Austin – Feb 08 2019

EuroCircle’s Nordic Night at Hank’s Austin

All the Nordic groups cohosting (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland)
Most photos by Francesco Paulo Tuzzolini

  • Henri Johansson, Sweden (SACC)
  • Simon Gade Hjorth, Denmark
  • stefán þór stefánsson, Iceland
  • Marja and Lasse Jokinen, Finland
  • Therese Arntsen, Norway

EuroCircle Team: Paulina, Nicole, Adnan, Emma, Kaisa, Francesco & Co

CODE OD CONDUCT (basic rules for all of us)

Our exclusive space is limited  to café, café patio and 3 tables of covered restaurant (heated patio)

Coffee/tea drinks available at cafe as priced on board (drip, specialty, etc)

Malbec (Red)
Barbera (Red)
Chardonnay (White)
Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Sparkling (Bubbles)
Wine $7 a glass/$27 a bottle

Pacifico bottle (Pils)
Fire Eagle can (IPA)
$3 each

All restaurant/bar food must be ordered and consumed in restaurant/bar area.
No food ordered, delivered, or consumed in café.


Meet Bastien and Solene, read their story HERE