Austin – Dec 05 2011

Après Work Social for EuroCircle Austin

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Ambience: French – in addition you could describe Justine’s as Hipster, Romantic, Classy, Trendy, Intimate

OUR LOVELY HOSTESS: Allison Berguin, France

Pierre will set up an area outside for us, with heaters if it is cold.
From 6-8pm. We told him to expect 30-40 ppl since it is already Dec.

NOTE: we need to stay in the area reserved outside and NOT have people sit in the restaurant or take chairs from tables as there may be customers waiting to dine. We can order food and drinks, we will have a waitress for our group only. She will be there for 2 hours working for us. If people wish to stay and eat, they must check with the host and request a table.(RECOMMENDED). JUST IN CASE, BRING WARM JACKET – even with heaters it may be slightly chilly!
Mondays are probably NOT their busy busy days especially in Dec so we may get very lucky – have more room to wiggle in that case.

Pierre Pelegrin and his wife, Justine Gilcrease created a menu based on French classics, thus beginning what seemed to friends and family to be an interminable process of converting a 1937 bungalow on East Fifth Street into a restaurant.
The buzz about Justine’s went viral even before the restaurant opened. Pelegrin, a former waiter at Chez Nous, and Gilcrease, an artist, cast a wide social net, and news about their restaurant began percolating through the rumor filters months in advance. Jjustine’s opening was so anticipated during the two years PIerre and Justine spent remodeling that cars would drive by frequently to check on its progress.

About Justine’s: A French story d’amour

“The inspiration behind this family-friendly, late night bistro begins with bit of a love story. Justine Gilcrease was raised in California, but lived some time in Brussels, where she learned French. She came to Austin to visit a friend and met Pierre Pellegrin, a French national. They struck up a conversation in French that lasted into the night and fell in love.”
Quote from – Article and photos by Katie Warner.
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