Austin – October 31 2013

Halloween Night with a Twist @ Departure Lounge

Thursday night Departure Lounge is “Your Place to Escape to SPOOKY Destinations”!
Halloween costume is NOT required but greatly appreciated. Let’s make it red/black party for the others – most people have something black/red and it works well with Halloween – and the stylish surroundings. Not to mention the haunted images you will be seeing on the screens….the best costume around at 8 pm will receive a little “surprise”.

Our special featured guest hosts are Taryn Hall and Finn Sigurdsson (Iceland) – ísARK Studio! Iceland in my opinion has something eery about it…beauty, such extremes, emptiness, glaziers, volcanos and hot springs.


From 4-7 daily, Departure Lounge offers reduced priced wine “flights”:
**$6 for a test flight (three 2-oz. pours) or $12 for a full flight (three 4-oz. pours).
**These are regularly $10 and $20 each. So anyone coming in before 7p can enjoy that offer.

From 7 to close, you’ll be offered $1 off any glass of wine or beer.

They have the following food options:

Gourmet sandwiches
Pita/hummus plate
Cheese plates

Keith Waldon, formerly Virtuoso’s vice president for business development, has opened the upscale coffee and wine bar Departure Lounge. Departure Lounge also happens to be a travel agency staffed by outside contractors. Keith has a quite a transition from consortium executive to entrepreneur. At Virtuoso, he helped to rebrand the entire $9.6 billion organization, formed numerous strategic alliances making Virtuoso a household name (households worth $1 million plus).