Houston – Sep 30 2015

EuroCircle Houston Fall Celebration: Chin-Chin to Autumn and Friends!

Come celebrate the start of beautiful fall season with friends old and new at Soma Sushi on Washington Ave, where fresh meets hip!  Delish happy hour specials going on until 7pm. EuroCircle is a community of global travelers, expats and internationally driven professionals. Bring  a friend and say chin-chin!

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Please note since Facebook has restricted access to a larger audience, we highly recommend to sign up and RSVP @ the EuroCircle website and also invite others via Facebook.

See you, Cheers

Shahla, Venere and Juliana
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Meet EuroCircle Houston team

 Here’s how Soma describes their menu:
“Our menu concept and design focuses on the most traditional of Japanese cuisine while adhering to the multitude of cultural influences in our city.  Our sushi bar is a reflection of the technical execution of the traditional Japanese sushi with a hint of Korean influence, while our progressive kitchen continues to develop and push the envelope of worldly flavors. “
“From technically sound classical cocktail construction to high end Japanese scotches with ice spheres, our beverage program is professional, light hearted, and in depth.  The sake selection is premier and covers all prefactures and types from tokubetsu, honjozo, daijingo, and even sparkling sake.  Our wine list focuses mainly on American and French AVA’s, but still offers red and white varietals from around the world.”