Chicago – Apr 10 2017

Magnolia Pictures has kindly offered EuroCircle Chicago FREE passes to an advance screening of the film scheduled for Monday, April 10 2017 7:00pm
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Written and Directed by: Daniele Thompson
Starring: Guillaume Canet and Guillaume Gallienne

Synopsis: CÉZANNE ET MOI traces the parallel paths of the lives and careers of post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne and novelist Émile Zola, from school pals in Aix-en-Provence to working artists in Paris, while exploring their fears and ambitions. Through a slew of flashbacks, we see the two grow up to share a mutual love of art and beautiful women. Zola, who was fatherless and poor, dreams of becoming a writer and eventually joins the very bourgeoisie he mocked in his youth. Meanwhile Cézanne, who came from a wealthy background, wound up rejecting society to focus entirely on his work, which was only recognized at the very end of his life. CÉZANNE ET MOI, a polished period piece, boldly paints a picture of two 19th century masters.

( In Select Chicago Theaters: April 14, 201)

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Nordlife – a New Scandinavian Kids & Homeware Boutique Opens in Australia

Nordlife is a new Australian online boutique that focuses on Scandinavian brands and designers – Nordlife is currently selling 12 designers’ products from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. All of the products are imported from Scandinavia and they range from kids items, homeware, bedding, clothing, tableware to gifts and accessories.

Nordlife was founded by two Estonian women – Jane and Elina, who just, as fate would have it, happened to reconnect on the wonderful island of Tasmania, just south of Australian mainland. Although the women have lived in Australia for years, they both still admire the clean lines and functional designs that are synonymous with Nordic craftsmanship. But it wasn’t until they began sourcing decor for their own homes that inspiration struck and Nordlife was born.

At some point their regular Thursday night hangouts turned from discussing trivial everyday events to planning and starting a business. Within a few weeks they had chosen a name, registered the business and were already lining up suppliers. All of the goods Nordlife sells have been carefully selected specifically for the Australian market and also it’s large Scandinavian expat community, which Nordlife is a great supporter of. The product selection is constantly expanding and they are always on the lookout for more brands and designers to introduce to Australia.

Besides being an online retailer, Nordlife will aim to be a hub for all things Scandinavian.

On their website you can find stories of Nordic traditions, DIY projects, recipes, discover new trends and read about brands and designers that Nordlife represents.

Jane and Elina are always delighted to work with other European expats in Australia.
To learn more about their business, suggest new suppliers or to discuss collaboration opportunities, please do get in touch via

You can visit the site and check out their social media here:

Note: we are trying to convince Jane and Elina to provide us some more articles about Australia – one of the best countries to visit. Of course during the Fall 2017 Sherry Kumar is organizing a trip to Australia and New Zealand for other EuroCircle members.

Chicago – Mar 29 2017


We’d like to extend our warmest invitation to a special free film screening on Wednesday, March 29 at 6:30 p.m. by the Alliance Française de Chicago. As part of their Festival de la Francophonie, Oscar-nominated Quebec director Yan England will introduce his film 1:54 which just won le Prix du Public at the Festival du Film Francophone de Rome. The film will also be shown at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on March 30.

High school has been hard for Tim, who goes out of his way to avoid provoking the local bullies. But when his only friend and crush Francis meets tragedy at their hands, Tim decides to take his own revenge. He joins the track team, gunning for the head bully in the 800-meter dash – but will things go as planned? A dark drama that looks at sports, adolescent angst and the cruelty of bullying…

In French with English subtitles, followed by a Q & A with film director and reception. REGISTER, please click HERE.

We hope you will be able to spread the word and join the Alliance Française de Chicago for this amazing opportunity and celebrate the last event of the Festival de la Francophonie with their partners from Canada and Quebec in Chicago!

A bientôt!

New York – Apr 20 2017

Photo credit to EuroCircle New York Organizer Alexandra Spirer

Join us for a fun night out at this midtown hotspot with
DJ Xenia Ghali spinning tunes for us throughout the night!

In addition to celebrating the start of Spring, help us celebrate Philadelphia EuroCircle leader Sherry Kumar’s birthday!

There will a $10 vodka cocktail on special throughout the night!

Food is available for purchase

Look forward to seeing you all for a great night out.

Your hosts:

Sherry Kumar, Serbia
Katarzyna Czarnecka, Poland
Jari Mattila, Finland
Katerina Denisova, Russia
Harriet Kulmala, Finland
Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team


Denver – Apr 13 2017

Let’s get together on Thursday, April 13th for spring party.

We can also honor our friend , EuroCircle Denver member Paweł Abramczyk who died tragically on March 19th.
A many of you know,Pawel was last seen at about 9:30 a.m. Saturday at the top of The Loft. He was attempting to summit Longs Peak with two acquaintances when he decided to descend and return to the trailhead, according to park officials. When the other two men arrived back at the trailhead later on Sunday, his vehicle was still in a parking lot.
The men contacted park rangers at about 6:15 p.m. Saturday to report Pawel overdue. His body was recovered at about 6:30 p.m. Sunday.
Our hearts are with Pawel’s family in this time of sorrow.

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Los Angeles – Mar 25 2017

SEEfest Presents: Animation of South East Europe @ ELAC, East Los Angeles College. FREE.
MARCH 25 @ 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM

1:00 PM Screening of Short Animated Films from Southeast European countries:
The Blood, Bulgaria, 2012, 6 minutes

Choban, Croatia, 2014, 18 minutes
The Day of the Bleeding Gums, Bulgaria, 2014, 5 minutes
Dinner for Few, Greece/US, 2014, 10 minutes
Elmando, Romania/Italy, 2014, 4 minutes
Koyaa – Flower, Slovenia, 2013, 4 minutes
The Mediterranean, Turkey, 2014, 3 minutes
Mother Beast, Hungary/Spain, 2013, 7 minutes
Rabbitland, Serbia, 2013, 7 minutes
The Vast Landscape, Croatia, 2014, 11 minutes
Vis Dubium, Serbia, 2014, 7 minutes
SUROGAT, 1961, Yugoslavia, 10 minutes, Oscar winner
FLUTTER, USA/Bulgaria, 2017, 10 minutes

2:05 PM Panel discussion and Q & A. Mike Libonati, an animator and visual artist that runs ELAC’s animation department and panel moderator introduces the other panel members: Italian/American animator Cinzia Angelini, Animation Industry pioneer and expert Sarah Baisley, Editor in Chief of Animation Magazine Tom McLean, Vladimir Todorov, Bulgarian/American concept artist, illustrator and animator that has worked on projects such as An American Tail 2, Fivel Goes West, We’re Back, & Balto and Nouredin Zarrinkelk, Iranian/American animation director, writer, book illustrator and ex-President of ASIFA International.
2:30 PM An update to the Making of Mila: Creating a Quality Animated Film via the World Wide Web, A presentation by Cinzia Angelini.
3:00 PM Tribute to a Legend: Life achievement Award ceremony for legendary Noureedin Zarrinkelk.
This section starts with screening of “KELK E ZARRIN” (Golden Brush) which give a brief biography reviewing all Mr. Zarinkelk work – Screening of animated film Bani Adam (Excellencies) – Then presenting the award and Q&A.
3:30 PM: Closing remarks Announcing Latin American Animation Day on 2018

Article on Cinema Without Borders

To attend please RSVP to:


FREE event. RSVP: or call 310-422-4629.

Did you see the announcement last week?
Limited 8-Day Festival passes are now available for sale.
We are pleased to announce you can get the Festival Full-Access pass for 8 days of screenings, panels, The Business of Film Conference, events and networking without worrying about getting a seat.
Because of space limitations in most of our theatres, only 46 Festival passes are available. Tickets for individual screenings will be available in the coming weeks.
Get your Festival pass today, before they sell out. Limited to 2 passes.

NOTE: SEEfest Cine-Fan Members get a 20% discount on Festival Passes and tickets.

A Toast to Travel – Chicago-based travel management services offers the best Italian Experiences!

This time we are featuring one of the first EuroCircle members in Chicago – Natalie Mosallam. Natalie and her fiancee John  decided to change their lives and started a company called A Toast to Travel, LLC.  It is not hard to figure out that the company provides travel management services.  Let’s find out from Natalie in her own words what and why this means to them. Every entrepreneur faces different challenges and everyone to some extent faces the same challenges.

Why and how did you start?

I lived in Europe for many years and fell in love with Italy ( I am fluent in Italian and French).  When I met my current fiancé, we decided we wanted a lifestyle change. We worked in corporate America for a combined, 20+ years and really wanted to transform our lives and share our passion for international travel. We want to help people experience Europe like a local and celebrate their lives!

A Toast to Travel is all about experiencing the best Italy has to offer. We will be expanding into other countries but for now, we offer two experiences.
Our Tuscan Wine and Culture Experience takes people on great wine journeys to hidden, hard to find wineries for amazing wine tastings (and farm to table cuisine) and is based in Florence, Italy with city sites and cultural treasures.

Our Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun Experience is all about relaxation where you learn to cook each day, yoga in the morning, a painting under the Tuscan sun class and drinks by the pool. This experience is based in the Tuscan countryside at a beautiful restored villa with private rooms.

What is/are the best skill/s you have for this business and/or relationships?

As an international and technology attorney, I bring keen business skills to every negotiation and business relationship. All my experience to-date as an attorney and business person helps in shaping who I am and what I contribute to A Toast to Travel. Years of working with teams and building business relationships (nationally and internationally) certainly comes in handy when you are in the travel business.

How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?

Learning many different languages and acclaiming to many different cultures has made me very adaptable and given me the keen ability to understand people of all walks of life. These experiences have also made me very open minded and overall, a deeper person.

I am very grateful for my experience so far and do my best to give back. I volunteer at a women’s shelter as a business coach and mentor. It’s critical to have role models who help you to aspire to move up. I also work with refugees and help with their transition to the US culture.

What do you consider as your biggest success and failure?

The biggest success is launching our dream company, A Toast to Travel! And my biggest failure is not launching sooner.

What is your top challenge?

Our top challenge right now is getting the word out to our target market — whether that’s groups of friends who want to travel together, couples or girls’ trips.

Who is your most important role model?

My grandmother — she was an immigrant from Lebanon many years ago and taught herself how to read and write English.
She also had to support her family as her husband died not long after they arrived in the US. She rolled up her sleeves, would take the bus everyday (even in freezing weather) and become one for first chef’s in Detroit sharing her Lebanese recipes.

As for other female leaders I admire –Oprah Winfrey—she started with very little and she’s one of the most influential women in the world today. She’s a household name!

What advice can you offer to women who want a career in your industry?

You need to really plan for it and then, implement. Go for it! Life is short.

What do you think is the biggest issue for women in the workplace?

Having served as the ambassador for gender equality for the United Nations Association, Chicago, I would say that the biggest issue in the US is equal pay for equal work. We really need to work on this and get this one right.

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

Be grounded, be deliberate and have faith. It will work out. I am not great at work/life balance. I am still working on that one.

What do you want A Toast to Travel to accomplish in the next year?

I would like to see tons of people going on our Experiences and having a great time while living life to the fullest!
We will also be expanding the countries/regions where we offer amazing experiences.

Tuscany countryside

Contact Natalie & John and A Toast to Travel:

Call Natalie or John with any questions: 312.504.8640
Email Us

Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun (video):
Tuscan Wine and Culture Experience:

Social media:

Everyone – let’s have a Toast to Travel!

Austin – May 21 2017

The 5th Annual International Potluc With GlobalAustin, AIN & EuroCircle

EuroCircle team will be joining hands and building the next great event together with  GlobalAustinAustin InterCultural Network (AIN) by hosting the 5th Annual International Potluck.
(If it rains we will need to select another date – The Scoot Inn 1308 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78702 has indoor space as well but not enough for heavy reain)

This means that you can all bring your traditional dishes and have other members experience new flavors and most of all, your cooking skills!

ATTIRE:  Casual, comfortable.

Water, plates, cups, utensils and napkins will be provided.
Please bring any serving utensils/bowls needed for your dish. Please tape your name at the bottom of any serving dishes just in case (with your info).

SUGGESTED DONATION minimum $1 to cover the essentials for the event

More information:
The Soot Inn has no problem with minors attending, as long as they are accompanied by parents. They have a full bar, with prices generally ranging from $4-$6 (one or two selections may be as much as $8) for beer, and liquor drinks ranging in price from $4-$8 (with the exception of single malt Scotch, high end vodka and tequila, etc., which are obviously a bit more expensive)

Photos from our previous potlucks:

2013 at Icenhauers
2014 Deep Eddy (Eilers)
2015 at Alta’s Cafe
2016 Private Residence

PS. As usually we welcome warmly the non-profit intl groups join us – in EuroCircle’s case especially groups like Austin Polish Society, SACC, Austin Danish Club, etc (all Europeans)

Read More or ask Sherry at the event.

Houston – Mar 29 2017

Mix and mingle with EuroCircle friends Wednesday March 29th from 6:00 until 9:00pm at Bacco Wine & Spirits. Look for us in one of the private rooms at Bacco. Bacco offers a wide variety of spirits and appetizers. For more information visit

Feel free to invite friends. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


Shahla, Venere and Michelle



Read More or ask Sherry at the event.

Austin – Apr 07 2017

Dutch Party with the Stroop Club at the Brentwood Social House

You may recall we featured Chantal and Tako soon after they arrived here. Tako was a senior economist specialized in anti trust. With the wish he had for years to once come to the States to experience life here, he entered the Green Card Lottery. As a miracle – and a chance of once in 200 years – he actually won this thing! And the Stroop Club started from there….their first break was with Bouldin Creek Cafe.

Join the Stroop Club & EuroCircle at their first ‘official’ Dutch Party in Austin!

Our hosts Katerina Aman, Chantal & Tako from the Stroop Club and the EuroCircle team (Kaisa & Adnan) will introduce everyone around.

Find out HOW DUTCH ARE YOU? – the event attendees who take the quiz will be partipate in a raffle …you must be at the event to get your prize by the Stroop Club!


Missed your bitterballen?
Missed The Netherlands or wanna learn about Holland and mingle with the Austin Dutchies?
With stroopwafels, bitterballen and hopefully even herring. Gezellig!
– No cover
– European food available, bitterballen, kaas soufles, saucijzenbroodjes and stroopwafels!

“Stroopwafels are a light, addictive Dutch cookie comprised of creamy stroop, which is a caramel-like syrup, sandwiched between two crispy thin waffles. Think vanilla, butter, cinnamon, crunchy, gooey, soft all together in one delightful syrup waffle (preferably melting over a hot beverage). In Holland, stroopwafels are a normal part of coffee or tea time, and people often have bags of them at their office desks. Street vendors sell larger format stroopwafels in Holland, served as a snack or a treat, sometimes with chocolate.”   * The above is a direct quote from

About Brentwood Social House:

Sarah Olano is originally from England and has been in Texas since 2011. Sarah runs a small business baking English pasties and cooking the best foods from her home country as well as French food, inspired from living and working in France and Quebec.  Suzanne Daniels is a born and bred Texan and moved back to Austin in 2010, ready to grow roots. She and her husband Jairy have called Brentwood home since 2012 and are happy to be raising their daughter in such a wonderful community. Suzanne has over 15 years experience as a graphic designer and marketer. Throughout the years she has worked as a barista, waitress and hostess and has managed employees in the corporate environment.

Read More or ask Sherry at the event.