San Francisco – Apr 26 2018

EuroCircle presents: 2018 Dutch Kingsnight or Koningsdag Nacht

It is  time to celebrate the Birthday of the King of the Netherlands.

The Dutch celebrate the birthday of our King by wearing orange, drinking some beer, dancing to Dutch music.

We can not bring a million people in Orange to San Francisco to give you a true Dutch experience, but we can provide a Dutch atmosphere or gezelligheid. This will consist of a great Dutch Decor, Flags, Slingers, Vaandels, and other dutch names for decorations. You can try some drop, dutch cheese, and other goodies that will be on display at this fun Irish Pub/restaurant in North Beach.

Bar Nua, has great windows and plenty of seating right in the Heart of this Italian neighborhood that is known for good times.

Your master of music will be DJ Marc van Brabant  – the no.1 Dutch DJ in the USA.

Tickets are available at

Tickets will go up in price on Sunday Night April 15 @ 6PM

Hup Holland Hup