New York – May 18 2017

 Photo credit to EuroCircle New York Organizer Alexandra Spirer and Member Rahul Batia

Join us for our Summer Kick-Off party at this brand new hotspot rooftop lounge! Say EuroCircle at the door for no cover!
DJ Chris Bachmann will be spinning tunes for us throughout the night!

There will be drink specials and food available for purchase!

Dress Code: Summer Chic, recommended but not required

Look forward to seeing you on the 18th as we kick-off the summer season in style!

Diana Cristea, Romania
Katerina Denisova, Russia
Thierry Kranzer, France
Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team


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Malaga, Spain through the eyes of Anu, a Finnish expat

My (New York born) boyfriend strongly believes he lived in his previous life in Spain – he totally loves Spain. I have been once to Malaga myself but it was only an hour or so. However, my friend Marcia Raff spent a few months there as a sculptor (her work is displayed in Malaga). To me Malaga sounds more interesting than some of the more touristy cities along Costa del Sol. I was very happy to run into Anu online and find out about her Malaga project. Let’s hear in Anu’s own words what she has accomplished – and how she ended in Malaga.

Hey there, I’m Anu, a Finnish expat living since almost 30 years in Malaga, Spain.

Yes, that’s long time you must are thinking. Well, the thing is that already when I was a teenager my father always used to say that I wasn’t going to live in Finland. It’s something that my parents had present ever since I was very young, that one day I was going to spread my wings and fly away from my birth country. Luckily they were ok with that!

I was only 10 years old when I travelled alone for the first time to spend a month with a family in Devon in UK. No English lessons nor other students, just me living with a totally unknown family in a farm house and helping to take care of the sheep, horses and dogs. I have to admit that I did cry myself to sleep every night because I missed so much my mom (by the way she has kept all my heart breaking letters from that summer). However, this didn’t stop me wanting to repeat this same experience the following two summers.

During the high school I spent a year as a senior student in a US high school in Michigan. Weren`t those different times without social media, Skype or WhatsApp. We sent letters back and forth and I recorded voice messages on cassettes, which reached my family days or even weeks later… and I survived!

After finishing the high school in Finland I went to Vienna to work as au-pair. This was great for my German skills and afterwards I spend a couple of months in Germany to learn even more this difficult language.

I studied tourism in Finland and after finishing my studies I thought that it would be a good idea to learn a new language…why not Spanish?

And this is how I landed in Malaga and have lived here ever since. I fell in love with this beautiful city, its cosmopolitan yet laid back vibe and its lovely people. I married a Spaniard and I’m a mother of two teenage girls. I work at the administration in a language school and during my free time I do what I love most (besides my family of course J)…which is travelling and taking pictures. My camera is my faithful companion and I carry it along in my bag everywhere I go, which finally brings me to tell you about the digital guide I have made of my beloved Malaga.

I’m so honored to have been invited to join this amazing project called Pathport which has as a mission to give instant access to the paths of the most inspiring travelers from around the world. Pathport redefines travel content to craft guides that are visual, up-to-date and personal giving you the hotspots you’d spend hours looking for on Instragram. You can instantly purchase and download the guide to you mobile devise.

In my guide I am giving you insider tips of Malaga hotspots that normally would pass undiscovered to most of the visitors. Malaga is so much more than beautiful beaches, it is culture, art, gastronomy, history and most of all that enjoyable Spanish way of life!

If you are thinking of visiting Malaga or just wish to find out more about my guide please go to my Pathport page or to Pathport store. On the  Pathport site you can find many more interesting destinations all around the world.

At the moment I am working on my next guide taking you to discover the white villages, the beautiful nature and lovely beaches around the Malaga area.

I am also a big instragram user and my handle is anu_vee, should you wish to take a look.

Thanks and wish you all a very happy summer… hopefully some of you will come and visit my beautiful Malaga!



Anu’s guide – Malaga The Great Unknown

Houston – Apr 26 2017

Join us at Hungry’s Upstairs Bar and Lounge in the Rice Village for our April happy hour. Happy hour runs until 7pm. Mingle and relax at the new Upstairs lounge. Valet parking and street parking is available.

Austin – May 13 2017

Event Description:

Lights, Camera, Action!

What about watching the Eurovision Song Contest on a big screen LIVE from our downtown rooftop loft & a huge patio ? Join us and millions around the world on May 13th to celebrate the “Olympics” of pop music as the 62nd edition of this mega event unravels from Kyiv, Ukraine.

This is a fun and family-friendly event featuring: a pre-show mingle with your favorite Eurovision tunes, a guess the winner competition, a quiz walk and of course a LIVE streaming of the show.

$10 fee *Includes drinks, snacks and hot dogs for kids. Since all the money is used to buy drinks/snacks PLEASE make sure 

  1. To sign up
  2. Pay by Friday. May 12 10 am.

You can pay there at the door but they should know the numbers for logistics. Please login and sign up – and get your ticket.

 Hope to see you there!
List of Participants at the Eurovision Song Contest.


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Atlanta – May 03 2017

Greetings everyone:

Happy Friday!!! Please join us next month for our May Get-together at THREE SHEETS in Sandy Springs. This is one of our repeat venues as the location and outdoor patio is a big plus. We will meet upstairs (weather permitting) but will have access to the entire venue.

We will have complimentary appetizers and a full drink menu & staff taking care of us upstairs so please mark the date (Wednesday, May 3rd) and invite all your international & like-minded friends.

See you next month,

Atlanta Eurocircle

Test your Atlanta Trivia knowledge:


Phoenix – Jul 08 2017

Discover the timeless songs of artists from the 1940s to today, ranging from Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour, Joe Dassin, and Enrico Macias to contemporary artists such as Zaz! Learn about these singers through renditions by Los Angeles–based band Paris Chansons as they take you on a journey through France without ever leaving your seat (except, of course, to dance!).



You’re invited on a journey through French music as you’ve never heard it before. From the sounds of a quaint Parisian café to the Moroccan souk, along countless hearts and radio dials across Eastern Europe and beyond. This music has captivated the world.

Paris Chansons is Los Angeles’s premier French performing group. They are known for their original renditions of French favorites, from Aznavour, Brel, Dassin, Piaf, and Montand all the way to contemporary artists such as Zaz. Their exhilarating performances are punctuated by traditional jazz standards in addition to classics in Russian, Italian, and other languages.

Three multilingual singers bring an unparalleled diversity to their shows. Julia Kantor, originally from the Ukraine, lived and studied in France where she discovered in French music a soul connection that still imbues her every performance. She entrances from the stage with a sultry voice and dynamic presence. Together with her husband, Jacob, a Russian-born singer/songwriter, they launched Paris Chansons. Max Cohen grew up in Morocco, where he was steeped in French music, particularly the songs of Enrico Macias. Cohen’s rich, velvety tone delivers beautifully nuanced renditions of his favorites, complete with a signature North African lilt.

Superb musicianship anchors the ensemble, effortlessly moving from jazzy improvisation to slow-burning balladry to blistering gypsy fervor. All seasoned pros, the musicians include Endre Balogh on violin, Adam Cohen on upright bass, Jacob Kantor on guitar, Jeff Lams on piano, and Sinclair Lott on drums. Paris Chansons takes you on a musical journey without having to leave your seat. They always deliver a spectacular celebration of French and international music.

San Francisco – Apr 22 2017

EuroCircle and NLBorrels will present The 14th Annual Dutch Kings Night Partyon Saturday April 22 at 8PM!   Party like your Dutch and Celebrate the Dutch King Willem Alexander’s Birthday in Style & Orange.

Appetizers will be available for the first arrivals! Plus  Orange Party Favors, Dutch Snacks, Dutch Candy – Dutch & other European People but mostly Dutch

Dutch Music & European Dance but mostly Dutch in the beginning

LOGIN with your email and password, update your profile and get your tickets now before they go up!!!! ($10-40)

Find out How Dutch you really are? Chantal and Tako are fellow EuroCircle members who came to the USA as Tako won in the green card lottery. They moved to Austin – and started the Stroop Club


[Quiz] How Dutch Are You?

Our Dutch members Chantal and Tako moved to the USA and started a new life – and they changed their career.
Chantal and Tako have made it their mission to introduce the most traditional and delicious Dutch cookie to all Austinites. The Stroop Club was born.
Let’s see how Dutch are you ….


Find out moreThe Stroop Club and this fun Dutch couple.

New York – May 13 2017

Photo credit to EuroCircle New York Organizer Alexandra Spirer

Join us for an afternoon of the Eurovision Song Contest.
Saturday, May 13th

The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be the 62nd edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

Forty countries will participate in the contest, hosted in Kiev, Ukraine. Which country will win this year?
Happy Hour Drink Specials, Full Food Menu available!

We will have our own reserved area just for EuroCircle!

We look forward to seeing you on May 13th!

Your hosts,

Katerina Denisova, Russia
Ilona Lee, Poland
Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team


[Quiz] Are You The Ultimate New Yorker In Spirit?

So you think you are a typical New Yorker – or know a lot about New York City?

Ever heard the joke about how New Yorkers are perceived by others:
The only Americans that foreigners generally like and other Americans dislike.
Frenchman: Are you an American?
Me: No, I’m a New Yorker.
Frenchman: Sacré bleu! What a relief!

Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge.