New York – Mar 08 2019


Join EuroCircle for a fun evening to honor ALL women.

Celebrating the launch of WOMEN WHO ROCK by filmmaker Loretta Hams at COOLTURE IMPACT, honoring women in rock and roll, and strong women everywhere.
Let’s honor all ladies – it’s International Women’s Day.

Fun Night with NO COVER when you say “EuroCircle OR Coolture” at the door and RSVP by 5pm on  March 8th.

The event will be cash bar with $10 vodka special throughout the night and food available for purchase.

Come to meet cool creative professionals, have fun, enjoy !


Ana Calvo de Luis, CEO and Founder at COOLTURE IMPACT, the largest interactive public platform for cultural and branding content, that intertwines reality and fantasy  on the windows of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in the Times Square area, the heart of New York city. Interactivity is a new form of communication, providing audiences the possibility of bringing cultural presentations to life and becoming part of them.   This talented lady, lawyer and economist from Spain, and nowadays true New Yorker who is making ripples in the cultural public arena in New York city.

Loretta Harms, american filmmaker and curatorcreating WOMEN WHO ROCK, on COOLTURE IMPACT, that celebrates strong and talented women in rock and roll.  She has a broad creative trajectory from visual arts (painting, drawing and photography) film producing, writing and directing and site specific installation as well as curation. Most recently she Executive Produced and Produced the Sony Classics released ‘Lambert & Stamp’, about the creative partnership of Kit Lambert & Chris Stamp, aspiring filmmakers who went on to discover, mentor and manage the band THE WHO. Harms has distributed her films theatrically and through television broadcast with Sony Pictures Classics, Lionsgate Films, STARZ, Sundance and IFC, SkyTV, PBS, Showtime Networks, Amazon and iTunes.

WOMEN WHO ROCK, is a piece created by American film maker Loretta Hams, celebrating strong women,   such as Tina Turner, Janice Joplin or Cheer, that had a strong imprint in the  rock and roll business.  It will launch on March 8th, and will run for a month on the platform.

Magdalena Kulisz, Orange River Media, CEO ( full-service boutique agency dedicated to market your name, brand, service or business). Magdalena is originally from Poland

Fiona Kempton, fashion designer and owner of Kempton & Co.,has spent ten years designing for major fashion companies such as Ann Taylor, Old Navy or Gap. In 2009, she started to design on her own designing design bags, working with gorgeous soft leathers and textiles, combining the utility of equestrian hardware. She prides herself in always maintaining an artistic approach to function; it is a philosophy that the company strives to maintain with every bag

Sherry Kumar,  EuroCircle

Milica Paranosic, performance artist and owner of Paracademia in NYC

COOLTURE IMPACT is the largest interactive public platform for cultural and branding content, that intertwines reality and fantasy  on the windows of the Port Authority Bus Terminal in the Times Square area, the heart of New York city. Interactivity is a new form of communication, providing audiences the possibility of bringing cultural presentations to life and becoming part of them.

WOMEN WHO ROCK, is a piece created by american film maker Loretta Hams, celebrating strong women,   such as Tina Turner, Janice Joplin or Cheer, that had a strong imprint in the  rock and roll business.  It will launch on March 8th, and will run for a month on the platform.

Sneak preview of COOLTURE IMPACT


Sneak preview of MAGIC HOUR



The women how ROCK deserve a venue that also rock so we chose where the magic happens.  New York City’s largest indoor/outdoor hotel rooftop bar and lounge features an “urban amusement park” concept with an adult sensibility and epic Empire State Building skyline views.

Highlights of the 10,000 square foot rooftop include carousel seating, an oversized topiary garden, and Foreplay, a miniature putt-putt, featuring life-size animals in naughty poses. The vast, all-season rooftop comprises multiple bars and seating areas, each with a distinct vibe and design sensibility to provide an endless stream of indelible moment


An Estonian-born multimedia design, production & marketing expert Valev Laube

An Estonian-born multimedia design, production & marketing expert Valev Laube has started this year with a series of new projects and initiatives uniting professionals from across the world. From Broadway entertainment to start-up technologies, there’s little left uncovered.

Valev Laube is an Estonian-born multimedia producer & public relations executive based in New York City with a passion for uniting professionals from across the globe throughout many of his current productions as well as branding projects. He’s an enthusiastic, creative mind whose digital designs have been the cornerstone of many event productions, company brands, advertising campaigns, and personal brands worldwide, which probably explains the recent media attention and coverage of his latest project – Kalevala the Musical, an upcoming Broadway musical based on the national epic of Finland. With a background in music, design, marketing, and technology, Laube has become a high-demanded professional in New York City for many upcoming companies, high-profile personalities, and creative productions.

Laube, born in Estonia, but educated in Italy and the United States, started as a graphic designer and worked years as an agency designer for large corporate and luxury designer brands. Little did he know that in just a few years he would transition to working on a full-time freelance basis providing brand building, consulting, and production services to multiple upcoming Broadway productions, and helping already well-established composers, actors, and producers across New York City elevate their brand presence in the age of web 2.0, and social media. As a big believer in the importance of personal branding Laube gets involved in every aspect of a project. He emphasizes the importance of holistic design which weaves together graphics and web design with computer science, public relations, and marketing. “It is important to realize that each professional has their self-interest, but while working with clients, it is necessary sometimes to put aside personal preferences and rather look at what works for them, their audience and how design can accelerate relations that brands build with their audiences,” described Laube his approach.

Laube moved to the United States in 2014 to pursue his studies at the University of Rochester, while simultaneously gaining further experience as a freelance designer, and creative design manager at Sacatelle, LLC. Throughout years he managed to have an input in multiple projects for big companies such as Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Janet Gordon Style, among many others. Currently, his impressive list of clients includes a pianist and musical director of “Spamilton” FRED BARTON, two upcoming musical productions KALEVALA THE MUSICAL & SINGING REVOLUTION: THE MUSICAL, actress-singer KRISTI ROOSMAA, actress-producer JOLIE CURTSINGER, INPROXIMITY THEATRE COMPANY, MARQUEE BRAND BUILDERS, ALMAZAN LAW, and many others. “Projects can vary, but it is always exciting to dive into a new industry, both artistically as well as professionally. It’s fascinating to learn about the different approaches that industries take in design and marketing, and then figure out how my personal experience can help companies shift their brand position to becoming a leader in their field,” commented Laube.

His music recent involvement in the production of Kalevala the Musical wasn’t an accident since Laube has a background in music and even co-produced a multidisciplinary concert at the National Gallery of Art in 2017. “I feel like it was simply a natural move for me to transition into something that merges my biggest passions – music, design, and marketing. Web design and online brand building was something that came later but now plays an equally important role in my work since more and more people find their first brand exposure to take place online, ” said Laube.

Finally, while researching this young professional’s background, it is hard to overstate the diversity of his experience and the collaborations he has formed across New York City, United States, and the whole western world. From an American-Finnish-Estonian Broadway musical production team to German-American tech company, to an Israeli-American pharmaceuticals client. So, I was wondering what’s next in his life, and if there is anything exciting that EuroCircle members should keep in mind. “I think these collaborations simply happened because of project requirements. To deliver the most authentic version of a Finnish story one needs to find a Finnish storyteller, and when delivered to an American audience one needs to find a professional who knows the industry and this particular audience in great depth. In the future I would love to hear more from more Europeans here in the United States, create connections, and see how this could become a source of motivation for something new and innovative – a company, tech product, creative production, or something unimaginable,” said Laube.

Feel free to visit Valev Laube’s recently redesigned website including more information about each of the productions mentioned above or get in touch on LinkedIn.

Valev Laube at LinkedIn

Austin – Mar 07 2019

EuroCircle March Party at Bar Peached

2 beers (4 each)
Live Oak Pilz
Austin Beerworks Fire Eagle IPA

3 wines (2 red, 1 white)
• Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir. 2016, California (9) (this is on special just for our group, as this is typically an $11 pour)
• Storypoint Cabernet Sauvignon. 2016, California (12)
• Berger Gruner Veltliner. 2017, Austria (11)

2 “to order” cocktails
Margarita de Peached (9)
Kentucky Mule (10)

Upstairs expect to see blue cacti wallpaper, new furniture, updated light fixtures, artwork, Peached’s requisite Ladybird Johnson portrait over the fireplace, plus more. The centerpiece of the space is be the expanded bar with a new black sandstone bar top. The outdoor patio has had acomplete renovation as well since they took over from Winflo.

The downstairs space, formerly known as Winflo’s intimate concert space the Listening Room, has been turned into a private dining room that will open early March 2019 – that’s where we will be!
Bar Peached is one of the most popular new venues in town.
More will be posted at

GLOBAL AUSTIN Speaker Series – Apr 11 2019 at their office (RUSSIA)
Check their website, our blog or forum for more

GLOBAL AUSTIN Speaker Series – Apr 11 2019 at their office (RUSSIA)
Check their website, our blog or forum for more

PHOTOS from the Feb 8 2019 EuroCircle event at Hanks

Denver – Mar 02 2019

EuroCircle at the Art Hotel

Come join us for our next Eurocircle Event at the Fire Restaurant inside the Art Hotel! Can’t wait to enjoy some drinks and get to see some known and new faces! Cheers!

Philadelphia – Mar 13 2019

United Nations Speaker Series w. Dr. Abraham Joseph

The Geographical Society of Philadelphia is thrilled to introduce an expert of the United Nations to present at the remarkable American Philosophical Society, located in the heart of the Independence Mall of Philadelphia!

Dr. Abraham Joseph is an expert on International Economic Policy Development and Practice with three decades of experience at the United Nations and with the Governments of India and Timor-Leste.

Upon completion of his tenure with the UN, Dr. Joseph represented Public Service Institute, University of Oklahoma (PSI/OU) in the UN meetings and contributed to “2030 UN Development Agenda on Sustainable Development Goals (2015 – 2030)”. He also has represented PSI/OU in the USAID meetings held in New York and Washington D.C. In July 2016, Dr. Joseph represented the PSI/OU in the “White House Summit on Global Development” in Washington D.C. hosted by President Barack Obama, and also in the President’s Global Development Council Meetings.

As Senior Socio-Economic Adviser of the United Nations (UN), he actively contributed to the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals (2000 -2015) and also contributed inputs to the formulation of the United Nations Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals which was later adopted by the 193 countries in September 2015.

Join us for a thought-provoking and fun night where we will together explore current global issues such as youth empowerment, protection of our planet by supporting young explorers.


Eurocircle members will receive 20% ticket pricing.
Simply type code: eurocircle in the promotional code box at checkout.


Houston – Feb 27 2019

EuroCircle Houston Friendship Night

Please join EuroCircle friends next week, Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at the new classy Mediterranean Mezza Bar located at 403 W. Gray, Houston TX 77019

Please invite your friends for happy friendship month.

Quote of the month by Albert Camus:
Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Please RSVP and we look forward to seeing everyone next week, cheers from Venere, Shahla, and Michelle

San Diego – Feb 09 2019

IRINA NEGLESCU PRESENTS:  Valentines at The iNGallery

Free art reception, but you MUST RSVP at or on Facebook


The iN Gallery proudly invites all our fellow EuroCircle members to another beautiful group art reception on Saturday, February 9th, 6-9pm. Exhibit will be available for viewing through March 1st.

Saturday, February 9th, 6-9pm
Participating Artists:

Irina Negulescu
Michail Constantine
Ansley Pye
Rod Engel
Michelle Montpetit
Rich Stewart
Richard Hawk
Khalid Alkaaby

and introducing

Narrative Decor – A collection of Fine Art Lamps


Live Saxophonist, Dr. James Brown III

Bar Service by #newpathspaved Helping Hand Charity for the San Diego Homeless

Fresh Tortillas by Lola

Free art reception, but you MUST RSVP at or on Facebook

21 and over

1878 Main Street (Barrio Logan Arts District), San Diego, CA 92113

Kalevala The Musical – Finland’s National Epic with The World

Kalevala the Musical – An Ambitious Initiative to Share
Finland’s National Epic with The World

The creative team of Kalevala the Musical has launched a promotional video and two music videos to give us a little preview of what to expect from an upcoming musical production inspired by the Finnish National Epic – The Kalevala. An initiative started by a Finnish-origin singer-songwriter Johanna Telander was  inspired by the 100th anniversary of Finland to celebrate and popularize an iconic story that has inspired many through generations.

Kalevala the Musical is a story of ancient legends told by the spirits of the haunted forest of Kalevala. The musical is adapted from the national epic poem of Finland, The Kalevala.

Published for the first time in a book of poetry by Elias Lonnrot in 1835, The Kalevala is widely cherished and has been a source of inspiration to many fantasy authors including J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings.  The story has been set to an ethereal yet powerful pop, folk and world music score written by Johanna Telander. The production got started in 2017 as an idea to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Finland.
Since then the production has grown to an unimaginable size and ignited interested from around the world and one of Broadway’s biggest producers and production companies. “Despite the worldwide niche fan base, this
cultural treasure has been mainly composed of people predisposed to like myth and folklore. Our musical’s goal has been to build up a movement where Kalevala is a pop culture staple in its own right. So far, we’ve
heard from people reaching as far as the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand, many asking for potential tour dates. This is both encouraging and motivating, to see this renewed excitement build up across the world
through the music,” commented Telander.


A native of Finland, the globetrotter, and mother-of-two who resides in the Greater New York City area, Telander took on crafting The Kalevala into a musical theatre experience as a labor of love. “This is a project
carrying great personal meaning for me. My grandmother gave me her collection of poems, which had been her great aunt’s. I want these stories to inspire my children’s generation, and gain their rightful place right alongside
the Grimm Brothers and the Ancient Greek Myths. The time is now for The Kalevala story to stand on its own internationally,” said Telander.


Telander’s Kalevala the Musical is gaining momentum in the theatrical community. An Equity staged reading is in the works for New York, workshop event for San Francisco in September, and due to popular demand, a
second concert will take place in Helsinki, Finland, on April 28, 2019. “I truly believe that culture with its traditions, values, and artistic treasures is something that connects people all over the world. Kalevala is a fantasy story that teaches the younger generation the value found in history when taking on one’s own struggles in life, and reminds the older generation to find strength in their roots and to stay true to themselves, while applying this wisdom to navigating a changing world,” said co-producer/cast member, Kristi Roosmaa, who is a well-known actress-singer in her native Estonia, and known as the first Estonian musical theatre singer to perform at Carnegie Hall.


Although based on Finnish Folklore, the imaginative story is set in a fantasy world, providing a magical space to showcase cultural diversity and tell a story of humankind. The diverse cast from a variety of countries, such
as the US, Finland, Estonia, Israel, and Japan, is a reflection of the collaborative effort made to tell the story to an international audience. “Within the past few weeks alone, we’ve seen immense growth in media interest and
online visits. Across our music videos and social media platforms, we’ve reached millions and received close to 100,000 views online. The most excitement has come from people in Finland, neighboring Estonia, and the US,
where people might have heard about Kalevala, or grew up with these stories, but would love to find a new way to pass this story onto the new generation,” commented the creative marketing director Valev Laube.

Kalevala the Musical
Valev Laube, Creative Marketing Director
Phone: (732) 357-7373

A pop recording artist in her youth, Telander’s musical influences are rich and diverse including an eclectic mix of jazz, Finnish folk, and American musical theatre. Current New York cast members include Raissa Bennett
(Phantom of the Opera), Omer Shaish (Radio City Christmas Spectacular), Elina Miettinen (American Ballet Theatre), Catrina Teruel (The Kind and I on Tour), and many others.
In collaboration with the NY cast, Finnish singer-actress Reeta Vestman (Sound of Music, Honeymoon in Vegas), and Finnish actor Mikael Haavisto (Mamma Mia, The Last Ship), have taken part in on-going New York workshops, and co-produced a star-studded concert at the Kapsäkki Theatre in December 2018 (Helsinki, Finland).
The promotional video and music video “Kalevala Whispers” was produced by Tyler Milliron, from Milliron Studios (New York, NY), and “Rainbow Maiden” featuring Reeta Vestman by Huikuri Productions (Helsinki, Finland)
Kalevala the Musical’s Promotional Video:

For the latest information on KALEVALA the musical, follow their progress on Facebook or visit the official
website –

Kristi and Valev have graciously hosted some EuroCircle events – and Kristi has performed at our anniversary events in the past. We love featuring our multitalented and interesting members.


New York – Feb 07 2019


This panel discussion addresses the singularities of public art as a tool for change and social engagement, focusing specifically on New York City’s commitment to art in public spaces as exemplified by recent outstanding projects such as Coolture Impact.  For those who do not know Ana Calvo de Luis (YET!!), she is a longtime EuroCircle member from the lovely region of Rioja, Spain.

  • With Kendal Henry, Director of Percent for Art Program, and Ana Calvo de Luis, Founder and CEO at COOLTURE IMPACT.
  • Introduced by Juan José Herrera de la Muela, Consul for Cultural Affairs.

Whether driven by the community or municipal agencies, public art moves beyond improving aesthetic quality within neighborhoods, by reinforcing social connections, fostering community revitalization and economic development. Cities across the U.S., including New York, have instituted “Percent for Act” programs, which mandate that a portion of the budget for city-funded construction projects is used to fund and install public art. In 1983, New York City launched its Percent for Art program, and has since commissioned over 300 site-specific, permanent public art works in schools, courthouses, police precincts, and transit sites.

The participants will discuss the singularities of public art as a tool for change and social engagement. Among other outstanding projects, they will discuss Coolture Impact, the large interactive public platform for cultural content and social engagement recently opened on street level in New York City’s Times Square area.

Discussion will be followed by cocktail reception.



Atlanta – Feb 06 2019

February Eurocircle Get-together at ECCO Buckhead

Sorry for the late invite but with the Super Bowl in town it was a little hectic and there was a conflict of intertest with another venue I had originally considered.
Please join us this Wednesday (February 6th) at the new ECCO restaurant located at PHIPPS Plaza. We will meet this time a little earlier (6:00 PM) in order to secure ample space at the bar area. If entering the front of the restaurant, please make your way to the back area of the bar where we will be gathering. Valet parking is available ($3+ tip) or you can park next door in the Phipps Plaza parking lot. Complimentary appetizers should also be on hand so please invite all your international & like-minded friends and I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Atlanta Eurocircle