Austin – Aug 05 2016

Please join us for our annual summer white party to celebrate the gorgeous weather and friendships (new + old)!

We are going to a brand new scene as we try to top last year’s success at the RIO rooftop by the pool.
Come dressed in your sexy, classy favorite shade of white and be ready to have fun!

Exclusive specials from 6pm-9pm for your group.

$6 on all draft beers

$8 house red and white wine

$6 all well cocktails

This time you will be able to enjoy both indoors AND outdoor space!

Parking for $4/hr is self-park in our covered garage, not valet.They do offer valet parking at $17 for the day. Plenty of street parking around Sheraton as well.

This brand new restaurant, The Yard at Waller Creek is designed by Studio 11, there will be a big outdoor space and the 1960 Overlander Airstream bar serving lemonade cocktails when all the renovations are finalized (most of it is). NOTE: You can actually have DINNER here – and no sweating if you prefer being indoors. The Yard at the Waller is a great addition.


About the Yard (quote from FSR Magazine)

The restaurant evolved from a one-story mockup into a two-story space, which allowed the back bar to be pulled up through the atrium. This way, when patrons come into the restaurant, they can see the top part of the bar. Also, when they walk in and look over the railing, it’s an open space that oversees the bar area and there’s a large stairway spiraling around so guests can see all the way from the fourth floor. This makes the restaurant and the back bar a focal point of the entire property.

Studio 11 also developed what looks like a study library outside of the bar, complete with cocktail seating and tables for overspill.

The Back Yard remains purposely informal. The food is very handheld, with items ranging from tacos to barbecue. New York City-based mixologist Jason Kosmas of The 86 Co. helped curate the program, which includes the “Backyard Lemonade” and signature cocktails that arrive in labeled glass bottles. The lemonade can have different flavors infused and alcohol added or left out.

“I looked at it as, if this was my backyard and I had a picnic, what would I want to serve? We did a take on s’mores. So you can order s’mores from the Airstream outside or you can order s’mores from the restaurants. You’re encouraged to take your s’mores package and go outside and cook that on your own at one of our fire pits,” Schulze says.



Atlanta – Aug 03 2016

Hello Eurocircle members:

Please join us for our August (Summer) Get-together which will take place at Le Meridien Atlanta Perimeter Hotel next Wednesday (August 3rd). We will have a live DJ (courtesy of our good friend and member DJ Dutchstijl) who will be spinning some ‘House’ background music for us. Complimentary appetizers from the hotel kitchen will be served and “The Sweetest Things’ owned also by one of our members (Daria) will be serving complimentary cupcakes throughout the night. It should be a great turnout and we look forward to seeing you next week!!!

Atlanta Eurocircle

Nordique – A brand new Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle website

Nordique is a brand new Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle website, featuring exciting articles and blog posts on Nordic culture, food, design and people.

We are the co-founders: Stephanie Silva and Elin Svensson, each from Sweden.
We met in London over five years ago through a Swedish flat share which we found online. Our mutual love of Nordic life, coupled with our recognition that people outside of Scandinavia have a real fascination of the region, inspired us to create an accessible, inspirational viewpoint of our homelands!

Steph focuses on the creative and media-related aspects of the business, raising our platform’s profile and seeking out great new features. Elin is from a business development background, and works closely with the independent, hand-picked suppliers of products that are featured on Nordique’s shop. As well as being business partners, we are also best friends – Steph will be a bridesmaid at Elin’s upcoming wedding on the beautiful Swedish west coast.


How did you end up in London of all places?

London is very close to “home” for us. There are more opportunities workwise, the language makes it easy for us as most Swedish people speak English, and both of us prefer to live in a bigger city then where we are from. London is a home to people from all over the world – it’s such a wonderful melting pot of cultures. We’ve both worked elsewhere, including in the Middle East, but have always been drawn back to London’s vibrancy. It’s also a really good place to do business, with lots of young, like-minded and enthusiastic people also choosing this city as a home.

What is the best and worst about London for you…what is a typical day and weekend??

Where to start… endless social activities, from wonderful restaurants, bars, theatres, gigs – the list goes on. We love the mix of the energy and entrepreneurial spirit that this city generates, but mixed with the beautiful green spaces that are spread across the city. It’s also a place where everyone can feel welcome – most people that you meet day to day are not actually from London, so the city needs to be good at opening its arms to people from all walks of life. It is difficult to get bored in a city like this!

The worst thing about London is probably the commuting during rush hour….if you’re not in the mood the stress of commuting can be pretty difficult at times. It’s also certainly an expensive place to live!


How do you find the lifestyle in London compared to your hometowns in Sweden (housing, food, health care, education, nature, weather..)?

We have a Swedish word – ‘lagom’ – which doesn’t really translate properly into English, but basically means ‘not too little, not too much’. This translates into what is viewed by Swedes as an ideal way to live your life – an expression of things being just right.

This doesn’t really apply to London, where there are certainly more extremes – more highs and lows, more excitement and buzz. There is a level of energy here, and willingness of people to challenge themselves.

Sweden is a difficult place to better in terms of housing, healthcare and education. In housing terms, rents and prices are significantly lower, particularly than London, and the quality of housing is very high.  Healthcare is great in the UK too – the NHS is similar to the system we have in Sweden, so in that sense it is great that the two countries prioritise these issues!

We do sometime miss the beautiful Swedish nature – we love how we have all 4 seasons properly, with real distinctions between them. In winter we have snow, in summer we can go swimming in the sea and in some parts of the country the sun never sets! In autumn and spring the colours can be wonderful. We try to reflect the changing seasons with our features on Nordique, to try to bring these wonderful scenes to a broader audience.

Knowing more about life and having lived with your decisions for a while (like work) – would you still choose to be there and why? Why not..

There will always be “what ifs” regardless of how the decisions you’ve made turned out. The two of us always wanted to have our own business, and we are very lucky to finally have launched Nordique and we are very lucky to have each other, we are such close friends and we work extremely well together.

What should everyone know and understand about your country and its culture?

Sweden is a wonderfully diverse place – in terms of landscapes, cultures, people and weather! We’ve already mentioned the importance of ‘lagom’, and how central this is to Swedish culture. As a nation we are very close to nature, perhaps rooted in the pagan traditions of the Vikings and old Norse people. The traditional ‘Midsummer Festival’ is a public holiday in Sweden, and is celebrated by everyone nearly as much as Christmas (except no presents!). It’s a chance for Swedes to gather together with family and friends, sing traditional songs, dance around the maypole and celebrate the importance of the short, but truly beautiful summer in Sweden.

It’s maybe also reflected in the ease which Swedes have with being naked! It’s very much a stereotype, but Swedes do love skinny-dipping in lakes in the summer haha!

What cafes or restaurants do you recommend to tourists to go to in London and why?

We love Nordic Bakery in Soho for a tasty ‘kanelbullar’ (cinnamon bun) as a reminder of home!

Elsewhere, the Balham Bowls Club in Balham, South West London is a great place to hang out on a weekend – a cool bar converted from an old lawn bowls club, with lots of kitsch features!

Brixton is a really buzzing place at the moment, with new cafes, restaurants and bars opening at a crazy pace. We love going to the street food stalls at Brixton Pop (an outdoor markets constructed of former containers) where you can try tasty delights from countries around the world.

For anyone looking to travel to the Nordic countries and wanting recommendations of cafes and restaurants, or what to see/do then visit as we have a website full of tips and ideas!

What do you absolutely miss from your country/elsewhere heritage (food, culture, movies etc) …or elsewhere?

Swedish summers! Our sea, lakes, strawberries, blueberries, “fika” culture, picnics in the parks…

How to connect with you:
Instagram: thenordique


New York – Aug 05 2016

Join EuroCircle for our Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony Viewing Party at this brand new midtown hotspot!
We will be watching the Opening Ceremony live from Rio which starts at 8pm on large screen TVs. Doors open at 7pm and we recommend coming early to get a seat!

There are great drink specials throughout the night and $10 Vodka specials all night long!
Food is available for purchase

Meet Featured Event SponsorShimmer Med Spa
They will be handing out gift certificates to their spa to everyone at the event!

Look forward to seeing you all for a great night out and the start of the Olympic Games.

Your hosts,

Frank Breuer, Germany
Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

New York – Aug 11 2016

Join EuroCircle for our End of Summer Yacht Party on board the hottest rooftop bar this summer the Zephyr Yacht! Check-in will start at 5:45 and boarding will start at 6:15pm. We set sail at exactly 6:30pm. Enjoy a cash bar of custom made cocktails, drink specials, bar snacks and great music by DJ Chris Bachmann.  Take in the breathtaking 360 skyline views on any of their three decks and party alongside NYC’s sexiest crowd.

Dress Code: Summer Chic

NO REFUNDSAll ticket sales are final!


Our after party starting at 9pm will be at Jia Lounge which is located 105 Rivington Street at the Hotel on Rivington Street. Say EuroCircle at the door for no cover. There will be a great DJ spinning tunes throughout the night!

***Please note that you will need your ID to board and this event is for 21 and over! This event will sell out so get your tickets early as ticket sales will be closed once we sell out!

You hosts:

Nina Kulmala, Finland
Jelena Ignjic, Serbia
Henry Picado, Italy
Ivan Shumkov, Bulgaria

Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

Austin – Jul 19 2016

Let’s gather to fight the horror of this attack in the patio.

Possibility to order Asian fusion snacks from Chef Paul Qui’s food truck.

The French community would like to invite all groups to honor the victims in Nice who unfortunately were at the wrong place at the wrong time.
This hits very close home for all Austin-based immigrants as two of the victims were from Lakeway – A father and his 11-year old son.

Dallas – Jul 15 2016

Join Eurocircle for the first in a series of art themed gatherings in the Dallas metroplex.

Our inaugural outing at the Nasher Sculpture Center conveniently just happens to be ground zero for the Art District’s “Remember Bastille” Day Celebration along Flora Street so lots to do after you experience all the Nasher has to offer.

Check out the amazing sculpture garden as you grab a drink and listen to a concert by Northern National and other local talent. And don’t miss their current exhibit by New York based artist and influential sculptor, Joel Shapiro, as well as some of the other gems inside from Rodin, Matisse & Picasso.

Our group has a private space to gather adjacent to the bar and all the festivites outside. Ask for the conference room when you arrive. We’ll be there between 6-8 p.m. Everyone is welcome to stay longer outside or along Flora Street as both events go on till Midnight. Entry is complimentary.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Party with a Purpose! Check out the links below.



Elina – A Finnish Blogger in South Carolina [Lentoaskeleita]

We always love to feature any Europeans. Elina is a young Finnish woman who ended following her husband to the USA – a move she did not expect. Let’s hear in her own words how she dealt with the challenges.

Please introduce yourself

Hi everyone, my name is Elina. I’m a Finnish mom of two who is spending a year as an expat-spouse in South Carolina.  I am supposed to be finishing my Masters in literature at Tampere University.  Instead we decided to embrace an opportunity for a South Carolina adventure and jump in. When our daughter was born a year ago I had no idea that she would spend her first year outside Finland – in a small town of southern USA.

Our decision to go  to the USA happened very fast. My husband is working –  I’m a stay at home mom at the moment. I will finish my studies when we go back to Finland. I love this unique chapter in my life. It allows me to watch closely how our children grow.

How do you find the lifestyle in South Carolina compared to Europe?

It was surprising to find out how many things are different compared to Finland. Even the houses are different – little things from the traffic lights to gas stations are just like they are in the movies! It felt unreal to see the yellow school buses at the first time.

The biggest shock for me  – the amount of processed food offered!  I appreciate all the clean food we eat in Finland. We try to buy organic and healthy food.  I love the ”Non-GMO”-stickers. I am truly grateful for the “free” education and health care we receive in Finland. It feels unfair how everyone else doesn’t have the equal opportunity in the USA.

I have loved seeing how many Americans volunteer their time to do good. We have a lot to learn from this in Finland. I’m also forever grateful for the warm welcome by all Americans here!

What do you  want your friends to see or feel in South Carolina?

From now on I have to get everyone to visit Charleston. It is the most beautiful city I have ever seen – the old pastel colored houses are just magical.

I take our guests to have the complete ”southern experience” to have a breakfast at Cracker O’Barrel. (Not exactly healthy and clean eating I already told about…)

What do you really miss from Finland?

I miss our sauna, the summer cottage, the cold ground under your feet and the lake’s freezing water. The magical silence of nature.  Of course we all miss our family and friends. It’s hard for the grandparents to miss all the new things  that the children are learning.

How do you balance your career with other obligations – husband, children, and job?

It’s my husband’s turn to focus on his career. I support him 100%.  I really appreciate how hard he works for our family. However, as a woman I want to continue my studies and have my own career after this expat-phase. In turn my husband supports me completely. I want to do it for myself and for our children.  I want my kids to learn how important it is to educate yourself and do something you are passionate about.

What do you miss the most – and the least of Finland?

I miss the Finnish”coffee culture”.  The first question by my Finnish friends is always”would you like to have a cup of coffee?”   Everyone sits at the table, children have juice and adults enjoy their coffee. And”pulla” or cookies too – of course. There are a lot of other things from Finnish culture that I miss. However, I also enjoy the American courtesy and”small talk”- culture. It’s somewhat easier to approach people and get new friends here.

I don’t miss the extra-long winters in Finland. I’m definitely a summer person. I truly enjoy the summer here.

Is there any Finnish expat local group in your area – or some other European group that has been helpful to you?

I have gotten couple of Finnish contacts living in this area trough my blog.   It has been nice to make a few new friends. It’s been touching how helpful everyone has been. Those people have been so amazing.  We feel so thankful for everyone’s help and kindness!

When and how did you decide to move to South Carolina? Is it complicated to settle down there?

Our decision to move here happened very fast. I still remember when my husband called and told me about this job offer. We decided to take it immediately. It took only three months to stand at the front door of our new home. Those three months were crazy. There was so much to arrange: rent our home and pack everything, get the visas and all the other paper work done.  Finding out everything – it was a lot to do!

How is/was the cultural shock? What are the main differences with Finland, your home country?

The cultural shock was huge even if we had visited USA once before. However, there’s no way you can compare New York City to a small town in South Carolina. Not to mention that if you think you really know something about American culture after one visit to NYC you are badly mistaken.

At the beginning we were frankly a little bit confused with the way everyone talks to everyone here. Now I find it fun and refreshing! Everyone is so nice and polite – the real southern charm.

There are some unwritten social rules and customs that are impossible to appreciate before you really live here. For example: everyone says “ma’am” and “sir””miss” etc.  You learn how you are expected to behave in social situations.

When did you start your blog and why?

I started to write a blog almost four years ago. First it was a blog of a young mom who was also a student, and then it was a wedding blog, baby blog, life style blog, now it’s my story of living abroad.

I started it just for the love of writing. I thought it would be a fun hobby. I never imagined how important piece of my life the blog would be: how many amazing people I would meet trough it.

I participated in such fun events because of my blog. I never dreamed how much I love those moments when I can sit down and start writing my blog.  No to mention I have just the best readers! Right now my goal is to make the blogging a side job at some point.

EuroCircle members/visitors can connect with You:



e-mail: lentoaskeleita (at) gmail (dot) com

instagram: @lentoaskeleita



New York – Aug 02 2016

Join EuroCircle’s Summer Rooftop Party at this hotspot rooftop.

Our Party will be on the top rooftop level which is enclosed! 3 FLOORS – FULL KITCHEN – ROOFTOP – AMAZING VIEWS! DJ Chris Bachmann will be spinning tunes for us throughout the night!

Great drink specials throughout the night – 2 drinks for the price of 1 from 7pm-8pm and then Eurotini’s on special for $9 all night!

Dress Code: Summer Chic

Featured hosts:

Jari Mattilla, Finland
Katarzyna Czarnecka, Poland

Look forward to seeing you for a great night out at this amazing rooftop!

Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team



Orange County – Jul 27 2016

You are cordially invited to join British American Business Council members and guests  for the OC International Summer Mixer
& Business Showcase being held at TUSTIN RANCH GOLF CLUB – PATIO

Sample the fine foods from..

To Attend

BABC Members: $15

Non Members $25

Everyone At the Door $30

Promotional Tables $100

Music by DenMan Tau

ladies, this event is outdoors on concrete and grass.


NO cost to you. Just bring food samples to share with the guests

Call Valerie to reserve your space and get details 949 472-2221