San Francisco – Jul 14 2016

The Next Event will be the French Bastille Day Party July 14 at the Irish Bank at 5PM.

The Bastille Day Party is the Independence Day Party for France when they commemorate the storming of the Bastille as their act of pursuing justice, liberty, and fraternity for all!

So what way would be better that throwing the biggest French Block party in SF for Bastille Day.

There will be 2 alleys allocated for this fun block party with outside bars, foodtruck, and musical stage starring DJ Marc van Brabant and a super RED WHITE BLUE ball drop.

This event is from 5PM-Midnight however it will be only FREE from 5PM-5:30PM so get there before 5:30PM otherwise you will have to wait in line and pay $10.
As people remember this line was all the way to Kearny street for the St. Patrick’s day Party.

Come dressed in RED, WHITE, and Blue and keep the San Francisco Block Parties Alive!

Austin – Jun 28 2016

Some of you may recall the story about Giulia Millanta (she is from Firenze – Florence, Italy) and how she moved to Austin. Read Giulia’s Story here

Giulia and Michael Fracasso are great friends. Giulia is inviting all EuroCircle members to join them on Tuesday.

This is no official “EuroCircle” but just maybe a good way to check out a new venue and good European music.

They will trade songs and stories at the Saxon Pub.
Michael will play songs from his newest “Here come the savages” .

You can read a little about it at Austin Chronicle and Texas Monthly
Giulia will give us a little preview of her new songs from “Moonbeam Parade” (to be released on September 9th)

An exceptional band will back them up:
Gabriel Rhodes on guitar
Dony Wynn on drums and percussion
Special guest: Noelle Hampton on background vocals

Don’t miss it!

Never been there before so I am excited to check it out!

At 6pm there is a free perfomer but for this 8 pm concert there is $8 fee.

Giulia also has a KICKSTARTER campaign to fund her new album:


The Saxon Pub:

Opened in 1990, the Saxon has hosted well over 22,000 musical performances.  It has been the location for films, videos and countless live recordings. On any given night you might see a major celebrity from the film or music industry either having a beer or sitting in on stage jamming with the locals.  This award-winning listening room has helped launch the careers of several prominent entertainers.  It is also known for booking some of the greatest music legends around, performing in an intimate atmosphere that Kris Kristofferson likened to “playing in his own living room”.

Whether it’s one of the incredible free weekday happy hour shows, a weekend matinee or a late night performance by the next big thing, join us and find out why we are Austin’s choice for live music!

New York – Jul 23 2016

Social Life Magazine and St Barths Tourism Present their Annual St. Barth  Hamptons Gala 2016 on Saturday, July 23rd from 6-10PM. The event will be hosted by Christie Brinkley.

Social Life Magazine is the premier luxury publication for Manhattan and the Hamptons. Our content focuses on luxury lifestyle on local, national, and international levels. Social Life Magazine provides you an opportunity to target the most prominent New Yorkers, sought-after tastemakers, successful professionals, international jet-setters, advancing entrepreneurs, and A-List Celebrities.



General Admission Tickets Include

  • Open Bar & Starbucks Coffee Bar
  • After Party to Follow

VIP Tickets Include:

  • Caviar Tasting
  • Open Bar
  • Special VIP Entry,
  • Passed Hors d’oeuvres,
  • Processco bar
  • Lounge seating
  • Gift bag
  • After Party to Follow

A Big Thank You to Our Sponsors:
St. Barth Tourism
Carlyle Catering
Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare



Scandinavian Design Company Enters Austin

Scandinavian Spaces – a new interior specialist that focuses on employee engagement and wellness at work – announced today that they will open up their first showroom in Austin this fall.
The company prides itself in helping businesses increase employee engagement and wellness through their interior design solutions and partner brands (Kinnarps, Blå Station, Glimåkra, Götessons, Lintex, Materia, Minus Tio, Nordgröna, Nordic Care, Skandiform, ZilenZio). Scandinavian Spaces may be a new name on the market, but the management has long experience and recognized success in workplace design.

The partners and brothers, Robert and Thomas Jonsson have been involved in building their family business, Kinnarps USA, serving American and Canadian customers with Scandinavian furniture since 1991.

“We are thrilled to share our vision of providing workplace wellness through furnishing with our partner brands. The decision to open our first showroom in Austin is a natural step, as the people here are highly motivated and open when it comes to healthy living, social responsibility and environmental sustainability”, says partner of Scandinavian Spaces, Robert Jonsson. “We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve an environment in which their staff and customers can prosper. Our interior solutions are designed for diversity and the modern workforce…for us there is no ‘one size fits all’. Such a simple update as incorporating sitting or standing desks at the office makes a markable difference in one’s workplace performance and productivity through improved ergonomics.”

To learn more about the showroom opening, expansion plans or to book an interview, contact Maria Berg at 1.512.888.6606 or email,, alternatively visit the website at

Follow Scandinavian Spaces on social media!

About Scandinavian Spaces                                                                                                             

Founded in 2016, Scandinavian Spaces creates work environments which foster health and well-being. Scandinavian Spaces offers furnishing solutions for offices, cafés, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and arenas. The business is focused on design, ergonomics, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

New York – Jul 21 2016

Images: Phil DelMazio, Images Model & Talent Management

Join us for the annual fun summertime rooftop white party!

Attire: Wear white, head to toe  (we encourage everyone to wear white – any shade is fine- but it is not required)
If you show up in a hat or fascinator, you’ll look even more fabulous!
Let’s get a jump start on summer, and do what we do best-party in style.

NO COVER with online RSVP by 4 pm on July 21!
The drink special will be $10 Absolut drinks. Food is available for purchase.

There will be great music playing throughout the night!

Meet Featured Event SponsorShimmer Med Spa
They will be handing out gift certificates to their spa to everyone at the event!

Join us – and bring a friend/s who have never met us!!


Mina Deutsch, Romania and Hungary
Ilona Lee, Poland

Alexandra and EuroCircle New York Team

San Francisco – Jun 24 2016

Just Days after the earth is tilted the most towards our beloved star the sun, we should take this opportunity to enjoy the the long warm evenings in the financial district.
We are also on the evening before the round of 16 of the European Cup so we will have plenty to talk about.
Come out to Cafe Prague and enjoy the tables and chairs outside whilst enjoying a beer & a wine.

Practice your European Languages and meet the newly arrived expats in San Francisco.
European Songs will be played to make this authentic Cafe Prague even more fun!

Volunteers needed to meet and greet people.

The EC Team

Atlanta – Jul 6 2016

All FUTURE events are listed at the website EVENTS  and if you login in the forums under EVENTS CALENDAR

Our July Get-together will be held once again at the fabulous Whisky Mistress located in Buckhead.
We had a great turnout there last year (shortly after the venue first opened its doors to the public) so let’s do this again in July and continue the 4th of July holiday spirit.
We will meet on Wednesday, July 6th – start time 7:30pm as usual.
We will have private access to the main floor as well as the outside patio area in the back.
Complimentary appetizers will be served and $5.00 valet parking will be available, unless you want to self-park near the venue.
Also, around 9:00pm, we will have live music – most likely the same amazing musician who played for us last time.
Please remember to invite all your international and like-minded friends and I look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks.
Atlanta Eurocircle

From Germany to Key Largo: I ran away from my past and found my happy place

To protect our interviewee’s privacy, we are not using her real name.
Let’ s call her Erika.  Erika was born and raised in Germany. She came to Florida in 2005, right out of college.

It was supposed to be a temporary adventure for her, but 11 years have passed and she is still here.
Erika was extremely lucky: After her temporary visa had expired, she won her permanent US residency in a lottery.

I was curious how and why she came to the USA. She has also had and has some obstacles in life that are hard to deal with anyone.
Let Erika tell us in her own words why.

“People wonder why I live here by myself, when all my family is in Germany. The truth is, I kind of ran away; not from my country, not from the climate, not from the people, but from my past. I had a good childhood. I grew up in a conservative middle-class family, in a small quiet town. My childhood was very strict and performance-driven. My parents wanted me and my brothers to be successful. They meant well. I still consider them great parents that I am fortunate to have in my life. I was raised to be ambitious and competitive. I was the best at everything: school, gymnastics, tennis, playing music, you name it. I was the perfect child, growing up in a seemingly perfect family. I wanted to make my parents proud and I wanted to feel loved, and it seemed the only way to achieve that, was to excel!”

At this point I am wondering wow – why did she ever leave if life was this wonderful. Well, let’s find out.

Erika says “Things took a turn when I became a teenager. I became very shy to a point where I would freeze up in social settings. I became the outcast, known as ‘the quiet one’. I felt like people were not even noticing me.”

“At age 14 I decided that I was overweight (which I wasn’t even close to!), so I started dieting and exercising. I isolated myself, and my main focus was weight loss and food. Food was on my mind 24/7. I was caught in a vicious cycle called Anorexia Nervosa, or as I call it, the slow suicide. As the weight loss progressed, my euphoria about my weight loss soon turned into a major depression. I lost all my energy and stopped being active. I started losing my hair. My menstrual cycle stopped. I was exhausted, yet restless. I slept an average of 2 hours per night. I was constantly freezing. Sometimes my fingertips would turn blue.”

I guesses what happened next – and I am sure you do too. 
Erika was sent to a psychologist. The psychologist accused her of being a rebel and ruining the family. So did her parents.
Erika lost even more weight, got more depressed. She was put on hormone medication to keep her reproductive organs from shrinking, and then her gynecologist referred her to a different psychologist.

Erika told me “I was in therapy with him for 8 years. He saved my life! He helped me find my own identity. He taught me that I am lovable for who I am, and not for the things I accomplish, tournaments I win, or grades I achieve.”

However, what happened when she was 18 and finally recovering, I would never ever have guessed.  Erika found out that her dad had been cheating on her mom…. for 18 years! He started having affairs when Erika’s mom was pregnant with her. He didn’t want that third child.  Erika.  Erika says “My world fell apart. All this time I had been made the culprit for our family dysfunction. And now it turns out that my dad, my superhero, is living a double life. We kicked him out of the house but he moved back in after a week. This was when my restless journey began; I moved out of my parents’ house. First to the next village, then to the next city, then to the neighboring country, and finally to the US… where I found my home.”

Many people don’t realize how serious an eating disorder can be. Anorexia is not just an obsession with weight loss. It is a serious, complex mental illness that, in some cases, ends in death. Therapy is the only way out. 
Erika says ” I am extremely lucky that I received the help I needed in order to survive. If you know someone with an eating disorder or other mental illness, please do not judge them. Becoming anorexic is not a choice or a lifestyle. Mental illness is not something you can ‘snap out of’. I never had a relapse into the anorexia, and am probably happier with my body than many ‘normal’ women.”

Things are not perfect though.  Erika still carries a feeling of emptiness inside of her and still has not figured out a way to fill this void. Loving herself is still a challenge and though she has made progress, she still tends to depend on external validation. She has problems controlling her emotions, and she admits losing some friends due to her inability to hold back her feelings. During the anorexia years, she had no emotions, Erika was numb to everything.

She told me “Once I learned to allow emotions, I kind of fell into the other extreme, where they sometimes completely overwhelm me. This year, after a few challenging situations, I sought some help from a psychologist, and I was finally diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. After everything I thought I had accomplished, it felt like a slap in the face to be diagnosed with yet another mental disorder. But I have accepted it and am determined to fix myself.”

I was relieved when Erika said  she is happy with her life in Key Largo (Florida). 
She likes visiting Germany, but she is always excited to come back to Florida. It has become her happy place, far away from the memories of her teenage years…

I wanted to share her story.
Why? There are so many people who have issues with their mental health or issues that are thought to be mental issues but in fact are related to physical health. It is so much more common that people think.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. We hope you remain in the “happy place” and find a good support network.

Learn about Borderline Personality Disorder
Learn Anorexia Nervosa

Austin – Jun 23 2016

Join Young European Leaders to  Austin to  to a Citizen Diplomacy Reception and   Networking Event on Thursday, June 23, 2016, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m., in the Lt.
Governor’s Reception Room in the Texas State Capitol.

Fee: None  (RSVP is required and space is limited)

Our guests will be  fourteen visitors from Europe who are focusing on “Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues”.

Albania – Ms. Jorida Tagbaku, Ph.D., Member of Parliament
Bulgaria – Mr. Stanislav Anastassov, Member of Parliament
Cyprus – Ms. Fazilet Ozdenefe, Executive Committee Member, Republican Turkish Party
Czech Republic – Mr. Matej Fichtner, Member of Parliament
Finland – Mr. Teppo Sakkinen, Journalist, Suomenmaa newspaper
Germany – Mr. Jacob Schrot, President, Federation of German-American  Clubs
Italy – Mr. Ernesto Di Giovanni, Co-Founder of CEO, Utopia Lab
Latvia – Mr. Rihards Kols, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia
Russia – Mr. Georgy Kutyrev, Research Fellow, Institute of Scientific Information For Social Sciences
Serbia – Mr. Filip Cukanovic, Journalist, RTV B92
Mr. Nikola Eric, Advisor to the Minister in Charge of EUIntegration, Government of Serbia
Sweden – Ms. Darina Agha, Press Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office
United Kingdom – Mr. James Alexander, Policy Officer for Communities, The Labour Party
Mr. Dennis Marcus, Founder, Ubuntu London

These visitors are participants in the U.S. Department of State International Visitor Leadership Program – the Department of State’s premier professional
exchange program.

Wine, beer and appetizers provided

Corporate Partner: Emergo Group
“A leader in helping companies access the 24 largest medical device markets in the world.”



Organized by our friends at GlobalAustin.

Houston – Jun 22 2016

Escape with Houston EuroCircle friends to H-town award winning, Blue Bar at Brenner’s on the Bayou, nestled in the Memorial Park area.

The view from this verdant Buffalo Bayou is a welcoming backdrop for our June event. Rain or Shine, the patio is covered.
Happy hour food and cheers will be featured.

Please sign up on FB and EC websites and invite your friends, colleagues, and ……

EuroCircle is free for all members.

Arrivederci from your hostess:

Shahla, Venere, and Michelle

Since 1999, our mission is to connect Europeans and Europhiles alike, regardless of your nationality. We welcome all!

EuroCircle Houston Facebook GROUP:

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