Houston – Sep 30 2015

Come celebrate the start of beautiful fall season with friends old and new at Soma Sushi on Washington Ave, where fresh meets hip!  Delish happy hour specials going on until 7pm. EuroCircle is a community of global travelers, expats and internationally driven professionals. Bring  a friend and say chin-chin!

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Please note since Facebook has restricted access to a larger audience, we highly recommend to sign up and RSVP @ the EuroCircle website and also invite others via Facebook.

See you, Cheers

Shahla, Venere and Juliana
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 Here’s how Soma describes their menu:
“Our menu concept and design focuses on the most traditional of Japanese cuisine while adhering to the multitude of cultural influences in our city.  Our sushi bar is a reflection of the technical execution of the traditional Japanese sushi with a hint of Korean influence, while our progressive kitchen continues to develop and push the envelope of worldly flavors. “
“From technically sound classical cocktail construction to high end Japanese scotches with ice spheres, our beverage program is professional, light hearted, and in depth.  The sake selection is premier and covers all prefactures and types from tokubetsu, honjozo, daijingo, and even sparkling sake.  Our wine list focuses mainly on American and French AVA’s, but still offers red and white varietals from around the world.”

New York – Sep 14 2015

Photo Credit to our awesome photographer Salvatore Fabbri of  http://www.salvatorefabbri.com and and http://www.nyphotog.com as well as our NY Organizer Alexandra Spirer

Due to the Venue the Advance List is Now Closed – If You Didn’t Make the List say EuroCircle at the door for reduced cover! Look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Join EUROCIRCLE, PRIVE GROUP, STAR VODKA 5th Annual Fashion show.

NO Cover when you RSVP in advance on our website as there will be a list at the door. Also say “EuroCircle” at the door.

The runway show will include a high-end couture fashion show presented by Brazilian Designer Chris Barreto and Handbags by Aleksandra Handbags

There will be an open bar from 7-8pm and then cash bar after that.

Dress Code: Dress to Impress

Make sure to put on your dancing shoes as a DJ Francis Mercier will be spinning tunes for the crowd after the fashion show.

Look forward to seeing you all for a fun night of fashion during fashion week.


Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

Austin – Sep 26 2015

EuroCircle Friends,

please join us at the Roosevelt Room on Saturday September 26th 6.30pm-10pm for some of the BEST craft cocktails in town at a special EuroCircle happy hour price.

The Roosevelt Room is a 1920s inspired cocktail bar and music venue located in the heart of downtown Austin, serving some of the best drinks in town by some the most passionate and awarded bartenders in the nation.

Cheers to you! See you there!
Emma and the EuroCircle team

NOTE: Chantal and Tako will provide you samples of the famous StroopWafels

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Photos from Aug 30 event @ The Grove

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Philadelphia – Oct 8 2015

Daniel Salau Rogei, Masai leader of Kenya, learned first hand about wild animals, nature, and the environment in his home in Olosho – Oibor. He is proud of his indigenous culture where the Masai are both hunters and stewards of big game in the local environment. He has struggled with limited access to clean water and food due to drought and marginalization, and has devoted his life to study and improve the living standards of his tribe, and the world around him.

Mr. Salau’s many interests include Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Intellectual Property Rights, Biodiversity and Conservation. He visits the US as a guest of the Masai Cultural Exchange Project, and Delaware Valley University, Doylestown PA, where he will speak at an environmental symposium on October 14-16th, 2015.

Daniel Salau Rogei is a social scientist, who received his BA in Community Development from Daystar University in Nairobi, Kenya, and his Masters in Environmental Science and Climate Change from University of Nairobi. Mr. Salau is married and the father of two children. His family lives in the Olosho – Oibor village in the Rift Valley.

Advance Tickets are Required: $10 Members of Eurocircle/Geographical Society; $15 non-members For tickets call 610-649-5220. Cash bar.

Border Crossings is a joint collaboration between Eurocircle and the Geographical Society of Philadelphia. It aims to humanize people and places from around the world through substantive presentations and conversation with those intimate with the culture.

Denver – Sep 23 2015

Join EuroCircle Denver at this fun venue – thanks to Ksenia for the suggestion!

With inspiration from European Markets, modern communal workspaces, and high level chefs taking to food trucks  the ownerscreated “Avanti Food and Beverage”. Very appropriate for EuroCircle.

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Stephane & Ceridwen

Chicago – Sep 18 2015

EuroCircle Chicago presents:

LONDON CALLING: The best of the British Invasion @ Debonair Social Club
Friday, September 18 9:00 pm

As many of our new wave/80’s loving EuroCirclers already know, the legendary and much loved Neo nightclub closed last month after an epic 35 year run as Chicago’s best New Wave/Alternative dance club. No pretension, no attitude- just great music and all night dancing- that was Neo!

Neo has currently taken up residence at the very urban chic Debonair Social Club and we are beyond honored to have been asked to host a Friday night event featuring the one and only, DJ John Curley!

Join us for a non-stop night of the best of the British invasion-Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Duran Duran, Erasure + more!

EURO co-hosts: Chosen for their passion for new wave music, dancing and ability to rock blue eyeliner:

Markella Kaloudis Constantine
Anita Jeszke
Dustin Simon Erikstrup

And- a special birthday celebration in honor of Ukie dancing queen Olga Wehrle!

Featuring DJ John Curley

$5 admission
Must be 21+


New York – Sep 29 2015

Photo Credit to our awesome photographer Salvatore Fabbri of  www.salvatorefabbri.com and and www.nyphotog.com as well as our NY Organizer Alexandra Spirer

Join us for the annual fall kick-off rooftop party at this midtown hotspot!

NO COVER with online RSVP by 5 pm on September 29!

The drink special will be $10 Absolut drinks. Food is available for purchase.

Attire: Fall Chic
If you show up in a fall color, you’ll look even more fabulous!
Let’s celebrate the end of summer before the fall at this great rooftop!

Great music playing throughout the night!

Join us – and bring a friend/s the more the merrier!!

Ilona Lee, Polandhttp://www.ilonalee.com/
Pasquale Maio and Archina D’Agostino – Italy – New York Italianshttp://www.newyorkitalians.org/
Sherry Kumar, Serbia
Henry Picado, Costa Rica, http://www.jscollections.com
Harriet Kulmala, Finland
Boriana Pavlova, Bulgaria, http://www.bgwomensclubs.us

Alexandra and EuroCircle New York Team