Nordlife – a New Scandinavian Kids & Homeware Boutique Opens in Australia

Nordlife is a new Australian online boutique that focuses on Scandinavian brands and designers – Nordlife is currently selling 12 designers’ products from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. All of the products are imported from Scandinavia and they range from kids items, homeware, bedding, clothing, tableware to gifts and accessories.

Nordlife was founded by two Estonian women – Jane and Elina, who just, as fate would have it, happened to reconnect on the wonderful island of Tasmania, just south of Australian mainland. Although the women have lived in Australia for years, they both still admire the clean lines and functional designs that are synonymous with Nordic craftsmanship. But it wasn’t until they began sourcing decor for their own homes that inspiration struck and Nordlife was born.

At some point their regular Thursday night hangouts turned from discussing trivial everyday events to planning and starting a business. Within a few weeks they had chosen a name, registered the business and were already lining up suppliers. All of the goods Nordlife sells have been carefully selected specifically for the Australian market and also it’s large Scandinavian expat community, which Nordlife is a great supporter of. The product selection is constantly expanding and they are always on the lookout for more brands and designers to introduce to Australia.

Besides being an online retailer, Nordlife will aim to be a hub for all things Scandinavian.

On their website you can find stories of Nordic traditions, DIY projects, recipes, discover new trends and read about brands and designers that Nordlife represents.

Jane and Elina are always delighted to work with other European expats in Australia.
To learn more about their business, suggest new suppliers or to discuss collaboration opportunities, please do get in touch via

You can visit the site and check out their social media here:

Note: we are trying to convince Jane and Elina to provide us some more articles about Australia – one of the best countries to visit. Of course during the Fall 2017 Sherry Kumar is organizing a trip to Australia and New Zealand for other EuroCircle members.