Orange County – Mar 08 2017

Your host and organizer: Martina Tewes
“Come in, Get Hooked”

Happy Hour till 6:30 PM and after 9:00 PM

“Bluewater Grill’s mission is to provide our guests with the highest quality seafood, classically prepared, at a fair price, in a friendly, casual atmosphere. We source the globe for the highest quality sustainable seafood. We develop and maintain relationships with reputable seafood suppliers and fishermen who employ best practices in their industry and fishery. We adhere to a daily ritual of controls and systems to ensure the integrity of our seafood. Founded in Southern California’s Newport Beach, we also have locations at “The District” in Tustin, Avalon on Santa Catalina Island, Coronado on Glorieta Bay and Redondo Beach on King Harbor. We also are located in Arizona on Camelback Rd in Central Phoenix. We are the perfect spot for a casual afternoon or evening combined with a trip to the beach, a stroll along the boardwalk, or a day out shopping.

Bluewater is casual, fun, owner-operated, offers a kid’s menu, oyster bar, patio dining and full bar with a great wine list and Happy Hour. Come in and enjoy our legendary hospitality.”

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Austin – Mar 04 2017

Charity: Intercultural Fashion Show 2017 (AIN)


if you are single female/male – ask another single to buy together with you – the best deal)
EuroCircle works closely with many of the intl non-profits. We arrange every year the International Potluck coordinated with GlobalAustin, AIN & EuroCircle – for all groups. (This year likely April 23). This event is organized by AIN, NOT by EuroCircle and all profits if any go to them.

Fashion show will feature talented and international designers from Austin, Texas and surrounding areas.

Be prepared to be dazzled by some amazing High Couture Women’s Fashion, Men’s ensemble, and one-of-a-kind creations made with recycled and upcycled fabrics.

Hosted at the exclusive ROSE ROOM, with amazing acoustics and a jaw dropping lights show, an experience NOT TO BE MISSED!

Dress Code: CHIC

Featured Designers (In alphabetical order):

BeatrizDesignz – Wearable Paper Exclusives
Bella Desi – South Asian Contemporary and Bridal Wear
Elrick – Men’s Casual
Lord Andrew Couture – Womens Couture Evening Gowns
Ross Bennet Collection – Men’s Formal
Shavante – African and Multicultural Wear (Casual & Formal)

Special Thanks to our Supporters:

Kendra Scott


Austin Gliterrati
Domo And The City
HashTag America
Occhio Appello

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Los Angeles – Feb 21 2017

Hi Eurocirclers,
With pressures of work and family, both Tanya and I have been busy and weren’t able to organise an event for all you guys. We are back now and organised an event for next Tuesday at The Phoenix.
I know it may be short notice for some of you, but I feel like it’s a Tuesday, February 21st, 2017, which usually is a quite night for many.
The Phoenix LA offers the finest whiskies, cognacs, bourbon & scotch in the city, artful cocktails, craft beers on tap and a small, flavorful food menu. Check them out at have been given a spot at the back of the bar, both indoor and outdoor, so there will be plenty of room for you to mingle and talk.Please help us spread the word for this event. See you all there then.


Sonny Sarna and Tanya Stawski Shamtoub

Philadelphia – Mar 07 2017

BE SURE TO LOGIN AND GET YOUR TICKET!  If you are not a member, but are at Facebook (and logged in) just click on REGISTER (upper right corner) and create yourself quickly your free profile. Be sure to check your EuroCircle city is Philadelphia.

“December 1913, Italy. A man arrives in Florence, after a 16 hour journey. He checks into a small, run down hotel. He is here for a secret meeting with two of Italy’s greatest art experts, and he has something extraordinary to sell- the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. The Mona Lisa had disappeared from the Louvre two years earlier. It was one of the most incredible art heists in history. It involved a police investigation across Europe, a possible forgery scam in America, and even the arrest of Pablo Picasso. Pablo was petrified, he was about to be deported”…… Find out what happens next, at our live talk with Joe Madeiros, of Late Night with Jay Leno.

Our speaker is none other than funny man Joe Madeiros, head comedy writer of Late Night With Jay Leno. His career began with a correspondence comedy course in joke writing, when he landed a gig on America’s favorite late night talk show. So how did he track down the thief who stole the world’s most famous painting?

Join EuroCircle and our programming partner, the Geographical Society of Philadelphia as we bring you a night of comedy, intrigue, and mystery solving with Joe Madeiros in person. After the presentation, join EuroCircle co-hostess Valeria Khmelnitsky (Ukraine) for drinks in the Northern Liberties. (Exact location TBD).

EuroCircle members:  $25 presentation, plus optional EuroCircle member gathering for drinks nearby. Cash bar.

OCT 2017 – Travel with Sherry to Australia & New Zealand

This year, our gathering takes place down under, as we meet in Sydney to embark on an 13 day tour of both Australia and New Zealand.

Sydney/ Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Queenstown
Tentative Departure Date, Oct 25 2017


Austin – Feb 23 2017


More photos coming soon

DJ will start at 9 pm for the ones who like to practice their moves on the dance floor.
The management has also organized ACOUSTIC duo to perform 6 to 8 pm. Their name is LVNDR.

Happy Hour Prices until 8 pm:  $3 domestics beers and wells, $4 import beers and wine by the glass

Downtown Austin’s sleekest new cocktail lounge & bar, Sellers Underground, comes from the team behind Rainey Street’s Icenhauer’s which EuroCircle members may recall from a couple of events we have had there.  Their 1970s vibe extends into the cocktail menu, full of martinis and other drinks.

I had a very ambitious plan we could get one person from each European country to be a host with us.  Guess how many people I have had time to contact aas of 2/17- ZERO. Anyway, if you are planning to come and are willing to be a representative for your country let me know.


Romana Pieber Prelog, Austria
Jo Detavernier, Belgium
Eddie Ilia Terzisky, Bulgaria
Daniel Hudsky, Czech Republic
Allison Berguin, France
Kaisa Kokkonen, Finland
Marc de Bary, Germany
Constantine K. Greece
Alexandra Julianna Konczert, Hungary
Brigitta Matthiasdottir, Iceland
Domenico Italy & Paolo Martini, Italy
Ingrida Pagliaro, Lithuania
Mireille Ghercioiu & Ben Vandenhoeven, The Netherlands
Annette Joanna, Poland
Inezita Costaz, Portugal
Dan Gulica, Romania
Yelena Lantsova, Russia
Aleksandra Savic & Silvija Lunce, Serbia
Oz (Özlem) Diker, Turkey
Theo Andrew, Tanzania – International Multicultural community

I also want to thank Alejandro Carrasco (Spain) for many wonderful photos he took at our events. Alejandro is leaving the USA on Feb 23!! We’ll miss this wonderful Spaniard.

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Denver – Feb 16 2017

Join Denver Europeans and Europhiles.

Read More or or email Sherry via Philadelphia (at) eurocircle (dot) com.


New York – March 07 2017

Join us as we celebrate International Women’s Day at this brand new hotspot rooftop lounge! No Cover when you say EuroCircle at the door!

DJ Chris Bachmann will be spinning tunes for us throughout the night!
There will be a $10 cocktail on special throughout the night!

Your Hosts:

Ilona Lee, Poland –
Kristi Roosmaa, Estonia, Singer, Actress & Cultural Advocate of Estonia,
Mita Carriman, USA –
Sinem Saniye, Turkey –
Boriana Pavlova, Bulgaria
Tanya Angelova, Bulgaria
Monica German Prestia, USA & Argentina – Publicist, Producer & Marketing Consultant –
Alexandra Spirer, EuroCircle team

About International Women’s Day:
International Women’s Day has grown to become a global day of recognition and celebration across developed and developing countries alike. For decades, IWD has grown from strength to strength annually. For many years the United Nations has held an annual IWD conference to coordinate international efforts for women’s rights and participation in social, political and economic processes. 1975 was designated as ‘International Women’s Year’ by the United Nations. Women’s organisations and governments around the world have also observed IWD annually on 8 March by holding large-scale events that honor women’s advancement and while diligently reminding of the continued vigilance and action required to ensure that women’s equality is gained and maintained in all aspects of life.

OCT 2017 – Travel with Sherry to Australia & New Zealand

This year, our gathering takes place down under, as we meet in Sydney to embark on an 13 day tour of both Australia and New Zealand.

Sydney/ Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Queenstown
Tentative Departure Date, Oct 25 2017



New York – Feb 23 2017

Join us for a fun night out at this midtown hotspot with DJ Just Ramo spinning tunes for us throughout the night! No Cover when you say EuroCircle at the door!

There will a $10 vodka cocktail on special throughout the night!
Food is available for purchase

We look forward to seeing you all for a great night out.

Your hosts:
Kataryna Cznarnecka, Poland
Jari Mattila, Finland
Sherry Kumar, Serbia
Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

Read More or ask Sherry at the event.

From 1 to 42 – About my running experiences.

I asked Liubov to tell us about her running, I used to like to run while I live in NYC for a while. 3-4 times a week I ran twice around the Reservoir in Central Park. I lived on Upper West Side on West 88th Street so that was so close by. I lost weight even if I did not try to lose weight. A few years later I developed asthma and now running or even quick walking is sometimes hard for me. I start coughing and none of the inhalers seem to work. I miss it. Liubov looks great – and very healthy. Sigh….I am a bit jealous. I recall feeling powerful.

There are so many opinions about running: some may love some may hate. I am the one who had a journey from hate to love. You may be wondering how Ukrainian girl ended up training for 42 kilometers (26.2 miles) in Austin, Texas, so let me tell you my story.


“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”
— Oprah Winfrey

If someone told me I would be running one day I wouldn’t believe it. Starting from the school age I used to hate running with all my fibers. All the school running tests ended up for me with a big failure. I could barely run 500 meters. I had that terrible side pain, known as “side stitch” and a metallic taste in my mouth every time I tried to run. While I was studying at University – and later – I had several attempts to start running but it didn’t work for me. So I decided that running is not “my thing”.


About couple years ago my husband and I moved to US. My husband started running and encouraged me to run as well but I didn’t want because I was afraid of feeling again that side pain and metallic taste in my mouth. But my husband was quietly persistent. He just explained to me how I should start running and what I am doing wrong. Also running was very beneficial for me because I was overweight and wanted to lose some weight.


I decided to start doing something unreal for me at the moment. I bought my first running shoes at Texas Running Company. The idea was to motivate myself in some way that I would stick to the running at least for some time because I bought 120 dollars running shoes. I knew it would be very tough but I wanted to give it a try. I chose the most simple training plan for the beginners. The main idea was to get used to run. The plan consisted from 8 weeks. I had to run 3 days a week starting with 20 minutes very-very slow run, almost in a walking pace. Each week I had to add 2 or 3 minutes of running time in order to run 40 minutes by the end of 8th week. My pace was about 13:30-14:00 min/mile. But the pace wasn’t important at the time. I was so happy be able to run my first 5K distance even at that slow pace. At least I could run. So at the end of that training plan I was starting feeling a pleasure from running, which was very funny and weird for me.
Once I finished my first training plan I decided to set another goal: to improve my pace. My next training plan had not just easy run trainings but intervals as well (short intense run with recovery time). With intervals came back that terrible side pain and metallic taste in the mouth. Intervals were pretty tough for me. But this time I decided not to give up and continue my training anyway.


Now when I could run somehow I wanted to try something new and more challenging for me so I went for 10K training and chose Endomondo Premium training plan. I experienced easy nice training and terribly hard ones like intervals. Sometimes I woke up in a good mood, sometimes in a very bad one but I kept pushing myself. I finished my Cap10K in 1:01:55. So what’s next, you may think?

More challenging race – half-marathon.


Half-marathon preparation took about 5 months. It was not that easy to train in Texas weather though it kept me challenging. That distance is very serious and needs great dedication and hard work. I trained 4 times a week with different types I finished half-marathon in 1:58:22. It is quiet a good time for the person who started running 15 months before.

No way I can stop challenging myself. After half-marathon I decided to try a full marathon even though it really scared me. My training plan is 23 weeks. Full marathon is no joke, it takes more training time. This time I have to run 5 time per week. Trainings can be from 40 minutes to 3 hours 30 minutes. For some medical reasons I had to stop training for little bit more than 2 weeks. That was hard and weird not to run but I couldn’t and wasn’t allowed to. Once I was cleared by doctor I came back to my training but with a slower pace. During about 2-3 weeks I felt alive again. Running helped my speedy recovery. Few weeks ago I ran two half marathon – River Road Half Marathon in New Braunfels (1:47:58) and 3M Half Marathon here in Austin (1:45:46). Now I’m 2 weeks away from my first full marathon (26.2 miles). My predicted marathon time is 4 hours. I am so excited and worried at the same time but I know, I can do it.

I am a runner and I am so proud to be one. I run in rain, frost, fog, wind, heat, freeze and I love it! I can’t say it easy, sometimes it’s really hard. But I am unstoppable because I am a runner. Now I know that everyone can learn to run.

There are so much more challenges ahead and many goals to reach. Dream big! Set goals. Move towards them!

Liubov at Facebook
Liubov at linkedIn

Austin – Feb 13 2017

Distinguished Speaker Series – Professor Volodmyr Dubovyk

Join us for a discussion of the state of Ukraine today, and how the past three years have shaped the country in regards to political stability and international relations.

Professor Dubovyk is an Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations and a Director of the Center for International Studies at the Odesa Mechnikov National University. As a Fulbright Scholar from 2006, Dubovyk was awarded the Senior Fulbright Visiting Research and Faculty appointment for the 2016-2017 academic year at St. Edward’s University in Austin. His academic career has included work pertaining to U.S. foreign policy, U.S.-Ukraine relations and Black Sea regional security.

Monday, February 13th, 2017
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
Where: IC2, The University of Texas at Austin
2815 San Gabriel Street
Parking: Surface parking surrounding the building

Light Refreshments will be available.
RSVP Requested – margie (at) globalaustin (dot) org 512-215-0140