancy and flavor was not only missing from their recipes, but from their palates. Coming to Austin seemed to be the perfect resolution. Apolonia Catering not only supports the local farmers and advocates the use of organic products, but supply their customers with the full embodied taste and flavor that a home cooked meal should provide.

“Keep Austin Weird” is a slogan known throughout the nation, and this state of mind has been integrated into the community, events, and influenced the food scene. Within recent years, watching the growth of not only the city and it’s enthusiasm for new and innovative ideas, introducing Apolonia Catering and it’s twist on Old World Polish cuisine seemed to fit in perfectly with the Austin attitude. Asia, Iza, and Margie want to bring the community not only the classics, but a tastefully crafted product that combines generations of family recipes elevated to a new level with never before used flavor combinations.

Speaking of Old World Polish food, family recipes, and classics, their company’s highest valued product are the Pierogi. Being one of the most commonly known Polish dish, Asia, Iza, and Margie have combined their own family recipes into one master formula to create the perfect Pierogi. The Apolonia menu not only offers the more popular flavors of Pierogi, but gives the customers the freedom to create their own personal combination. The filling possibilities are limitless and can range from meats to fruits or vegetables; the customer can either request their own filling, or specify whether they crave a sweet, savory, or spicy flavor, and our chefs will create a new flavor profile to satisfy your palate.

The spark that ignited the fire of Apolonia Catering came from the simple enjoyment of cooking Polish food and keeping the flavors alive in an American world. After hosting countless gatherings from family dinners to holiday parties, and witnessing the satisfaction on people’s faces, the ladies wanted to take their recipes outside their immediate circle of family and friends and share it with everyone else who is up for trying something different.

Apolonia Catering gives you the taste of Poland without having to travel far and wide or even across the Atlantic Ocean. Their company will strive to bring Polish cuisine fresh to your table, whether it’s in the comfort of your home, or transporting your guests to the other side of the world. With their unique selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, their home cooked meals will not only bring new flavors to your table, but hopefully inspire you to take a moment to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Connect with Apolonia Catering:
Phone: 512-586-3457
Email Apolonia Catering!

Asia Gonczar tel: 512-586-3457
Izabela Ulrich tel: 214-705-5790
Margie Knap tel: 512-743-1713

3 Countries in one EuroCircle Adventure! Namibia, Botswana, Zambia…
From the Kalahari Desert, through the Okavango Delta, we walk with the San bushmen, visit Chobe National Park, search for the Big 5, float past hippos in a dugout canoe, raft the whitewaters of the Zambezi River or bungee jump down the Victoria Falls!

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New York – Dec 31 2012

Open Bar special
Cash bar is also available (you do not have to use open bar) – please say Alexandra at the door to get a bracelet

To purchase tickets for the open bar click here:

Featured co-host for the evening:

Dr. Elena Kurtz, Siberia Russia

She has been practicing dentistry in the USA for many years. Currently a Pennsylvania
resident, she is a prominent member of EuroCircle Philadelphia, an avid reader and a fitness and wine enthusiast.

We look forward to seeing you all on December 31st

Alexandra and the EuroCircle NY Team

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About Bishops and Barons

The team behind by Macao Trading Co., Employees Only and The Gates create a restaurant and cocktail lounge that celebrates the days of showgirls, movie star gangsters and supper clubs Cocktails by Dushan Zaric – cuisine by Kevin Chun – ambiance by Patrick Fahey In the back, a small semi-private chamber is waiting, outfitted like a showgirl’s dressing room.

A soft and sexy feel accented with vintage black-and-white photographs, antique mirrors and a zebra rug complete the look. Guests booking this VIP area can request their own private bartender to complete the experience. Jetsetters, villagers and foodies alike will be treated to scrumptious small bites from Executive Chef Kevin Chun, whose imaginative cooking style is heavily influenced by his ten years of travels, apprenticeships and his Hawaiian-Chinese heritage.

Nina Celikel from Marbella, Jää – Finnish Guide in Spain

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Nina Celikel, I live in Marbella in Spain. I studied to become a nurse. I have been riding bmx bikes since I was 15 years old. I moved to Spain from Finland when I was 18 to ride my BMX. I got the best sponsor in the world – Flybikes – and got to travel all over just riding my bike.

Currently I have 2 kids and an incredible life with my family in Spain.

How how did you choose Marbella of all places – it is so different from Finland and most Finns do not study Spanish in school?

Actually I have lived all over. I’m half Finnish, half Turkish but I was born in Germany. I studied in Finland. I came to Spain without knowing any Spanish. I had to learn it. It isn’t that hard if youre open minded, outgoing and positive person like me. You will learn any language in the world – that is if you want to. In Finland many young people study Spanish at the university. I move maybe 2 or 3 times a year because of my work.

I also get bored if there’s nothing new for me after a while in the same place. Marbella is cool, there’s always things to do, always something happening around you.

What was the first impression you had about Marbella when you arrived – do you remember that??

My first impression is related to Puerto Banus. It was incredible to see so much money spent – on cars, yachts, jewelry, luxury shops all over. I’ve learned to live the most humble way….the less I have the happier I am. Therefore Puerto Banus lifestyle is just not for me although I use it for business.

How is your family in Spain and Finland?

My family, they’re all over the world. It’s so hard to see them all together!

Which famous Spanish do you admire – and Finns?

Amancio Ortega who started with his wife their first Zara in Spain in 1975. I admire my grandmother Mirja she is incredible, she has told me stories about the times of war in Finland when she was young and its hard to imagine what they’ve been through.

What are your fondest memories of Finland?

Snow, snow castles made by my sisters and me, Christmas, lakes in the summertime, fishing and ginger snap cookies mmm…

How did you end up doing what you do for work and do you like it?

I end up doing -Your Guide in Spain for those who want to enjoy Spain as I do. Now we are doing a new magazine for Finns here in Spain and also Jää Espanjaan-Youtube channel for Finns interested in life in Spain. I love to help, so I love my work.

Is it easy balance your work with other obligations – mate, children, job? Do you try to go back to Finland every year?

With two little kids playing and screaming around… you can imagine. Its definitely not easy, you have to have a plan.
I will go this year to Finland (business) and for Christmas but its been a while since I visited Finland.

Workwise – how do you see Spanish being different from Finnish – also culturally, what stands out in your chosen profession? I would think work environment is very different.

I’m sure in Finland there’s no corruption like here in Spain. Spanish laws are from 1976. In Spain it’s hard to do business.

What did you think about life in Spain/Marbella before you moved there – did you have any misconceptions? I always think Marbella as an upscale beautiful resort town with Puerto Banus being the super upscale.

Hahah I thought the women go around dressed in these flamenco clothes as do the men but no that only happens at the Feria. It’s beautiful here but there are more beautiful places in Spain. Puerto Banus is famous due to the extremely rich people. Prostitution, cars, casinos, luxury villas… but when you arrive at Marbella you’ll see so many places closed due to the economic crisis. It’s reality everywhere in Spain.

Would you ever leave Spain and live full-time in Finland?

Never say never, but I hope to travel all my life and live in different places. I know my country Finland, now I want to see other countries in the world.

The biggest positives that come to your mind about Finland/its people/culture vs. Spain – and the biggest negatives?

Negatives – Finland: Darkness in the winter. Drinking: its normal to drink until you can’t even speak, Shyness of the Finnish people, taxes.
Negatives – Spain: Politics, corruption, water, electricity bills, byrocracy, no help from goverment for families, bad salaries, bad Public school teaching…
Plus for Finland: Nature, forest, lakes, wild animals. Number 1. education system in the world, recycling system (environmentally conscious), take business seriously.
Plus for Spain: Weather, public hospitals, schools for free, sports

Anyhing else you would like to share with us??

Spain is great place to live for those who come here with money, otherwise it’s hard. To find the right job with a good salary when there are 6 million jobless looking for a work – no help from the Spanish government. Spain is incredible from North to South: tropical weather, snow, culture, nature, people, the food…. so many great things, so you all are welcome to Spain.

Finnish people here?? Here in Costa del Sol we have the biggest community of Finnish people in the world (outside Finland). There are more than 20.000 Finns living here and 200.000 visitors every year. Families with their kids, students from universities, and more than anything, people at age 60 +.

Thanks to Nina for sharing her thoughts about life in Marbella, Costa del Sol. I hope she will find the time to meet my friend Marcia Raff, a lovely sculptor from NYC/Austin who is currently in Malaga for 2 months.

Connect with Nina: – Finnish Guide in Spain
Twitter: @Jaaespanjaan
Instagram: JääEspanjaan

3 Countries in one EuroCircle Adventure! Namibia, Botswana, Zambia…
From the Kalahari Desert, through the Okavango Delta, we walk with the San bushmen, visit Chobe National Park, search for the Big 5, float past hippos in a dugout canoe, raft the whitewaters of the Zambezi River or bungee jump down the Victoria Falls!

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