Houston – Jan 20 2016

EuroCircle Kick-off & Anniversary Celebration

It’s time to celebrate EuroCircle’s (as an organization) 17th Anniversary. Our first event took place on on Jan 11 1999 in New York City. We welcome all European groups to join us at Cru Wine Bar.

We are thrilled that Cru Wine Bar will be hosting us – with an extended happy hour from 6 pm to 8 pm for our members (ends usually at 6.30 pm).

If you are not a member yet, please sign up on: http://www.eurocircle.com/forums/register/ — it is FREE.
Facebook has restricted access to a larger audience, thus, we highly recommend you sign up at our website. You can use your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn login to register as a new member (only need to add Houston as your EuroCircle city and the country where you are from originally)

Your support is always appreciated. Please help spread the word among your connections.
Your hosts:

Shahla, Juliana and Venere
EuroCircle Houston Facebook Group
EuroCircle Houston Page at our website. Meet the team, check out our past event photos and more.

About Cru Wine Bar:
CRÚ — the first wine bars in Texas to offer 30 wines by the glass, 300 splendid bottles from all over the world. They pair the wine with Napa style foods.
They aim to demystify the world of wine, keep it cool, and make hundreds of wines accessible to you in an elegant, casually hip environment. So forget stodge. Forget pretense. Come to CRÚ and they’ll direct you through their stunning assortment of wines to help you pick just the right one for the occasion and your pocketbook.

“Beer is made by men, wine by God!” Martin Luther