Austin – Jun 12 2016

EuroCircle member Andrew Fish is our neighbor and he is also the President of the local Ferrari Club Chapter. He kindly invited us to join this casual event on Sunday from noon to 6 pm. (for some reason FB always prevents me to edit the time). You can come and go as you like


Come join Ferrari of Austin and the Ferrari Club of America, Hill County Chapter at Circuit of the Americas to experience the world of Ferrari!

Own a Ferrari? Bring it! Don’t own one, come join us!
Watch the Canadian Grand Prix, see a broad spectrum of Ferrari cars both old and new.

Les Kiser and Jonathan Green should be there talking during the breaks. COTA should have a rep there also. The cars will be on display starting at noon, the F1 race starts at 1:00pm.

Food and beverages are available for purchase as well as a trip around the track in your Ferrari

Austin – May 22 2016

4th Annual International Potluck with GlobalAustin, AIN & EuroCircle

EuroCircle team will be joining hands and building the next great event together with  GlobalAustinAustin InterCultural Network (AIN) by hosting the 4th Annual International Potluck. This means that you can all bring your traditional dishes and have other members experience new flavors and most of all, your cooking skills!

ATTIRE:  Casual, comfortable.

Esther and Angelos Angelou have invited us to picnic in their lovely tree-shaded yard surrounding their pool. It is a beautiful setting for another very enjoyable late afternoon of sharing food from many cultures. So – bring your favorite dish to share – and anticipate stimulating conversations with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences! The pool is available to those who wish to swim (bring suit and towel!)

Bring a picnic blanket or chairs. Lemonade, water, plates, cups, utensils and napkins will be provided.
Please bring any serving utensils needed for your dish.

Haute European Salon is an up and coming salon in the heart of Mueller. With a team of vibrant hard working hairstylists Haute European Salon is quickly making a name for themselves as one of the best salons in Austin. Haute European Salon team is donating 2 blowouts, 2 accent balayage/highlight services, 1 woman’s haircut and a men’s haircut. (bring some change/$5-10 bills with you for the raffle)
Meet Katalin (from Hungary) who owns the Salon!

Special thanks to Esther and Angelos Angelou from INTERNATIONAL  ACCELERATOR for inviting us to their beautiful home. International Accelerator is dedicated to helping non-U.S. citizen entrepreneurs set up their U.S. company, give it an “American look and feel,” and lay a sturdy foundation to build a global business.  Check out their website here!



Global Austin


GlobalAustin hosts approximately 500 visitors through these programs each year as we work in partnership with the U.S. Department of State to deliver educational and cultural programs to visiting international leaders. GlobalAustin celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2010. GlobalAustin is a 501(c)3 corporation.

Austin Intercultural Network is a 501c(3) nonprofit that was founded in 2011 by a group of friends who are passionate about celebrating and uniting Austin’s diverse cultures. Together, with all of you who are both new and old Austinites, we are realizing our vision of promoting cultural awareness within the community through partnerships and collaboration.

Austin – Apr 28 2016

We are happy to announce our first Salsa night!! Whether you are a salsa dancer, or wanting to learn (or even just watch), this evening is a guaranteed fun night for all. Tamale House East has kindly agreed to host our group.

Tamale House already has a very reasonable price on food and beverage (beer, wine, liquor), however, they are:
1) Extending special prices on alcohol for night
2) Generously offering complimentary appetizers for our group

In addition to their kindness, the famous BREW band will be playing LIVE music!! What is there not to like?!

Tamale House is a truly magical place located in East Austin…a hole in the wall that is a well kept secret, for now.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Allison & EuroCircle Team

Music by the BREW

Lead guitarist Michael Rodriguez marries fiery Latin-flavored guitar with flamenco, jazz and a touch of rock to produce yet another testament to the Brew’s incredibly electrifying style of Latin-Jazz.The Brew is based in Austin, Texas and formed around three brothers, Michael, Mark and Joe Rodriguez, who have played together for more than 30 years.  Check out the Brew and their music!

From the migas to the inexpensive breakfast tacos to the ample parking options.
Carmen Valera (granddaughter and namesake of Tamale House founder Carmen Vasquez) and her siblings operate this Tex-Mex hot spot that hosts pop-up dinners and a diverse selection of events.
Enjoy an agua fresca on the expansive outdoor patio.

SAVE THE DATES – Saturday May 14 2016 – Eurovision Song Contest
Sunday, May 22 2016 International Potluck

Austin – Mar 06 2016

We decided to meet at the Bonneville for our monthly event.

Bonneville is Classic New American Bistro, offering a variety of dining options that change according to the seasonality of ingredients and the whims of the chefs.
Both owners are classically trained in French technique but their style draws on influences from across the globe, focusing on the quality, accessibility and availability of ingredients to drive the menu.
The Bonneville is a bright, open and inviting spot in downtown with a lively bar, wonderfully friendly service, and cozy corners…..a casual, comfortable place to grab a quick bite or linger over dinner.

We will have an extended Happy Hour specials.

Come join us for a drink, conversation, catch up with an old friend or meet new one from around the world.

Looking forward seeing you all on March 6th.

PS. Parking is free on Sundays!

Dinner reservations 512.428.4643

Anna Katrina Davey – Bridging Cultures and Giving Companies the Confidence to Succeed Globally

Please introduce yourself

My name is Anna Katrina Davey and I am from Trieste, Italy. I have called Italy as well as Connecticut, Germany and more recently Texas, home. I have also lived in Hanoi, Vietnam and have traveled about 45 countries, many of which for extended periods of time. Nine years ago I moved to Austin, Texas where I also founded my intercultural training and expat relocation services firm, Cultural Confidence.

Tell us something about your hometown

Trieste is city of arcane splendor and elusive identity cradled at the top of the Adriatic Sea. If you are prone to stereotyping, Trieste would help you appreciate the intricacies of culture. Located at the farthest northeastern corner of the country, only twenty minutes from the border with Slovenia, half hour away from Croatia and one and a half hours from Austria, Trieste has been a crossroads of Latin, Slavic and Germanic cultures throughout history. Greeks, Jews and even Armenians have thrived here and contributed to its rich culture. And over half a millennium as part of Austria, later to be the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, have lent the city the strong Mitteleuropean flavor it shares with other Habsburg cities such as Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

For all the differences one could possibly imagine between my place of birth and the place I now call home, there are three commonalities that come straight to mind. Firstly, the limestone and low vegetation of the Texas Hill Country just west of Austin resemble the topography of the Carso, the karst landscape surrounding Trieste. Secondly, Texas’ strong independent identity and ongoing conversations around its alleged right to secede bring to mind Trieste’s small yet committed movement towards recognition as a free city-state. Interestingly and baffling enough, our ID cards, issued by the Italian government, feature a silhouette of the country missing Trieste’s territory! Thirdly, both Austin and Trieste seem to be proud of the oddness of their inhabitants. Austin in fact prides itself in “keeping it weird” while in Trieste we say “se no i xe mati, no li volemo” – “if they aren’t crazy, we don’t want them”. Further proof of our kookiness is that in our dialect, the normal, neutral way to refer to a guy is with the word “mulo” or “mato”. Literally, and to all other Italians, these words refer to “mule” and “crazy one” respectively, but for us, it’s just how we call our fellow humans. At this point I should also mention that my hometown is pioneer in the field of mental health. In fact, under the leadership of psychiatrist Franco Basaglia, Trieste, soon followed by the rest of Italy, became the first place worldwide to abolish psychiatric hospitals in favor of a more humane, inclusive and progressive treatment of the mentally ill. Unsurprisingly, “crazy” is a customary part of the Triestine landscape.

How did you end up in Austin of all places?

Karma, family circumstances and lack of a conventional sense of belonging inherited from my hometown, have led me to explore my identity and its multiple facets by experiencing different cultures. Accordingly, I have lived and worked on three continents and traveled some of the remotest parts of the world. A brief romantic relationship led me to leave my job as an intercultural advisor with the German Development Service in Hanoi, Vietnam and move to Austin.

How do you feel about living in Austin?

Austin wasn’t love at first sight for me, despite the expectations of all the locals who with smile to their ears would ask me the rhetorical-sounding question “So how do you like Austin?” – with only one fathomable enthusiastic answer in their mind. I also did not relate to the ubiquitous bumper stickers proudly displayed on many cars that read “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could”. Yet despite a brief hiatus in New York City I stayed. Time in fact has changed both Austin – one of the fastest growing cities in the US – and myself in such ways that this is the place that I now proudly call home.

How do you find the lifestyle in Austin?

Quality of life here is good. People are friendly, kind and non-judgmental, the weather is nice year-round, we have a lake rimmed by a stunning 10-mile trail in the middle of town and an array of activities of all kinds to enjoy. Locally owned coffee shops are the norm, restaurants of all kinds with organic, locally sourced, vegan and gluten-free options abound as well. My evenings out include the most diverse activities, ranging from dancing forró to live music on a patio outside of an organic supermarket, salsa on a musician barge at Town Lake (now officially Lady Bird Lake), and bollywood for a fundraiser or flash mob. I regularly go to the opera as well as enjoy intimate community gatherings singing kirtan or partaking in sacred indigenous pipe ceremonies. And so much more. I have also somewhat preserved my old-world lifestyle by biking through town whenever I have the chance – to meet up with a friend, take part in a yoga class, go to the farmer’s market or buy groceries at Whole Foods Downtown. Proximity to all these things and riding my bicycle are essential to my lifestyle. And given the fact that direct access to raw nature is also vital to me, I am fortunate to live in what I find to be the best part of town. In fact, while enjoying proximity to the city’s “core”, I live directly on the “Greenbelt” that stretches through Central/South Austin. There is hardly anything that gives me more satisfaction than being able to walk back home through the beauty and simplicity of the Greenbelt after a swim at Barton Springs Pool or a Sunday afternoon spent downtown.

How do you make your living?

My company, Cultural Confidence, provides three main services: Intercultural Training, Expatriate Relocation Services and Language Training. While the third offering is relatively self-explanatory, I will briefly provide some insight into the first two aspects of my work. Through Intercultural Training we help companies succeed in global markets by giving their employees the confidence to work and communicate effectively with foreign counterparts and clients. We help clients in the areas of international assignments, expatriate risk management, global virtual teams, new market entry and merger integration. This work seems to be a natural path for me and is a reflection of some of things I value most in life. It is about developing a holistic perspective, recognizing the yin and yang of our culture-based values and respecting a plurality of views. It is about breaking down barriers through understanding, communication and connection, and ultimately fostering global peace.

A few years ago, in the wake of Austin’s fast-paced growth and several inquiries, I decided to add Austin-Bound Expatriate Relocation Services to my firm’s offerings. In this capacity, we help company transferees and new-hires from every corner of the globe efficiently settle into Austin. We provide them with an area orientation and tour, home finding assistance and help getting official documents such as a social security card or Texas driver’s license. Having struggled first-hand to make this place my home and now truly appreciating and enjoying it, I find it rewarding to help others experience a smooth transition and discover all the wonderful things this place has to offer. As I believe joys are to be shared and not be hoarded away from others, you can confidently assume that my car does not display the increasingly common bumper sticker “Welcome to Austin. Please don’t move here”.


How to connect with you:

Cultural Confidence @ Facebook


Twitter: annakatrinaCC

Austin – Jan 24 2016

It’s time to celebrate EuroCircle’s (as an organization) 17th Anniversary. Our first event took place on on Jan 11 1999 in New York City. We welcome all international groups to join us for this memorable evening.

In addition to extending their regular business hours to 9pm, they have tailored a wonderful menu for our group! Here is a glimpse of the snacks and cocktails:

Emmer Johnny Cakes, Pork Belly, Fermented Cabbage, Deer Creek Cheddar, Crème Fraiche (6)
White Sonoran Empanada, Braised Pork, Chilis, Crème Fraiche, Chimichurri (4)
Our Chips, Buttermilk Dip (4)
Buratta Toast, Straciatella, Winter Greens, Black Butter (6)

Fresh Squeezed Texas Orange Mimosa
Housemade Bloody Mary, Dripping Springs Texas Vodka
Amberjacket, Rye Whiskey, Yellow Chartreuse, Honey, Soda
***3 featured wines and beers are also included.

Looks pretty great! This will also give you an opportunity to try a new happening restaurant in town! We will have the bar area, and the patio will be heated.

DINNER RESERVATIONS: keep in mind this is a SUPER popular venue. SO…in case you think you’d like to sit down let’s say at 6.30 pm and have dinner we strongly recommend you make the reservation now. You can always cancel when there – and you have changed your mind. OK? Phone is 512-366-5530.

Austin Polish Society will help us to host this event.

Find out with this QUIZ: How Much Do You Really Know About Poland

EuroCircle Team

Members, please LOG IN with your email and password to sign up and find more details. If you are not a member yet, REGISTER HERE — it is FREE. Please note that you create your member profile at EuroCircle with your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn login.


Kevin Fink’s Emmer Rye serves contemporary American dishes. They focus on seasonal and local ingredients.

The space has a chef’s table and private dining room. In-progress sauces, fermented, and pickled goods are on display tagged in jars. Outside this corner restaurant is the wood-paneled patio with the restaurant’s garden.

Austin – Jun 25 2015



Dear members,

Let’s add a little bit of brightness and color to all this rain and grey skies! June will revolve around flowers and blossoms.

Be creative, there are many ways you can incorporate flowers. Select the flower that you think best represents your country or personality and gear up! You can wear it or/and share it: hats, dresses, ties, shirts, props, accessories…be colorful!
Enjoy specialty bar nibbles and 1/2 price libations from 6 pm to 10 pm in the Record Room.

Marlene Jorge, a local artist, will join us to show some of her colorful artwork

A bientot!

Allison & EuroCircle Austin team
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EuroCircle SAFARI – Southern Africa, Oct 2015
Read more about the Trip to AFRICA

Austin – Apr 30 2015

Nordic Night to Celebrate Spring @ Prelogs European Kitchen & Bar

Join the Nordic groups in Austin and EuroCircle to celebrate the Spring at Prelogs – the lovely new European Kitchen and Bar.
Danish Club of Austin – Uffe Petersen
Swedish American Chamber of Commerce Texas– Mollie Silverhjelm
Johann Runarsson – Iceland, JW Marriott and  Finns in Austin

Austin – Apr 25 2015

EuroCircle Austin is proud to co-host for the 3rd time the Victory Cup Austin Classic. Polo Party.

Dubbed “The Best Party in Texas” this exclusive gala event will be held at the manicured polo fields at Austin Polo Club, the same lovely venue as the Gatsby Polo Party in 2013, about 15 min from downtown Austin.

Come join us for a gorgeous day of majestic horses, beautiful people and heart pounding polo at the Victory Cup on April 25th! The polo match consists of games featuring the UT Polo Team and Texas A&M and includes other events:

– Classic & Luxury Car Show
– Art Show in the VIP Tent presented by Big Ass Canvas
– Feature Polo Match: Texas Polo Team vs Aggie Polo Team
– Best Dressed Contest
– Fashion Show in the VIP Tent and Society Row
– Exclusive After Party (more details to follow)

Additionally, Dell Children’s Hospital is the premier philanthropic partner.

****EC Austin member can avail of an exclusive promo code CUATRO when buying tickets at the ticketbud site for a discount! *****

For more details please visit the website:

Adnan Khaleel and Cuatro Tolson

Austin – Mar 26 2015

Are you ready for a little bit of “oulala”?! Our next event is going to revolve around France. For this theme, we ask that you come with your own representation of France – could be specific clothes (beret), props (cane), features (moustache) or your favorite character. Ultimately, we want to be immersed in France through your vision and experiences. Let your imagination flow!
Now we go to the Best Hotel Bar in Austin with a balcony that overlooks Congress Avenue.

EXTENDED happy hour until 10 pm (drinks for sure, not 100 % on food)

French American Business Council of Austin, Inc. (FABCA),
(Liz Wiley, President. Board members: Valerie Bodet, Nicole Gewinner, Didier Kane, and Dana Kolflat)
Paul Rambaud, The Print Shoppe, Isabelle Bossart & Co
Chef Alain Braux,, read his interview HERE

Allison Berguin (France) & The rest of EuroCircle Austin team (Adnan, Emma, Szilvia, Kaisa & Co welcome you warmly.

Members, please LOG IN with your email and password to sign up and find more details. (if you are not a member yet, register below — it is FREE.)

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The Hotel finished a multimillion dollar renovation in March of 2013. Affectionately known as the ‘Stephen F,’ the luxury hotel is ideally placed on Congress Avenue.
The unique Art Deco façade is a famous Austin landmark and has been part of the city scene for more than 60 years. At the heart of the culture capital of Texas, this Austin luxury hotel is just blocks from art museums, the state capitol and right next door to Paramount Theatre.

The Stephen F’s Bar & Terrace is consistently voted the Best Hotel Bar in downtown Austin, with a balcony that overlooks Congress Avenue and a gorgeous view of the Texas State Capitol.

TRIP WITH SHERRY – EuroCircle Journeys Across Africa – Oct 2015
3 Countries in one EuroCircle Adventure!
Namibia, Botswana, Zambia. From the Kalahari Desert, through the Okavango Delta, we walk with the San bushmen, visit Chobe National Park, search for the Big 5, float past hippos in a dugout canoe, raft the whitewaters of the Zambezi River or bungee jump down the Victoria Falls! Scared?

The Size IS Everything says Chef Alan Braux
Luba Cain – Russian photographer who specializes in maternity and newborns
Larisa Pevtsova, From Russia to Chicago, Larisa’s Life through the Lens
Mattias Strömberg – From Sweden to Budapest with South Korean Flair
Hanna Doyle – How does a woman from subarctic Oulu end in humid subtropical Houston, TX
Florian and Romana Prelog – Creating the European haven @ the Prelogs (Austin)