Austin – Sep 06 2019


This is by far our most popular party. We have not finalized all the details yet with the W Austin management but rest assured there will be some nice specials, parking, music etc

Austin – Aug 08 2019


EuroCircle members and their guests have extended happy hour prices at the BAR until 7 pm. Cocktails at $6 (Pimm’s Cup etc) so lets hang out there. It will super hot next week
They have also an excellent selection of non-alcholic beverages
Lets do something a bit different this month – and next month (Sept 6) we’ll have our annual WHITE PARTY at W AUSTIN
I recommend you make RESERVATION just in case if you plan to EAT and arrive after 7 pm.

Austin – Jul 21 2019


Come to Ciclo and enjoy the most stylish Happy Hour in Austin, featuring USD 5 sips, USD 4 snacks and USD 3 sweets at the Ciclo bar and terrace or on the back lawn.

Complimentary valet parking will be available.
No reservations, first come first serve.

$5 draft beer
$5 rotating specialty cocktail
$5 select wines by the glass
$20 select wines by the bottle

Tuna Tartare Tacos, Pork Belly Tacos, Empanadas, Prime beef sliders (all $4 during happy hour and more)


Austin – June 02 2019


Organized by GlobalAustin, AIN & EuroCircle – 7th time!

Potluck Date: Sunday, June 2nd, 5-8PM
(Rain Date is Saturday, June 8th)

You can all bring your traditional dishes and have other members experience new flavors and most of all, your cooking skills! This is no Top Chef event, but it will be a great way to challenge yourself and share your culture with just a bite of heaven. Ideally create a little LABEL (tent) that tells what the dish is – and country if applicable.

Drinks: BYOB

Swimming Pool – our EuroCircle hosts Grant and Lauren welcome the guests to take a swim.
The address will be sent to the attendees only (and will be posted in the EuroCircle forums 2-3 days before the event for the attendees to see)

Austin – May 18 2019

It’s that time of year again!

Let’s watch Eurovision Song Contest LIVE together with all of our fellow European friends! Join us and millions around the world on May 18th to celebrate the “Olympics” of pop music as the 64th edition of this mega event unravels from Tel Aviv, Israel.

We’ll host the screening at Russian House (big thanks for collaborating with us another year!), located on 307 E 5th St, Austin, TX 78701. The pre-show mingle will start at 1.00 PM and the live screening at 2.00 PM.

This is a fun and family-friendly event featuring: a pre-show mingle with your favorite Eurovision tunes, a guess the winner competition, a quiz walk, drinks and light food for sale, and of course a LIVE streaming of the show.

Entrence fee: None!
Drinks and light food: Discounted prices in the bar.
Children: Are welcome! We’ll arrange some drawing material to keep them occupied in case they get tired of the show.

We look forward to seeing you there!

SACC-Austin, SWEA Austin and EuroCircle

Austin – Apr 25 2019

Il Brutto’s team is the same team behind Sway, La Condesa, and South Congress hotel, to name a few. Many feel they reigmnairly supreme in Austin for being one of the most talented restaurant management groups. Il Brutto is located East AustIl Brutto’s team is the same team behind Sway, La Condesa, and South Congress hotel, to name a few. Many feel they reigmnairly supreme in Austin for being one of the most talented restaurant management groups. Il Brutto is located East Austin, right at the corner of 6th and Comal. The menu offers handrolled pasts, pizza and cheese boards, as well as a full bar and wine list.

The Il Brutto space occupies a corner spot so the patio is open to the hustle and bustle of east 6th. It makes for great people watching, but also is just a dreamy little patio offering a nice slice of pie while you kick back with some of your favorite friends.

PARKING – in the street or park in the adjacent Alfred condo parking garage and they validate your parking

Address: 1601 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Il Brutto will offer 50/% off on Spritz , Prosecco and theirr house White Wine from 6pm – 9PM

Austin – Mar 28 2019

Meet Veera for Yoga Flow & Stretch with EuroCircle

Welcome to open and stretch your body through Yoga Stretch. This class is for people who want to learn foundational yoga poses and how to gain more flexibility in the body in a safe way. This class is designed for EVERYONE, no previous experience required. NO FEE.

You will need:
-Yoga mat (or even a big towel)
-Loose clothing
-Water bottle
-No shoes needed

Meet on 3/28 at 6pm at:
676W W Riverside Dr Austin, TX 78701

Let’s meet at the parking lot area by the restrooms at 6pm, let’s plan to start 6.05pm on the lawn.

Check back for weather updates. I will post if we need to cancel due to weather.

Looking forward seeing you all on Thursday! Please contact me via inbox or email if you have any questions! Namaste! 🙂


Austin – Mar 07 2019

EuroCircle March Party at Bar Peached

2 beers (4 each)
Live Oak Pilz
Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle IPA

3 wines (2 red, 1 white)
• Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir. 2016, California (9) (this is on special just for our group, as this is typically an $11 pour)
• Storypoint Cabernet Sauvignon. 2016, California (12)
• Berger Gruner Veltliner. 2017, Austria (11)

2 “to order” cocktails
Margarita de Peached (9)
Kentucky Mule (10)

Upstairs expect to see blue cacti wallpaper, new furniture, updated light fixtures, artwork, Peached’s requisite Ladybird Johnson portrait over the fireplace, plus more. The centerpiece of the space is be the expanded bar with a new black sandstone bar top. The outdoor patio has had acomplete renovation as well since they took over from Winflo.

The downstairs space, formerly known as Winflo’s intimate concert space the Listening Room, has been turned into a private dining room that will open early March 2019 – that’s where we will be!
Bar Peached is one of the most popular new venues in town.
More will be posted at

GLOBAL AUSTIN Speaker Series – Apr 11 2019 at their office (RUSSIA)
Check their website, our blog or forum for more

GLOBAL AUSTIN Speaker Series – Apr 11 2019 at their office (RUSSIA)
Check their website, our blog or forum for more

PHOTOS from the Feb 8 2019 EuroCircle event at Hanks

Austin – Feb 08 2019

EuroCircle’s Nordic Night at Hank’s Austin

All the Nordic groups cohosting (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland)
Most photos by Francesco Paulo Tuzzolini

  • Henri Johansson, Sweden (SACC)
  • Simon Gade Hjorth, Denmark
  • stefán þór stefánsson, Iceland
  • Marja and Lasse Jokinen, Finland
  • Therese Arntsen, Norway

EuroCircle Team: Paulina, Nicole, Adnan, Emma, Kaisa, Francesco & Co

CODE OD CONDUCT (basic rules for all of us)

Our exclusive space is limited  to café, café patio and 3 tables of covered restaurant (heated patio)

Coffee/tea drinks available at cafe as priced on board (drip, specialty, etc)

Malbec (Red)
Barbera (Red)
Chardonnay (White)
Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Sparkling (Bubbles)
Wine $7 a glass/$27 a bottle

Pacifico bottle (Pils)
Fire Eagle can (IPA)
$3 each

All restaurant/bar food must be ordered and consumed in restaurant/bar area.
No food ordered, delivered, or consumed in café.


Meet Bastien and Solene, read their story HERE

Austin French Connection – Bastien & Solène Le Guen-Lablans

It’s always nice to meet young and adventerous Europeans, this time from France. This young couple from Paris area are recent transplants in Austin.

 Who are you?

Bastien & Solène Le Guen-Lablans
We are 28 years old and have been married for almost 2 years and together for over 6 years.

We both were born and raised in the Parisian region, France. Our entire family is still living there.

We love travelling, getting to know different cultures and people, sharing good time with family and friends, good food, board games, movies, dancing and enjoying nature’s beauties.

How did you end up in Austin, TX of all places?

We moved to Austin in August 2017 directly from France because of a great opportunity Bastien obtained. Bastien is indeed a hairstylist at a luxury standard and an expert in chignon/updo. He has worked in the industry over than 12 years and mostly for DESSANGE, the iconic French brand. Bastien is currently working at DESSANGE PARIS AUSTIN in Davenport Village on the 360.

Bastien has a lot of experiences in fashion shows, photo shooting and most recently dance performance as he designed the hairstyle for the two French artists of Corps Multiple.

Solène used to work in the hotel industry for 7 years. Before leaving France, she was Event Manager for a large Hyatt hotel at Paris CDG airport. Passionate about travelling, she graduated with a Master’s degree in hospitality management after having worked 9 months in Vietnam.

The best and worst about Austin for you.  What is a typical day and weekend??

We truly love this vibrant and human-sized city which offers a quick access to nature and has an array of good bars and restaurants. People here are very welcoming and nice. Even though people don’t know how to drive, they are courteous and polite.

Our way of life is kind of healthier as we work out at least twice a week, we have dinner and go to bed earlier than back in France. On Sundays, we like to either chill out at home during the few bad weather weeks or we like to hike and find a good spot to swim.

How do you find the Austin lifestyle compared to Paris ?

The weather is so lovely in Austin compared to Paris where rain is unpredictable. We love Fall season here in Austin. The cost of living is cheaper here but depending on which item. Gas of course is inexpensive and you can rent an affordable apartment for a large living space.

EuroCircle note: It rains about as much in Paris as in London – but Paris gets more sunlight!

As mentioned before, Americans in Austin are lovely, and we are far away from the Parisians’ bad mood. We barely feel overwhelmed and stressed out. We feel secure here.
Nonetheless, healthcare is the main drawback.  We pray to avoid hospital and any doctor visits…

How do you make your living now – and how would you like to develop that career?

Right now Solène works to promote Bastien. Thus, we are focusing on building Bastien’s clientele. Besides she is volunteering for a French school in Austin – Education Française Austin.

Do you see the differences between nationalities easily – yours vs. Americans vs. other Europeans?

It is quite obvious to tell who is not American. We heard before moving in the USA that it wouldn’t be easy to befriend with Americans. Nevertheless, we were determined to be integrated and managed to build sincere friendship with some Americans.
Later on we met Europeans and felt easily quick connections.

What is the essence of Austin to you – that your friends should know.

We definitely want to make our friends feel the laid-back essence of the city! Fast-casual and barbecue restaurants embody this spirit. The beautiful landscapes of the Hill Country are a jewel to see.

What do you miss from your country/elsewhere heritage (food, culture, movies etc) …or elsewhere?
We miss bread and delicious cheap farm-made cheeses. Even though we can find more and more good products but they remain still expensive. Paris offers so much to do and see in term of history and culture, we really miss that here in Austin. However the nature gives us beautiful shows frequently.

We really miss Family & Friends !!!!!!!

When you think about what did you think about life in Texas before you moved there ?

When we first heard about Austin, TX, as French, we idiotically thought locals wore cowboy hats and boots and lived on their  ranches with their horses.

Silly stereotypes, the same to think that all French are romantic, men wear beret etc.

Knowing more about life and having lived with your decisions for a while (like work) – would you still choose to be there and why? Why not..

We would like to live here few years for sure as we want to build a business and raise our future children here. However we would travel back to our country at least once a year as we are very attached to our family and friends.

What cafes or restaurants do you recommend to tourists to go to here  and why? Or to do something else.

Experience a great Texan steakhouse at Steiner Ranch and enjoy a breathtaking view over the Lake Travis. The rooftop bar of Handle Bar on the 5th street is fun and gives you a nice insight of Austin Downtown. Should you prefer a muted place, have a well-done cocktail at the iconic Driskill hotel’s bar.

What would be your ideal life – with no monetary issues to make it happen!

Have a beautiful family perfectly bilingual, a house with a nice garden and pool, a very interesting work with a good balance with our private life and time to travel all over the world.

Would you move back to your country fulltime – yes or no (why and why not)?

Not yet! We have so much to do here and have invested a lot. We cannot simply leave everything behind us and restart from scratch in our own country.

What has been the most difficult issue/s to deal with here in Austin for you?

To understand the bank system and to still deal with healthcare system.

How to connect with you:



LinkedIn: Bastien Le Guen
Solène Lablans-Fontvieille

Instagram: #BastienLeGuen