Austin – May 31 2015

The 3rd Annual International Potluck with GlobalAustin, AIN & EuroCircle

Thanks to GlobalAustin and AIN Photographers

Global Austin, AIN and EuroCircle will be joining hands and hosting the 3rd great International Potluck. We welcome warmly the other local international groups to participate the event. (such Austin Polish Society, SACC TX, Casa de Espana Austin,  etc) We will also use this event to kick-off IHM — Immigrant Heritage Month, June.

This means that you can all bring your traditional dishes and have other members & guests experience new flavors and most of all, your cooking skills! This is no Top Chef event, but it will be a great way to challenge yourself and share your culture with just a bite of heaven.

Alta’s Cafe is the ONLY source allowed for ANY BEVERAGES during this event at the premises of the Cafe and the Waller Creek Boathouse, they will also provide complimentary water.

This event will be hosted at ALTA’S CAFE on Sunday May 31st, starting at 5:00pm. Wine, beer, coffee, other beverages will be available for purchase at the bar, and all food will be nicely organized according to the different flavors you bring to the table.
Wine, all $7 / glass: 2 whites, 2 reds, 1 sparkling and 1 rose
Beer, all $4 / beer and bucket of 4 for $12:
Fireman’s #4, Austin Beerworks Pearl Snap Pils & Fire Eagle IPA
Non Alcoholic, range from $2-$3 each
– Maine Root sodas: Mexicane and Root Beer
– Topo Chico
– Bottled Water
– Unsweet Iced Te

It is located in the Waller Creek Boathouse at the end of Trinity Street, 1 block south of the Convention Center. It’s a pretty perfect spot – on the hike and bike trail and overlooking Lady Bird Lake. Alta’s Cafe will stay open until 9 pm every Sunday.

Food always brings people together, so keep this date open. Go work out and come hungry! Casual or dressy attire – up to you!

We will provide plates, forks, knives, spoons and napkins, but please bring/use your dish and utensils you wish to serve with.  We will have a table set up so you can talk about upcoming events and add the events you are excited about to International Austin calendar. The best marketing tool is word of mouth, keep that in mind.

We look forward to seeing you then!

Shalini Komarla, AIN & her team, Margie Kidd & Global Austin team
Kaisa & The EuroCircle team
Kaisa is at if you have any serious concerns.

PS.  All members who will bring a dish MAY post details in the forums under comments – it is helpful for others to know what you are bringing. If you just want to attend, that is no problem, but this is a great opportunity to share something you are proud of.


Best parking is likely 600 River Street at the Mexican American Cultural Center parking lot (Off Rainey Street).  From the westside of the parking lot, look for a black iron gate and the Waller Creek footbridge heading towards the Four Seasons Hotel (and Alta’s Cafe). The cafe is right before Four Seasons.

Congress Avenue Kayaks is located at the Waller Creek Boathouse.
We highly recommend you get there EARLY (like 3 pm) if you want to go kayaking or try stand-up paddle boarding. They will not be available after 6 pm that evening


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The second-annual Immigrant Heritage Month (IHM) this June, a nationwide effort to gather and share inspirational stories of immigration in America, will celebrate our country’s immigrant heritage–stories of individuals, families and communities who have contributed to the unique social fabric of a country whose greatness is fueled by its diversity. By highlighting the intersections of each unique immigrant experience, IHM 2015 will illuminate how each individual journey has been instrumental to the formation, foundation, and ongoing strength of the United States of America.
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