Austin – August 31 2013

France Meets Texas @ Javelina with EuroCircle

Hi everyone,

Allison Berguin’s best friend Julie and her sister will be coming to Austin from France in August. They have never been to America before and she wants to welcome them with a big Hurrah! The French ladies will be arriving an hour after the start time…be ready to shout!
PLEASE TRY TO BE THERE by 6.30 pm at the latest! Do not miss out!

Here is the plan:

1) Theme: WESTERN. Please dress up with your nicest country attire. The more Texan you can be, the better.
2) FOOD: 2 food specials – pulled pork sliders and Jalapeno poppers!
3) DRINK: French 75 special for the evening.
4) MUSIC: Country Band, John Evans, starts at 7pm

Allison & Katya & EuroCircle Team