Austin – Aug 08 2012

EuroCircle's Beer Garden Party @ Bangers

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Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden is a brand new restaurant, bar and music venue that opened on Rainey Street District of downtown Austin Texas this week (last week of July).

Dress light – we’ll hang out mostly outside as the garden area is HUGE – and they allow no table reservations inside.  However, you are welcome to hang out inside as well.

Banger’s happy hour special is from 6-7PM and it is half off ALL pints.

Banger’s is the area’s largest biergarten, first live music venue (Thursdays) with  a 27ft butcher block bar top, biggest artisan sausage purveyor, with a sprawling lineup.  There is  a massive wall of 103 taps whose numbered wood handles (crafted by Hatch Workshop)

NOTE: Since they just opened this week I really WANT to be able to give heads-up how many we will be so DO RSVP, PLEASE! By Aug 8 they have been open a week but anyone who has dealt with restaurants knows there may be unexpected glitches with the computer systems and so on.  I  am try to avoiding any additional stress on their part – or ours!

The sausages and other menu items include i.e  Boudin Blanc, Smoked Chicken apple, veggie cheese steak, beet and goat cheese, smoked mushroom & asparagu (so vegetarians can eat), Andouille, Bratwurst, Hot Italian, Louisiana Lightining, pickled mixed veggies, house-made chile cheese friend, chopped salad and so on…something for everyone I think!