New York – Nov 15 2016

Start the holiday season off with EuroCircle’s Pre-Thanksgiving Party at this Midtown Hotspot!

NO COVER with online RSVP by 4 pm on November 15th
Say “EuroCircle” for no cover!

DJ Chris Bachmann will be spinning tunes for us throughout the night!
Great drink specials and food is available for purchase!
Attire: Dress to impress

We hope you will join us for a fun night out!

Your Hosts:

Boriana Pavlova, Bulgaria
Ilona Lee, Poland

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Sherry Kumar, Serbia
Michelle Rivera, Puerto Rico
Alexandra & EuroCircle NY TEAM
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Btw, test your Europe knowledge level, take a EUROPE QUIZ we created.

What Is You Actual Los Angeles IQ? [QUIZ]

We all think we know so much about the cities we live in.

LA was founded on September 4, 1781 and it has grown into a dynamic metropolis. The city’s leadership has its eye on the future, while they seem to be eagerly preserving its extraordinary cultural heritage.

LA is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, making it a truly global city. Did you know that LA is home to 211 sites that are on the National Register of Historic Places, including the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the Bradbury Building, Watts Towers and the Ennis House?

LA is considered the entertainment capital of the world. It might be home to more creative residents than any other city with its long history with film, TV, music and literature.
From the world class LA Philharmonic to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, J. Paul Getty Museum and LACMA, LA’s cultural legacy continues to grow.

Foodies across the world recognize LA as the birthplace of the Cobb Salad and French Dip, and a major influence on California and ethnic cuisines.

Let’s see what is YOUR actual Los Angeles IQ?

Vienna – Oct 27 2016

Hey “EuroCirclers”,

Hhow are you? it’s getting cold and dark, isn’t it? Yes. It’s autumn 😉

Welcome to our next EuroCircle Vienna Event. We will help you to get over that cold and dark situation and have fun.
Please forward this invitation to other Europhiles and Expat friends in Vienna.

To calculate the reservation in the bar, please answer, if you will join.



PS: Next Ubahn: U3 Stubentor, U4 Stadtpark (bcs of constructions only in direction Hütteldorf)

Gemma Karlsen – Actress, Model, Traveller, Blogger, Spirituality Freak and World Explorer

We love introducing fearless Europeans no matter what they do and where they are. This time we are featuring an interesting Danish young lady who loves to explore the world.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Gemma Karlsen, I am an actress and I do modelling. I am from Denmark (a small town called Espergaerde 20 min from Copenhagen).
I am in Sydney Australia right now just to see Sydney.
I always wanted to come here.  I have some close friends that I stay with in a very nice area of Sydney called Double Bay.

I am a world traveler at heart.  I always wanted to live in Los Angeles.  I am working on my 01 artist visa so I can work in the US. I have travelled a lot and in Los Angeles I have a lot of friends, I love to network when I am in L.A.

I grew up in Denmark, but when I was 17 I went to London to study acting. I have done many commercials and short films in Denmark and London.

How did you end up in Sydney of all places?

Sydney is amazing! But I miss Los Angeles and Denmark. I was just in Los Angeles and in Vancouver Canada, I had part in a feature in film in Canada.

What is the best and worst about your current city for you…what is a typical day and weekend??

I am going talk about Los Angeles since that’s where I compare every country to haha… I love Los Angeles so much so I would say the traffic is the worst part of the city and the best is the people, the opportunities and the nature/the beach.

How do you find the lifestyle in LA  compared to your hometown in Denmark?

Los Angeles is so dynamic, vibrant and has the most amazing cafes and restaurants that are very healthy. Denmark is soo cold but when there is the least bit of sunshine everyone sits outside at cafes and sip their coffee, Denmark also have the best sushi place called sticks and sushi.

How do you make your living now – and how would you like to develop that career?

I do commercials and print work and I would like to continue to doing that along with movies and Tv.

Do you see the differences between nationalities easily – yours vs. Americans vs. other Europeans?

There is a difference in the way that people interact with each other, in Los Angeles they chat to each other at the grocery shop, cafes and are just in general more open and into chatting with new people.
But the Danes are good at keeping a commitment and sticking to their word.

What is the essence of LA to you?

The nature and the social life.

What do you  miss from your country?

I miss my family, friends and just a casual stroll in Hellerup and Copenhagen.

What do you miss the most – and the least from your own country?

The weather and something called janteloven, it’s a mentality that people should not think they are too good at something or have too much confidence.

I think that being able to love and like yourself is the most important thing because when we love ourselves we are able to really set an example to our kids. They should approve and love themselves. When you love yourself you are more capable of loving and supporting others.

Workwise – how do you see Los Angeles being different from Denmark . What stands out in your chosen profession?

Denmark is not as good for acting and modelling as Los Angeles is. The entertainment industry is not that big in Denmark. Danish films tend to be a bit more dark and depressing. Where American movie are more glamorous.

When you think about your expectations about life in LA before you moved there – was it correct?

I actually always thought that Los Angeles would be amazing and it is.

What should everyone know and understand about your country and its culture – or USA?

Denmark is a lovely country – I love coming back.  It’s a great and safe country.

What cafes or restaurants do you recommend to tourists to go to in Copenhagen?

Sticks and sushi in Copenhagen.

What would be your ideal life – with no monetary issues to make it happen!

Me living in Malibu and have a house in Hollywood hills. Acting in movies and TV. I want to work with Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan, James Cameron and Nancy Mayers, Just to name a few. Yes I know I have big dreams …

Would you move back to Denmark fulltime – yes or no (why and why not)?

No I would not move to Denmark for good. I have a traveler’s mentality, I love being on the road and in America.

How to connect with you:
Facebook: Gemma Karlsen

Austin – Oct 20 2016

Russian House Party with Burlesque Show

Four years ago we were there to launch the Russian House restaurant with Varda and Vladimir & their team.

Let’s join Russian House of Austin to celebrate their 4th Anniversary
on October 20th, Thursday , 6pm – 2am

Highlights of the celebration will include:
-Burlesque Show at 9PM by ATX Fusion and Co
-DJ Hexum from 11 PM
-Complimentary Champagne Bar
-Birthday Cake
-Drink specials


From Russia with Love – Meet Varda and Vladimir (2012)
Varda Interview 2014

San Francisco – Oct 15 2016

You are cordially invited to the Trendy Lime’s 7th Anniversary as EuroCircle has collaborated with them on many events.

We would like to thank you for your support and treat you to a day-time rooftop event with breath-taking views of San Francisco, in the midst of San Francisco’ summer.

1. Enjoy the sophisticated and lively anniversary at San Francisco’ premier rooftop location with the picturesque view of the San Francisco Port and Bay Bridge.
2. Mingle, Meet the Team, Enjoy a sunny (so we hope) afternoon during San Francisco’ warmest month of October.
3. Make a statement at the glam photo-shoot with Bay Bridge as your backdrop “au naturel”.
4. Sip mimosa to the tunes of DJ Marc Brabant (EuroCircle)
5. Explore the culinary treasures of fine Chinese cuisine prepared by award-winning culinary team at Michelin-crowned “Crystal Jade”, at happy hour prices
6. Good Cause: part of the proceeds will be donated to support women in need
7. Birthday!!! Trendy Lime Turns 7 – Birthday Cake!

Birthday Party of Elena Pimenova. and Matthew Verkler

Colorful! // Summer // Chic & Elegant

General Admission $15
VIP (including a glass of mimosa) $20


Crystal Jade Jiang Nan is a fine dining Chinese restaurant offering an eclectic array of locally inspired dishes from the southern regions of China – “Jiang Nan”. The restaurant’s magnificent waterfront location on the Embarcadero was expertly designed by San Francisco-based interior designer Ken Fulk. It features stunning decor, including a beautiful and spacious dining room, a large open air patio with breathtaking views of the bay, a chic bar and lounge, and seven private dining areas.

Trendy Lime is an experiential marketing agency known for upscale corporate and social events. Combining years of event planning and marketing expertise, vetted relationships with top-tier vendors, and an expansive social network of 7,000, at Trendy Lime we take pride in delivering unique events for all of our clients. We have held exclusive events in high-profile venues in the USA, Brazil, and Europe and worked with a number of top brands and non-profit organizations.

– SOLZ ( is a designer and manufacturer of “Functional Fashion for Active Lifestyles.” Launched by Brad Carrick in 2010 right out of business school, he manages all aspects of the business from product creation to financing, legal, marketing and distribution. SOLZ has been funded entirely with three Indiegogo crowd-funding campaigns – all averaging over 200% of their funding goals. In 2012, SOLZ’ popular solar powered backpacks led them to win Designer of the Year honors in the San Francisco Fashion Awards, followed up in 2013 with Eco Design of The Year. The newly redesigned and upgraded SOLZbags are being launched exclusively for a limited time on Touch of Modern. See for more products and information.

– Mariya Milovidova Art & Fashion:
– Richard Habib from Alexanders Artisan Rug:
– UpOut
– KC Wisdom

– Tickets are not refundable but are transferrable
– No tickets will be available at the door
– 21 y.o. + event



Phoenix – Nov 11 2016

Julia Postolov Kantor is a member of EuroCircle LA.
You are all invited by her on a journey through French music as you’ve never heard it before. From the sounds of a quaint Parisian café to the Moroccan souk, along countless hearts and radio dials across Eastern Europe and beyond. This music has captivated the world.

Paris Chansons is Los Angeles’s premier French performing group. They are known for their original renditions of French favorites, from Aznavour, Brel, Dassin, Piaf, and Montand all the way to contemporary artists such as Zaz. Their exhilarating performances are punctuated by traditional jazz standards in addition to classics in Russian, Italian, and other languages.

Three multilingual singers bring an unparalleled diversity to their shows. Julia Kantor, originally from the Ukraine, lived and studied in France where she discovered in French music a soul connection that still imbues her every performance. She entrances from the stage with a sultry voice and dynamic presence. Together with her husband, Jacob, a Russian-born singer/songwriter, they launched Paris Chansons. Max Cohen grew up in Morocco, where he was steeped in French music, particularly the songs of Enrico Macias. Cohen’s rich, velvety tone delivers beautifully nuanced renditions of his favorites, complete with a signature North African lilt.

Superb musicianship anchors the ensemble, effortlessly moving from jazzy improvisation to slow-burning balladry to blistering gypsy fervor. All seasoned pros, the musicians include Endre Balogh on violin, Adam Cohen on upright bass, Jacob Kantor on guitar, Jeff Lams on piano, and Sinclair Lott on drums. Paris Chansons takes you on a musical journey without having to leave your seat. They always deliver a spectacular celebration of French and international music.


Get a taste of the show here:

Philadelphia – Oct 24 2016

Join EuroCircle and the Geographical Society of Philadelphia for our latest joint event, Travel Junkies!  Spend an evening with fellow Philly-explorers while enjoying an extended Happy Hour at Brick and Mortar. Share your stories and share your pics in this “open mic” slide night. The topic? “Running Wild”! Bring 5-7 of your own pics on a thumb drive, loosely related to “running”,”wild”, or “animal”, then take the mic and tell us your travel story. We’ll buy you a drink!  It’ll be fast-paced, friendly, and fun!. (Be sure to email or call 610-649-5220 for more information if you’re interested in showing your pics.)


$5 ticket.

Cash bar, Happy hour prices until 8pm

New York – Oct 15 2016

EuroCircle/HYVÄ Nordic Walk in Central Park –


HYVÄ Nordic Walking has introduced the activity to New York and has partnered with EuroCircle for an exclusive group walk.

They use a wireless audio system to provide real time teaching cues and a music soundtrack.  You just need to bring along a set of earphones to plug into the receiver.  They provide the Nordic Walking poles.

This event is limited to 10 people. If they sell out there will be a second walk on Sunday, October 16th at noon. Cost is $10 cash payable before the walk.
PLEASE LET ALEXANDRA KNOW ASAP IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND email: newyork (at) eurocircle (dot) com

Have you ever Nordic Walked or know of someone that does?  You probably do as 12 million people from Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and the UK enjoy Nordic Walking as a fitness workout.  Now you can enjoy this low impact, Finnish cardio activity outdoors in Central Park.

There is a brief warm up and instruction period followed by a relaxed pace on the Bridle paths around the reservoir.  We will cover 3.6 km in 45 minutes while taking in the fall foliage. Nordic Walking achieves the same intensity as running but without the stress and high impact on joints.  Join fellow expats for a ‘walk in the park’.

What to wear:  Wear layers for the fall weather.  Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers.  Do not bring a handbag.  A bag pack or belt bag is fine.  Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can adjust your equipment. Hydrate (try to use bathroom facilities before the walk).

Instructor:  Sonja Johansson

QUOTE from their website: “When done correctly, Nordic walking can burn up to 40 percent more calories than regular walking, reduce knee and joint stress, boost oxygen consumption (which, in turn, benefits the brain) and help realign the body after a day hunched at a desk. It can even appeal to the exercise-averse since it feels easier than other exercises that require equal effort, says Dr. Pam Roberts, a family physician who teaches Nordic walking as a health and wellness coach at The Summit Medical Fitness Center in Kalispell, Montana. “[Nordic walkers] are getting a higher level of fitness, but they’re not feeling the drudgery of it,” she says.

More than a hobby, the sport – which has a low risk for injury and can be done virtually anywhere that’s walkable, from shopping malls to city sidewalks – can be therapeutic for a wide range of health conditions, including fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a condition in which people’s damaged nerves can make it difficult to sense the ground when walking. Poles change that, Roberts says.

Nordic walking can also relieve people with orthopedic issues. One of Roberts’ clients, Diana Dorris, for example, first tried the activity a few years ago after all but giving up on being able to walk comfortably again. The now 66-year-old in Kalispell, Montana, had undergone two hip replacements and used canes to get around when she had to; otherwise, she called on others to help out. “I was bent over and really hobbling,” she says. Then, she attended Roberts’ seminar on Nordic walking, and her outlook changed.

For additional details, visit their site
502 709 WALK (9255)