Los Angeles – Feb 21 2017

EuroCircle Meets at The Phoenix Lounge

Hi Eurocirclers,
With pressures of work and family, both Tanya and I have been busy and weren’t able to organise an event for all you guys. We are back now and organised an event for next Tuesday at The Phoenix.
I know it may be short notice for some of you, but I feel like it’s a Tuesday, February 21st, 2017, which usually is a quite night for many.
The Phoenix LA offers the finest whiskies, cognacs, bourbon & scotch in the city, artful cocktails, craft beers on tap and a small, flavorful food menu. Check them out at http://www.thephoenixla.com/los-angelesWe have been given a spot at the back of the bar, both indoor and outdoor, so there will be plenty of room for you to mingle and talk.Please help us spread the word for this event. See you all there then.


Sonny Sarna and Tanya Stawski Shamtoub