San Francisco – Jul 07 2019

Netherlands vs USA – Final!
Come along all soccer lovers!

Ja het is weer zover!
Nederland zit in de finale!
Dat gaan we zeker met zijn alle kijken!
De wedstrijden zijn super gezellig vooral met de tribune in volle oranje en op de achtergrond hoor je de gehele tijd de prachtige fanfare band onze Hollandse hits te spelen.
Dus zing gerust mee met “laat onze leeuw niet in zijn hempie staan” en geniet van een bloody mary op deze oranje zondag ochtend!

Niks echt nederlands in de USA als er geen Marc van Brabant staat te draaien, dus die hebben er we ook even bijgehaald om de sfeer nog hoger, blijer, en vrolijker te maken!

Draag Oranje, breng drop, zing, dans, laten we het oer gezellig maken in het oranje fort in het vreemde land der amerikanen.

Kom vroeg bij Mad Dog in the Fog zodat we een hele tafel kunnen reserveren!

Gratis Entree!

San Francisco – May 18 2019


It’s that time of year again!

Let’s watch Eurovision Song Contest LIVE together with all of our fellow European friends! Join us and millions around the world on May 18th to celebrate the “Olympics” of pop music as the 64th edition of this mega event unravels from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Doors will open at 11am, the final will commence at noon!

This will be 4th watching party after the last 3 great watch parties. People brought their own European Flags and hung them all over the windows.

No Cover.
Full Menu
Feel free to bring your own flag to hang.

San Francisco – Apr 20 2019

It is April and it is time to celebrate the King of the Netherland’s birthday. This a very old and fun tradition in the Netherlands, people dress up in Orange (the Royal Family color) and party all evening to Dutch and new Dutch DJ music.

We will have kaas uit het vuistje or in English, cheese from the fist or in other words great squares of Dutch Cheese pinned with fruit, onion, gurken, or crazy stuff with a Dutch flag. There will be an assortment of Dutch Candy and all kinds of goodies. Plus there will be french fries with mayonnaise and feel bring to bring some satay, I will make a batch but it would be great to see who can make the best one 🙂

There will be an orange decor filled with balloons, slingers, Dutch Flags, and vaandels to set the party mood.


Marc van Brabant will be the DJ and as usual the music from 8-10pm will be 80% Dutch and 20% Deep house and Euro Pop. Then as the night progresses the numbers will progressively flip. So come out and meet the Dutch in SF. You don’t have to be Dutch to Celebrate a great king’s night but it does help to wear orange and know a couple of words of Lang zal ie leven (long shall he live) the Dutch birthday song.

Tickets will available on Eventbrite and on my site for the buy 3 and get one ticket free feature.

EuroCircle will receive a discount by adding “EURO” as a promo code.

Hope to see you all in Orange on Saturday 4/20

San Francisco – Feb 08 2019

EuroCircle Meets at F8 for an immersively weird experience

No cover before 10 pm

Let’s mingle in the main room at the beginning then at 10 we can go in the smaller lounge

F8 is a  multiroom lounge featuring a rotating mix of house & techno music, plus bottle service.


Stay tuned for more information!!

Marc says it will a special evening in many ways!

San Francisco – Dec 16 2018

EuroCircle Holiday Drinks at Hotel Zetta

Join other EuroCircle members for some holiday drinks in Soma at the stylish Hotel Zetta lounge bar

Hosted by Johanna, Rose-Finn, Varduhi and Marc

About Zetta:

“Ideally situated in the bustling heart of SoMa (South of Market Street), adjacent to the Westfield Shopping Centre just steps from Moscone Center, Hotel Zetta is a boutique hotel offering an unique enclave for savvy travelers, culture seekers, and local creatives. l Zetta provides a high level of sophistication and service in a fresh, sustainable, vibrant setting.”

NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY – no plans?

Join Marc at St. Francis Hotel for the 13th Annual ~ ALIST ‘Passport to the World’ New Year’s Eve Spectacular

EuroCircle SF team leader DJ Marc van Brabant from the Netherlands is one of the DJs playing at that party

San Francisco – Sep 09 2018

San Francisco Chronicle Presents Opera in the Park

Join us for arias al fresco as we celebrate the opening of San Francisco Opera’s 96th Season and other operatic favorites. Featuring the San Francisco Opera Orchestra and stars from the fall season. Bring friends and family for a fantastic afternoon of opera.

MEETING PLACE:  We will meet at Kezar Pub it is the closest at noon and leave there at 12:20 to walk over


Open to the public

Sunday, September 9, 2018 at 1:30pm

Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park


An accessible seating section and restrooms are provided at the Opera in the Park performance. Pedestrian drop-off area is on Bowling Green Drive and there is limited accessible parking.

San Francisco – May 12 2018

EuroCircle Presents: Eurovision Song Contest 2018 Watch Party

Hosted by Varduhi and Marko Pellikka

Doors will open at 11am, the final will commence at noon!

This will be 3rd watching party after the last 2 great watch parties. People brought their own European Flags and hung them all over the windows.
The bar will have a simplified menu just for us. It will range from pizza to chicken appetizers (cash and credit card accepted)

I (marc) will not be hosting but we have a great hostess that will greet people and the owner Valon will be there as usual ensuring we have the best sound for our European Contestants.

Good luck!

The EC Team

San Francisco – Apr 26 2018

EuroCircle presents: 2018 Dutch Kingsnight or Koningsdag Nacht

It is  time to celebrate the Birthday of the King of the Netherlands.

The Dutch celebrate the birthday of our King by wearing orange, drinking some beer, dancing to Dutch music.

We can not bring a million people in Orange to San Francisco to give you a true Dutch experience, but we can provide a Dutch atmosphere or gezelligheid. This will consist of a great Dutch Decor, Flags, Slingers, Vaandels, and other dutch names for decorations. You can try some drop, dutch cheese, and other goodies that will be on display at this fun Irish Pub/restaurant in North Beach.

Bar Nua, has great windows and plenty of seating right in the Heart of this Italian neighborhood that is known for good times.

Your master of music will be DJ Marc van Brabant  – the no.1 Dutch DJ in the USA.

Tickets are available at

Tickets will go up in price on Sunday Night April 15 @ 6PM

Hup Holland Hup


San Francisco – Jan 11 2018

1st EuroCircle Event in 2018! Thursday January 11 at 8PM @ Water

We have the entire 2nd floor reserved for just us to enjoy the nice water/city view.

About The Water:

Classic & SAN FRANCISCO INSPIRED. Located along the historic SF waterfront, ATwater Tavern offers panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay, AT&T Park, Bay Bridge and more. Our culinary focus is rooted in the story of San Francisco, its people, its waters and its history.

San Francisco – Sep 21 2017

Guten Abend!

It is time for Oktoberfest, so get out your Lederhosen and come do the plank dance!
If you don’t know what that means, that is quite alright as you can just come taste delicious German and Czech beer on Tap, a BBQ with Bratwurst & Sauerkraut, and Plent of Fun Oktoberfest Music.
This will be an happy hour mingling event, so bring your German Mingling Hat mit Feather and some good stories about the last time you went to Europe.

It is guaranteed that you will learn at least 3 new German words and here is one!

As always we can use volunteers to meet and greet at 6PM or do decorations at 5PMish.

Vielen Dank

Team EuroCircle