Austin – May 21 2017

The 5th Annual International Potluc With GlobalAustin, AIN & EuroCircle

EuroCircle team will be joining hands and building the next great event together with  GlobalAustinAustin InterCultural Network (AIN) by hosting the 5th Annual International Potluck.
(If it rains we will need to select another date – The Scoot Inn 1308 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78702 has indoor space as well but not enough for heavy reain)

This means that you can all bring your traditional dishes and have other members experience new flavors and most of all, your cooking skills!

ATTIRE:  Casual, comfortable.

Water, plates, cups, utensils and napkins will be provided.
Please bring any serving utensils/bowls needed for your dish. Please tape your name at the bottom of any serving dishes just in case (with your info).

SUGGESTED DONATION minimum $1 to cover the essentials for the event

More information:
The Soot Inn has no problem with minors attending, as long as they are accompanied by parents. They have a full bar, with prices generally ranging from $4-$6 (one or two selections may be as much as $8) for beer, and liquor drinks ranging in price from $4-$8 (with the exception of single malt Scotch, high end vodka and tequila, etc., which are obviously a bit more expensive)

Photos from our previous potlucks:

2013 at Icenhauers
2014 Deep Eddy (Eilers)
2015 at Alta’s Cafe
2016 Private Residence

PS. As usually we welcome warmly the non-profit intl groups join us – in EuroCircle’s case especially groups like Austin Polish Society, SACC, Austin Danish Club, etc (all Europeans)

Read More or ask Sherry at the event.