Witamy! Asia, Iza & Margie bring authentic Polish cuisine with Apolonia Catering to Austin

We love helping other European expats to get the word out about their businesses. You all have met David Lowe, Uberpong, Varda and Vladimir from The Russian House, Florian and Romana from PRELOGS (April 30 party) and Emma Cartmell-Hochman (Excede). Now it is time to introduce you some Polish entrepreneurs. By the way, they are planning to organize an exclusive, limited space dinner event for our members featuring Polish traditions. All payments will be collected in-advance – and it will be organized in a private home. Stay tuned!! I saw the menu they were considering..yummy!!

Witamy! Apolonia Catering has officially landed in Austin, Texas and are ready to bring you authentic Polish cuisine. Three adventurous women who all originated from Poland, have traveled the world and crossed paths in the heart of Texas. Their passion for perfecting a home cooked meal brought them together and ignited the idea in creating a catering company to share their recipes outside the family home.

Asia, Iza, and Margie were drawn to Austin and it’s many wonderful attributes. When they’re not cooking up something new in the kitchen, they enjoy hiking through the gorgeous greenbelts as well as exploring and discovering the hidden gems that reside throughout the streets of Austin. For these ladies, the best part of this city is how there is so much opportunity to grow and everyone is friendly and supportive of new ventures and ideas.

Although Texas is their new home base, they sometimes yearn for the more modest and traditional days they had back in Poland. One of the differences they notice between their homeland and the Americas, is the lack of community and family time shared around the dinner table. Americans live a very face paced, always on the go lifestyle which has benefitted them throughout the years, but for Europeans food is an art. They treasure every meal and treat it as a grand event, putting everything in life on hold to truly enjoy what’s in front of them. Living a constantly “go-go-go” lifestyle, you forget and miss out on the simple pleasures in life such as hours of conversation and laughter at the table with friends and family while enjoying a well prepared meal.

Another aspect these ladies miss about Poland is growing up with the flavorful and straight from the Earth ingredients their mothers and grandmothers would use in their meals. Numerous chain grocery stores produce for the masses, therefore disregarding quality, and this lack of vibrancy and flavor was not only missing from their recipes, but from their palates. Coming to Austin seemed to be the perfect resolution. Apolonia Catering not only supports the local farmers and advocates the use of organic products, but supply their customers with the full embodied taste and flavor that a home cooked meal should provide.

“Keep Austin Weird” is a slogan known throughout the nation, and this state of mind has been integrated into the community, events, and influenced the food scene. Within recent years, watching the growth of not only the city and it’s enthusiasm for new and innovative ideas, introducing Apolonia Catering and it’s twist on Old World Polish cuisine seemed to fit in perfectly with the Austin attitude. Asia, Iza, and Margie want to bring the community not only the classics, but a tastefully crafted product that combines generations of family recipes elevated to a new level with never before used flavor combinations.

Speaking of Old World Polish food, family recipes, and classics, their company’s highest valued product are the Pierogi. Being one of the most commonly known Polish dish, Asia, Iza, and Margie have combined their own family recipes into one master formula to create the perfect Pierogi. The Apolonia menu not only offers the more popular flavors of Pierogi, but gives the customers the freedom to create their own personal combination. The filling possibilities are limitless and can range from meats to fruits or vegetables; the customer can either request their own filling, or specify whether they crave a sweet, savory, or spicy flavor, and our chefs will create a new flavor profile to satisfy your palate.

The spark that ignited the fire of Apolonia Catering came from the simple enjoyment of cooking Polish food and keeping the flavors alive in an American world. After hosting countless gatherings from family dinners to holiday parties, and witnessing the satisfaction on people’s faces, the ladies wanted to take their recipes outside their immediate circle of family and friends and share it with everyone else who is up for trying something different.

Apolonia Catering gives you the taste of Poland without having to travel far and wide or even across the Atlantic Ocean. Their company will strive to bring Polish cuisine fresh to your table, whether it’s in the comfort of your home, or transporting your guests to the other side of the world. With their unique selection of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, their home cooked meals will not only bring new flavors to your table, but hopefully inspire you to take a moment to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

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Phone: 512-586-3457
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Asia Gonczar tel: 512-586-3457
Izabela Ulrich tel: 214-705-5790
Margie Knap tel: 512-743-1713

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