Philadelphia – May 13 2015

Border Crossings:  Syrian Cultural Heritage in the Crossfire: past, present, and continuity


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Border Crossings is a collaboration between EuroCircle and the Geographical Society of Philadelphia. We aim
to humanize people and places around the world through substantive presentations and conversations with those
intimate with the cultures, in a casual setting with a cash bar. So please grab a glass of wine, and enjoy our presentation.

Bio:  Salam Al Kuntar co-directs the Safeguarding the Heritage of Syria and Iraq Initiative, a project of the Penn Cultural Heritage Center, the Smithsonian Institute and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  Until 2012, she served as the Deputy Director of the Department of Excavations and Archaeological Research in the Directorate General of Antiquities and Museums in Syria.  She received her BA from Damascus University, and her PhD in Archaeology from the University of Cambridge.

Marek Danielewski : Portrait of an Artist

Marek Danielewski was born in Warsaw, Poland. He moved to Sweden as a young child during the 1980s. After a short return to Poland, he came to the US around 1994 where he lived in Huntington Valley and later Philadelphia.

How was your art selected for the Natural Selection movie?

A friend of mine, a fellow artist, Danielle Payne, contacted me saying she was involved in this project, and that they needed artwork in their movie. So I sent over a few images to the film production designer, Eileen Dennehy. She came to my home, looked thru my inks and took about 8 pieces she felt worked best for the film.

What is Natural Selection about?

The movie is a drama, about a high school senior, the people around him, his influences- all this leads him to a horrible reaction to his circumstances. The purpose of the film is to bring attention to troubled “students” but not just them, the environment that creates and enables, drives them to these behaviors and reactions.

Were you surprised that your art, which is dark, was chosen for a movie of this nature?

Yes, in the beginning I was a little surprised. Once Eileen explained the premise of the film to me in more detail, which I’m not going to get into- go see the movie- the use of my artwork made sense. They’re archetypes, a sort of visualized frequency at which a mind operates.

What makes your art dark?

I think it could be a subconscious reaction to the general sense of angst that fills my life. Which funny enough, I feel starts in high school. But I’ve always been attracted to this type of imagery. I think for people who are into art its great, it allows them to express their emotional needs, a demons for that matter. For me as a teenager art was, and still is a form of therapy. I took art classes in high school, and that was the only time I really enjoyed being around people. These people had similar interest as me.

Is “being dark” something permanent or will your art change eventually?

Yes, my current work has already become a tiny but lighter. I reintroduced color which is a lot of fun. There was a time of about 3-4 years when I literally decided that there would be as little color as possible, if any in the work. I did only very graphic black and white inks. It was from this collection that Eileen chose for the film. But strangely enough I felt that experience really taught me about color.

What inspires you?

Images. Films. Madness. Music. Artists like Beksinski, Geiger, Moebius, Fellini. The first two especially when I was younger. I just found their work to be so beautiful, stunning. It’s an urge to make art, I have to do it.

In reading about the film the main character seems to be a bit of an outcast, were you?   Do you feel that is an influence in your work now?

Yes, I was an outcast. Not a willing one, there is a difference. I think I have always lived in a slightly different reality than my peers. I took art, in all forms- movies music, fine art- very seriously as a kid. For example in high school, we had to wear uniforms, an all boy catholic school. We had a “dress down day” or could wear what ever we wanted for one day. The goths wore black, the jocks wore sport jerseys and so on. I, inspired by the style of the movie Akira, wore red jeans and a polo shirt.

What are you currently working on?

I am finishing up a project now that was a collaboration with a local band, Starwood. It’s called “God of Drones”. Its a symbolist image. I was looking a lot at both Dore´ (Divine Comedy) and Japanese Gundam series. It’s an archetype, a god of war.- like Mars.

You mentioned you took art classes, would you ever teach art?

Not high school. But yes, people college level. I think I could contribute something there. When I took my Masters I paid a lot of attention to the style and approach my professors used. Art in high school is just very limited. There are no live models, or casts, it’s very restricted. And maybe it should be, but it’s not the right environment for me.


Natural Selection movie website: Natural Selection is a timely drama set mostly in a PA high school, with a young cast of Disney Channel and MTV stars, including Mason Dye, Kat McNamara, and Anthony Michael Hall. The film is produced by Modoc Springs, an Elverson, PA based company whose last feature, The Suspect, (IMDB page), is currently available OnDemand and Netflix and in retail stores both domestically and internationally.

The first screening of the film will be April 22nd at 7:15 at the R/C Reading Movies and IMAX.

This screening was just announced so I believe ticketing info is still being worked out, but further information can be found at the websites:





Philadelphia – May 21 2015

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Join Eurocircle as we celebrate the one year anniversary of Private Paparazzi Productions.
Our baby is turning 1!
Miss Paparazzi – Inna Race and her company have come a long way.

Since she photographed her first EuroCircle event, she has taken Philly and NYC by storm. In less than a year,
she was the official photographer of Diner en Blanc, covered Philly’s Fashion Week, NY Fashion Week, shot ad
campaigns for luxury cosmetics brands, and opened her own art show to rave reviews.

But Inna has not forgotten us! So, to help celebrate her one year anniversary, we are throwing her a party.
Co-Host: Inna Race, Private Paparazzi Productions
Co-Host: Milica Schiavio, Milica in the Hat Millinery
Hostess: Sherry Kumar, EuroCircle

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Philadelphia – Apr 08 2015


Border Crossings is a collaboration between EuroCircle and the Geographical Society of Philadelphia. We aim
to humanize people and places around the world through substantive presentations and conversations with those
intimate with the cultures, in a casual setting with a cash bar. So please grab a glass of wine, and enjoy our presentation.

You are cordially invited to a private talk and reception with His Excellency, Zygimantas Pavilionis,
Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania. Tonight, you will witness history in the making, as we discuss
the growing fears of this Baltic state that it could be the next target of Putin’s aggression.

Tensions are running high in Lithuania, and global news outlets are watching the region closely.
His Excellency will give a brief presentation on the current situation in his country, then answer questions
from the audience.

BIOGRAPHY: Zygimantas Pavilionis (Phonetic: pa-vill-i-OH-nis)
Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania

Ambassador Pavilionis, 41, is married to Lina Pavilioniene and has four sons. In 1993,
Pavilionis joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was instrumental in achieving
Lithuanian accession into NATO and the European Union. Between 1993 and 2009, he
has held various high-level positions in the Lithuanian MFA, most focused on Lithuania’s
relationship with the European Union. Most recently Ambassador Pavilionis acted as
Ambassador –at-Large and Chief Coordinator for Lithuania’s Presidency of the
Community of Democracies and Chief Coordinator for Transatlantic relations. He has a
Master’s Degree in Philosophy and PhD in Political Science. He pursued both degrees in
Vilnius University, Lithuania.

NOTE: Please plan to arrive early, as it may take some time to park. This event is closed to printed
ticket holders only. Tickets will not be sold at the door. There will be a wine reception at the end of
the presentation. Cash bar.


TRIP WITH SHERRY – EuroCircle Journeys Across Africa – Oct 2015
3 Countries in one EuroCircle Adventure!
Namibia, Botswana, Zambia. From the Kalahari Desert, through the Okavango Delta, we walk with the San bushmen, visit Chobe National Park, search for the Big 5, float past hippos in a dugout canoe, raft the whitewaters of the Zambezi River or bungee jump down the Victoria Falls! Scared?

The Size IS Everything says Chef Alan Braux
Mattias Strömberg – From Sweden to Budapest with South Korean Flair
Hanna Doyle – How does a woman from subarctic Oulu end in humid subtropical Houston, TX
Florian and Romana Prelog – Creating the European haven @ the Prelogs (Austin)

Philadelphia – Jan 21 2015

Join EuroCircle Philadelphia as we launch our new series of Conversation and Cocktails in partnership with the Geographical Society of Philadelphia.

Border Crossing is an immersion in other cultures. We aim to humanize people and places around the world through substantive presentations, and conversation with those intimate with the culture, in a casual setting with cocktails.

To kick off the series, we present LIFE IN IRAQ with an archaelogist and restaurateur who lived 22 years in Middle East.
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Hosted by Sherry Kumar – EuroCircle Philadelphia team
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Philadelphia – Mar 12 2015

Join EuroCircle as we celebrate International Women’s Day.
And what’s a celebration without some handsome Eurocircle men and a few cocktails?
Our handsome co-hosts for the evening are:

Boris Bogdanovic, The Radian Group:
Eli Ylli Qarkaxhia, Berkshire Hathaway:

Join us at the Pyramid Club, our playground in the sky. It overlooks imposing landmarks such as City Hall, The Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Ben Franklin Bridge, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and both the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers.
As always, the night begins with our signature cocktail, the Eurotini, and hosts the area’s top Europeans.
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Login to register and get your TICKET for the event.

Hosted by Sherry Kumar – EuroCircle Philadelphia team
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It overlooks imposing landmarks such as City Hall, The Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Ben Franklin Bridge, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and both the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers.

Want to travel with EuroCircle?

For the 5th year in a row, EuroCircle is going on an international adventure.

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Philadelphia – Oct 22 2014

Eurocircle Presents: 12 Course Dinner and Talk by Explorer Ryan Pyle

Explore China and “The Middle Kingdom Ride” with Ryan Pyle and Master Chef Luo

Cocktail / Business Attire

Eurocircle, in partnership with The Geographical Society of Philadelphia, invites you to an unforgettable evening with explorer, Ryan Pyle. In 2010, Ryan and his brother Colin, set the Guinness World Record for riding a motorcycle on an 18,000 km journey around China. The television show created from this adventure has been syndicated globally.

For 124 years, the Geographical Society of Philadelphia has honored such world famous explorers as Jacques Cousteau, Robert E. Peary, and Theodore Roosevelt at its annual dinners. This year, you will have the opportunity to meet the man who traversed China, and skimmed the borders of Tibet and North Korea in 60 days. You will re-live his experiences through a live presentation and film clips documenting his ride through a changing China.

At the same time, with the help of Master Chef Luo, you will experience the delicacies of 12 distinct regions of China, each plate matching the cuisines of the points in Pyle’s journey.

6:00 pm Exclusive Meet & Greet with Ryan Pyle (for Heritage and Admiral Peary Members Only)
6:30 pm Epic Journey Through China by Film and Feast

Non-Members $125 pp
$35 http://catalog.geogr…?item_id=744567
GSP Member Tickets:
$100 http://catalog.geogr…?item_id=742661

9:00 pm Eurocircle Member Drinks & After Party (location TBD)
Celebrating Eurocircle’s Departure to India, EC members will meet afterward for cocktails in the city to wish EC Bon Voyage!

Dress Code: Cocktail / Business

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS: If you are visiting from out of town and need accommodations in Philadelphia, please email Eurocircle Philadelphia with your date of arrival and departure, as well as room preferences, and we will do our best to find you a great deal on a hotel room in the city.

Philadelphia – Jun 18 2014


*** SPECIAL OFFER FROM THE PYRAMID CLUB: If you make a donation of $100 or more to our benefit, the Pyramid Club will waive its membership initiation fee. This is an unprecedented opportunity to become a member of one of the most exclusive private cubs in the city with amenities such as business services, concierge and work spaces.

The spring brought flowers to some parts of the world, and devastating floods to others. Though the media coverage has been limited, the damage to the cities and villages throughout the Balkan region has been tremendous. Entire cities are under water, and our friends and neighbors could use all the help they can get.

TICKETS: $15 in advance, $20 cash at door:


With the help of local organizations, EuroCircle is holding a benefit to raise funds for the victims. All funds raised through ticket sales and donations for this event will benefit the victims.

TICKETS: $15 in advance, $20 cash at door:


So please come out, and help us raise money for an excellent cause.

As always, there will be a cash bar, with drink specials (ask for the Eurotini), and light hors d’oeuvres.

I am looking forward to seeing you,

Sherry Kumar

Philadelphia – Aug 07 2014

It started in Manhattan at our favorite bar at the Four Seasons, and quickly became an annual tradition. It grew from a tiny circle of European friends, and exploded into a global cocktail hour.

EuroCircle’s Power Cocktails is now in its sixteenth year, and we continue the tradition in Philadelphia.

Join EuroCircle for our annual gathering at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel. This is the night where members introduce their friends to the wonderful group of EuroCircle, so feel free to invite anyone you think would enjoy our company.

Your co-hosts for the evening:

Kasia Hopek, Poland, manages investigational drug development projects at Merck Research Laboratories. Her background is in chemistry, business and pharmacology and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Organizational Dynamics at University of Pennsylvania.

Christopher J. Bryan, USA, Wells Fargo.

Our annual event is a great opportunity to invite your friends to join Eurocircle. All members are encouraged to spread the word, and bring as many friends as they like.

Cash bar, drink specials, and as always, great company of your Eurocircle friends.

Sherry Kumar

Philadelphia – May 10 2014

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Eurovison event has been canceled. If you purchased a ticket, you will receive a refund via Ticketleap promptly.

If you grew up in Europe, there’s no need to explain. For 58 years, the Eurovision Song Contest (tip: Abba won 1974) has been Europe’s most anticipated broadcast ofthe year. After more than five decades featuring some 1,100 songs, the annual contest is eagerly awaited by all Europeans.

TICKETS $5 for members, $10 non-members

EuroCircle will be broadcasting the Eurovision Contest 2014 from Copenhagen at Tir Na Nog. We have reserved a section of the bar, arranged for drink specials and light hors d’oeuvres. $5 Eurotinis.

To register, please RSVP via this website (Facebook doesn’t count).
Please get your tickets in advance, as you must be on the guest list to join us.

Sherry and your co-hostess Monika Borkowska, Poland