Equmix – A global shopping experience of international products

Meet our June 2,2015 Event Sponsor Equmix a new International Online Marketplace for Vendors launching in June 2015. They also hosted our fabulous white party on Tuesday, July 14 2015 – check out their blog on the event here: http://equmix.com/index.php/blog/EuroCirclesSummerWhiteParty/

Meet Co-Founders – Rose Barghout, Sadia Syeda Hussain and Anne Kim! Come out on June 2 for our Immigrant Heritage Party at the Attic and meet them in person! Rose, Sadia and Anne came up with the concept of Equmix after searching and not being able to find the products from abroad that they loved. Equimix will allow you to find those products you love from abroad and have them shipped directly to your door!

Can you tell our EuroCircle Members about you and your background?

The best part about our business and partnership is that the founders of Equmix are immigrants from different countries. Our founders come from New Zealand, Pakistan and Korea.

How did the concept for Equmix come about?

A marketplace for international vendors is virtually nonexistent on the Internet. Many immigrants of various backgrounds and ethnicities like to purchase products brought over by vendors and people from overseas.  Equmix provides these merchants and consumers with a platform.

What void in the European Market does it fill?

It fills that void of shopping-back home or on your travels.  Save your trip and shop on Equmix!

What is Equmix’s mission?

Equmix is a global shopping experience of international products for everyone’s needs.   It’s a simple click away to find the international items that you are looking for without traveling.

What makes Equmix different from other European product sites out there?

There will be a lot of vendors & products that you just can’t find on any other website.

Why is Equmix so important in today’s global marketplace?

Every year the United States becomes more and more diverse.  Equmix brings those things we want and need from our cultures onto American soil, making them easily available to all of us.

Before Equmix what were you and your co-founder’s doing?

The co-founders come from different work backgrounds that complete perfect team for Equmix.   We have social media, finance, and fashion industry background that creates good business model.

Where are each of you originally from? Can you tell our members about where you are from?

We come from all over the world.  Our members immigrated from New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Korea.

What are your favorite places to visit in your home country?

We love to go back home to shop for things that we can’t find here!

When you’re not working what do you like to do in your free time in New York?

We keep ourselves very busy!   We love visiting galleries, shopping and trying the new restaurants around town.

How can our members sign up for Equmix?

It’s very simple – go to www.equmix.com and sign up.  Be part of the Equmix community!

How long have you been members of Eurocircle?

We recently added as a members in New York!  But have attended events in San Francisco!

Anything else about you or Equmix you would like our members to know.

Equmix is a community of International people living within the United States – we work hard to have a diverse range of products. We hope you will join our community and give us feedback on items that you would like to see more of!

Connect with Equimix:

Equmix on Facebook
Equmix on Twitter
Equmix on Instagram


Orange County – Jun 6 2015

Eat, Drink and Be Happy
Come and cheer for your favorite team
The biggest game of the year is here!

Bring your friends, wear your favorite jersey.
Game starts at 11:45 am Saturday June 6 2015 at VITALY CAFE the Camp in Costa Mesa California.
Who’s gonna be this year Champion…
Juventus? Barcelona?…
Cin Cin

Email Andre @ EuroCircle Orange County
EuroCircle Orange County Facebook group

New York – June 20 2015

EuroCircle & Success with Teamwork celebrate Midsummer at this Rooftop Hotspot!

Buy your tickets quickly before the event sells out!!!

Sounds By: DJ Universe & Chris Bachmann
Special guest: World Renowned Cellist Gjilberta Lucaj who will doing a special performance!

Featured Hosts:
Malena Belafonte, Denmark. She is the founder of Once Upon a Fashion Show, Pink Pirate Production and co-founder of The Speyer Legacy School
Vincent Paradiso, professional ballet dancer and letsdutch.com founder
Boriana Pavlova, Bulgaria

Carland Denmark along with Malena Belafonte will be displaying their beautiful sustainable bags.
Great drink specials throughout the night and food available for purchase.
Come out, network, put on your dancing shoes and get ready to rock out to awesome tunes throughout the night and see some amazing fashions.
About Midsummer:
In Sweden, where the festival is called “Midsommar”, houses are decorated inside and out with wreaths and flower garlands. Swedes then dance around the decorated midsummer pole while listening to traditional folk songs known to all. In Sweden, as in many other countries, the magic of Midsummer includes bonfires and divining the future.

In Norway, Finland and Denmark, Midsummer’s Eve is also a popular day, celebrated with large bonfires and processions in the evening. In Norway, Midsummer’s Eve is also called “Jonsok”. The Finns call it “juhannus”.

We look forward to seeing you at the great event in celebration of Midsummer!


Alexandra and the EuroCircle New York Team

Sponsorships and Partnerships are available for this event!

EuroCircle SAFARI – Southern Africa, Oct 2015
Read more about the Trip to AFRICA

New York – June 10 2015

EuroCircle & Events Around The World Presents:


This is a Ticketed Event!

Supporting The Icla da Silva Foundation
Each guest will get a welcome Caipiroska & 1 Hour Open Star Vodka Bar

Brazilian Artist CHRIS BARRETO ART Showcase
Brigadieros by littletreatsnyc will be served
Brazilian beats by DJ ALEX CARIOCA & World Renowned Percussionist MEIA NOITE

Capoeira Performance by Mestre Aryranha Lima & Westchester Capoeira

We look forward to seeing you at this great event in support of a great cause!

Boriana Pavlova, Bulgaria
Alexandra & the EuroCircle New York Team

Budapest – Jun 4 2015

Join EuroCircle Budapest to meet with other European, locals, other expats and visitors:

Eiffel Bistro & Bar
Bajcsy Zsilinszky út. 78
in the very center of Budapest.

RSVP and invite other friends to join!

Sergio and Zsófia

EuroCircle  Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/EuroCircle

EuroCircle Budapest group to stay updated: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EuroCircleBudapest

Houston – May 27 2015

Please note the new venue for our May event is INDIKA (changed from Bistro Menil)
INDIKA is well known option for innovative Indian dishes & handcrafted cocktails in modern, airy environs.
We’re inviting a selection of the city’s friendliest, most vivacious people to connect over a glass and a nibble.

Please RSVP and feel free to invite a friend too.

Shahla, Mary Beth; Juliana; Venere


Shahla, Mary Beth,  Juliana & Venere

Orange County – May 20 2015

Join EuroCircle at this lovely venue with very European ambiance.
Let’s spend some time together! ☕️❤️
Bring a few friends, make of a couple new friends, new connections, discover business opportunities etc…

Meet some amazing people from all over Europe.
See you all there and LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL.

Ciao tutti
André Adamski

Vienna – May 21 2015

This is a unique place to enjoy a good drink and a nice chat, above all the space was designed to invite fantasy, encouraging people to enjoy art and design outside the traditional context of a gallery or museum. This is a perfect meeting place for us and to celebrate together the after-work-time. Let`s join!

Thursday May 21st, 2015 at 19:30
If dogs run free
Gumpendorfer Strasse 10
1060 Vienna

Closest train station: U4/U1/U2 Karlsplatz and U2 Museumsquartier

Please RSVP and invite other friends to join!

Christian & Tom

Leila Kiiskinen – Umbria is my home, I am happy here!

I “met” Leila in a Finnish group at Facebook and since my American boyfriend keeps dreaming about living in Spain or Italy I figured let’s find out how a Finnish woman likes living in Umbria. Leila has a funny blog in Finnish, I was laughing aloud when I read a story how she met her current boyfriend Sergio (suomalaisittain Sörtsö). I also asked her personal opinion about a famous court case that involved an American girl since she lives in that area…but unfortunately I promised NOT to publish what she said. Very interesting.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Leila Kiiskinen. I am from Finland but I have lived in Italy for 28 years (2015). Why did I come to Italy? I wanted to study the Montessori Method which is an internationally recognized mode of education.

Like many other Scandinavian girls in their 20s, I had a “date with my destiny”. My destiny’s name was Luciano.

Why did you stay in Italy?

Love and marriage that resulted in two great children. We spent 18 years together before our marriage ended. I decided to stay in Italy because I am happy here.

I still recall my first steps in Italy. I felt just like I had taken off my shoes – barefoot and happy. The atmosphere in Italy is open and relaxed, Italians live and enjoy one day at the time even if they are fully aware of life’s ups and downs.

How do make your living in Italy?

Finding a permanent position with my qualifications (or something I love) is practically impossible. Unemployment rate has been getting higher day by day, every year. You realize that being innovative, proactive, patient and persistent is necessary – a good sense of humor adds the last ingredient for the magic potion that may help you in job hunting.

As for me, I have survived with freelancing and short-term employment. In December 2014 I wrote a humorous book about Italian life in a short story format: Terkkuja Leilalta Italiasta (Leila’s Regards from Italy).

The book is in Finnish and published in Finland.

Anything you miss from Finland?

I miss the tranquility of the Finnish life and nature. Finland does not have the problems and noise of the bigger cities. The nature is so peaceful; you literally feel the silence reflected in the woods and by the lakes. Sometimes I regard Finland not as a country but almost like a safe private club – at least from the Italian perspective.

In addition I miss the safe stuff all Finns living abroad love: licorice (salty), blueberries, mustard and rye bread. These Finnish delicacies are unforgettable for anyone who spent their childhood in Finland.

What if you lived in Finland, what would you miss from Italy?

I find Italians to be very open and considerate towards others – I’d miss that for sure. You are never left alone. The government does not provide much security. However, your fellow Italians are always ready to help. Someone is always reaching out to you. Great food, wine and joyful evenings spent with family and close friends make the life worth of living. Italians are able to deal with any problems they may have as long as an average person can afford the restaurants and pizzeria. One unforgettable weekly meal with friends and family gives you strength to deal with any day-to-day issues we all have.

You have lived in Italy almost three decades. What kind an advice would you give to a tourist – or another foreigner considering a move to Italy?

There is so much to see and experience in Italy: history, art and beautiful nature. As a tourist you should not miss the small off-the-beaten path medieval mountain villages and islands not taken over by tourists yet. If you do that, you will experience the authentic Italian lifestyle – not just the big cities and the beaches filled with other tourists.

For example in Umbria you will find attractive, authentic small towns like Perugia, Assisi and Spoleto, where I live.

If you plan to move to Italy, I would strongly advice to find a job before you move here. It truly is almost impossible to find a job in Italy at the moment. If you have a job when you move here, adapting to the Italian life is not that hard. Living costs where I live are fairly low.

However, all the areas in Italy are very different – you have the busy big cities like Milano and Roma – and the small, quaint villages and town. You need to decide what do you want from your new Italian life to be able to decide where to live.

What surprised you in Italy or Italians?

Many Italians are very calm and introverted, not as outgoing as most people expect. It seems that many people consider Italy – hence also Italians – chaotic. However, Italians are fairly traditional and in some ways extremely disciplined and precise. Their homes are usually in perfect order and super tidy – just like a realtor’s ad! And not everyone eats pasta either.

The Italians are known for their style – what do you think?

I agree, Italians are the most elegant people in the world. They create an ensemble – every piece of your clothing, shoes and any accessories support each other. I feel it is partly in their genes, partly because they learn already as a child what style is. You notice how even toddlers in the playgrounds are dressed in matching colors. I feel like it is impossible not to develop a great sense of color and how to combine any clothes at very early age.

An Italian man does not need any help in dressing up. They know exactly which tie is the best with his suits and what color of socks complete that particular ensemble to the perfection. Italians are very aware of aesthetics, they spend money on anything that adds beauty around them.

The Finns are very different – do you think you would ever be able to live fulltime in Finland?

I think I could, especially if I could spend longer periods in Italy – like my summer vacations. Even if I behave like an alien in Finland at the moment having been abroad so long, I trust I would be able to adapt really easily to the Finnish life.

Connect with Leila Kiiskinen:
Terkkuja Leilalta Italiasta!
Leila Kiiskinen @ Facebook
Leila’s Book in Finnish – Terkkuja Leilalta Italiasta kirjana
Email Leila

Austin – May 31 2015

Thanks to GlobalAustin and AIN Photographers

Global Austin, AIN and EuroCircle will be joining hands and hosting the 3rd great International Potluck. We welcome warmly the other local international groups to participate the event. (such Austin Polish Society, SACC TX, Casa de Espana Austin,  etc) We will also use this event to kick-off IHM — Immigrant Heritage Month, June.

This means that you can all bring your traditional dishes and have other members & guests experience new flavors and most of all, your cooking skills! This is no Top Chef event, but it will be a great way to challenge yourself and share your culture with just a bite of heaven.

Alta’s Cafe is the ONLY source allowed for ANY BEVERAGES during this event at the premises of the Cafe and the Waller Creek Boathouse, they will also provide complimentary water.

This event will be hosted at ALTA’S CAFE on Sunday May 31st, starting at 5:00pm. Wine, beer, coffee, other beverages will be available for purchase at the bar, and all food will be nicely organized according to the different flavors you bring to the table.
Wine, all $7 / glass: 2 whites, 2 reds, 1 sparkling and 1 rose
Beer, all $4 / beer and bucket of 4 for $12:
Fireman’s #4, Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap Pils & Fire Eagle IPA
Non Alcoholic, range from $2-$3 each
– Maine Root sodas: Mexicane and Root Beer
– Topo Chico
– Bottled Water
– Unsweet Iced Te

It is located in the Waller Creek Boathouse at the end of Trinity Street, 1 block south of the Convention Center. It’s a pretty perfect spot – on the hike and bike trail and overlooking Lady Bird Lake. Alta’s Cafe will stay open until 9 pm every Sunday.

Food always brings people together, so keep this date open. Go work out and come hungry! Casual or dressy attire – up to you!

We will provide plates, forks, knives, spoons and napkins, but please bring/use your dish and utensils you wish to serve with.  We will have a table set up so you can talk about upcoming events and add the events you are excited about to International Austin calendar. The best marketing tool is word of mouth, keep that in mind.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Shalini Komarla, AIN & her team, Margie Kidd & Global Austin team
Kaisa & The EuroCircle team
Kaisa is at kaisa@eurocircle.com if you have any serious concerns.

PS.  All members who will bring a dish MAY post details in the forums under comments – it is helpful for others to know what you are bringing. If you just want to attend, that is no problem, but this is a great opportunity to share something you are proud of.


Best parking is likely 600 River Street at the Mexican American Cultural Center parking lot (Off Rainey Street).  From the westside of the parking lot, look for a black iron gate and the Waller Creek footbridge heading towards the Four Seasons Hotel (and Alta’s Cafe). The cafe is right before Four Seasons.

Congress Avenue Kayaks is located at the Waller Creek Boathouse.
We highly recommend you get there EARLY (like 3 pm) if you want to go kayaking or try stand-up paddle boarding. They will not be available after 6 pm that evening


Sponsored by DILOGR.com

The second-annual Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM) this June, a nationwide effort to gather and share inspirational stories of immigration in America, will celebrate our country’s immigrant heritage–stories of individuals, families and communities who have contributed to the unique social fabric of a country whose greatness is fueled by its diversity. By highlighting the intersections of each unique immigrant experience, IHM 2015 will illuminate how each individual journey has been instrumental to the formation, foundation, and ongoing strength of the United States of America.
Visit WELCOME.US to share your story!