Scandinavian Design Company Enters Austin

Scandinavian Spaces – a new interior specialist that focuses on employee engagement and wellness at work – announced today that they will open up their first showroom in Austin this fall.
The company prides itself in helping businesses increase employee engagement and wellness through their interior design solutions and partner brands (Kinnarps, Blå Station, Glimåkra, Götessons, Lintex, Materia, Minus Tio, Nordgröna, Nordic Care, Skandiform, ZilenZio). Scandinavian Spaces may be a new name on the market, but the management has long experience and recognized success in workplace design.

The partners and brothers, Robert and Thomas Jonsson have been involved in building their family business, Kinnarps USA, serving American and Canadian customers with Scandinavian furniture since 1991.

“We are thrilled to share our vision of providing workplace wellness through furnishing with our partner brands. The decision to open our first showroom in Austin is a natural step, as the people here are highly motivated and open when it comes to healthy living, social responsibility and environmental sustainability”, says partner of Scandinavian Spaces, Robert Jonsson. “We are dedicated to helping businesses achieve an environment in which their staff and customers can prosper. Our interior solutions are designed for diversity and the modern workforce…for us there is no ‘one size fits all’. Such a simple update as incorporating sitting or standing desks at the office makes a markable difference in one’s workplace performance and productivity through improved ergonomics.”

To learn more about the showroom opening, expansion plans or to book an interview, contact Maria Berg at 1.512.888.6606 or email,, alternatively visit the website at

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About Scandinavian Spaces                                                                                                             

Founded in 2016, Scandinavian Spaces creates work environments which foster health and well-being. Scandinavian Spaces offers furnishing solutions for offices, cafés, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and arenas. The business is focused on design, ergonomics, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.