Houston – Jan 20 2016

It’s time to celebrate EuroCircle’s (as an organization) 17th Anniversary. Our first event took place on on Jan 11 1999 in New York City. We welcome all European groups to join us at Cru Wine Bar.

We are thrilled that Cru Wine Bar will be hosting us – with an extended happy hour from 6 pm to 8 pm for our members (ends usually at 6.30 pm).

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Your support is always appreciated. Please help spread the word among your connections.
Your hosts:

Shahla, Juliana and Venere
EuroCircle Houston Facebook Group
EuroCircle Houston Page at our website. Meet the team, check out our past event photos and more.

About Cru Wine Bar:
CRÚ — the first wine bars in Texas to offer 30 wines by the glass, 300 splendid bottles from all over the world. They pair the wine with Napa style foods.
They aim to demystify the world of wine, keep it cool, and make hundreds of wines accessible to you in an elegant, casually hip environment. So forget stodge. Forget pretense. Come to CRÚ and they’ll direct you through their stunning assortment of wines to help you pick just the right one for the occasion and your pocketbook.

“Beer is made by men, wine by God!” Martin Luther

Austin – Jan 24 2016

It’s time to celebrate EuroCircle’s (as an organization) 17th Anniversary. Our first event took place on on Jan 11 1999 in New York City. We welcome all international groups to join us for this memorable evening.

In addition to extending their regular business hours to 9pm, they have tailored a wonderful menu for our group! Here is a glimpse of the snacks and cocktails:

Emmer Johnny Cakes, Pork Belly, Fermented Cabbage, Deer Creek Cheddar, Crème Fraiche (6)
White Sonoran Empanada, Braised Pork, Chilis, Crème Fraiche, Chimichurri (4)
Our Chips, Buttermilk Dip (4)
Buratta Toast, Straciatella, Winter Greens, Black Butter (6)

Fresh Squeezed Texas Orange Mimosa
Housemade Bloody Mary, Dripping Springs Texas Vodka
Amberjacket, Rye Whiskey, Yellow Chartreuse, Honey, Soda
***3 featured wines and beers are also included.

Looks pretty great! This will also give you an opportunity to try a new happening restaurant in town! We will have the bar area, and the patio will be heated.

DINNER RESERVATIONS: keep in mind this is a SUPER popular venue. SO…in case you think you’d like to sit down let’s say at 6.30 pm and have dinner we strongly recommend you make the reservation now. You can always cancel when there – and you have changed your mind. OK? Phone is 512-366-5530.

Austin Polish Society will help us to host this event.

Find out with this QUIZ: How Much Do You Really Know About Poland

EuroCircle Team

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Kevin Fink’s Emmer Rye serves contemporary American dishes. They focus on seasonal and local ingredients.

The space has a chef’s table and private dining room. In-progress sauces, fermented, and pickled goods are on display tagged in jars. Outside this corner restaurant is the wood-paneled patio with the restaurant’s garden.

Infographic: The EU’s Gender Pay Gap Visualised

Gender inequalities in terms of pay vary widely among the European Union member countries (EU) and among groups of employees according to data compiled by Eurostat.
The unadjusted gender pay pap (GPG) is an indicator used within the European employment strategy (EES) to monitor imbalances in wages between men and women.
It is defined as the difference between the average gross hourly earnings of men and women expressed as a percentage of the average gross hourly earnings of men.

Women’s gross hourly earnings were on average 16.4 percent below those of men in 2013.
The most pronounced gap is in Estonia where there was a 30 percent difference in what men and women make per hour!! This was a real surprise to me.
Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany are also at the wrong end of the table. Slovenia has the narrowest gender gap when it comes to pay at just 3.2 percent.

Let’s just have a quick glance at some facts.

Gender pay gap levels
The gender pay gap varies significantly across EU Member States

By working profile (part-time versus full-time)
Pay gaps can also be analysed from the perspective of part-time or full-time employment. Information at this level of detail is not available, however, for all EU Member States (Figure 2). In 2013, the gender pay gap for part-time workers varied from -8.2 % in Malta to 33.7 % in Spain. A negative gender pay gap means that on average women’s gross hourly earnings are higher than those of men. For full-time workers, pay gaps varied also widely in the EU Member States, ranging from 1.9 % in Italy to 20.3 % in Hungry.

By age
The gender pay gap is generally much lower for young employees

By economic activity
The gender pay gap in the financial and insurance activities is higher than in the business economy as a whole

Pay gaps and economic control
In 2013, the majority of the EU countries (for which data are available) recorded a higher gender pay gap in the private sector than in the public sector.

Infographic: The EU's Gender Pay Gap Visualised | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista