Austin – Aug 23 2011

Joint European Summer Drinks at Hank's Garage

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Thanks to all the lovely hosts and organizations for joining us!

Allison Berguin, France, Wells Fargo
Aline Hanle, France, and
Adnan Khaleel, UK
Marie Cloutier, J hilburn (custom made men’s shirts etc! Really cool stuff!)
Edrik Kovach, Hungary
Marek Peczeniuk and Beata Zadrozna, Poland,
Henrik Johansson, Sweden, SACC and /Swedish American Chamber of Commerce TX
Antonia Warren Garcia-Vaso, Spain,
Kamilla Khabibrakhmanova, Russia
Niki and Paul Haarman, Spain/NL/USA, The Renaissance Companies
Jonathan Green, UK, (motor sports broadcaster F1 etc)
Heli Esker, Finland, Zip Realty/Author
Kaisa Kokkonen, Finland, Team (Jon Rogers, Lance Shuldberg and Gary Spirer)

Here are some suggestion for special offers BEER-
Harp $3 Ireland
Smithwicks $3 England
New Belgium Sahti $3…(Sahti is a traditional Finish rye alebrewed with Juniper-this is a pretty popular beer here)
These are all in 20 oz Imperial pints
.Maudite $9 Canada
St Bernardus 8 and 12 $9 Belgium
Maredsous Triple $9 Belgium
These are served in 16 oz glasses

White Chateau Bonnet Entre-deux-mer 2010 $4gl France
Sparkling Perelada rose cava nv $5gl Spain
Rose Bieler 2010 $4gl France
Red Menguante Granacha $4gl Spain
Red Les Fontanelles Pinot Noir 2009 $4gl France

Jagermiester $2 Germany
Jose Cuervo Gold $2 Mexico

Calamari $6
Small Mussels $6
Small Bangers and Mash $6

Jeffrey Kuhn, owner of Hank’s Garage , spent decades in the service industry. (dabbling a bit in finance and real estate too). He’s bootstrapped this enterprise himself and spent about 12 months gutting the space by himself. The building used to be a legit garage run by a mechanic named “Hank” almost 75 years ago.

Hank’s Garage is located at 115 San Jacinto (half block north of the Four Seasons), the renovation dresses up the outside of the building. I looked at some of the old photos..what a difference!

Quote from the
Belgium’s known for three things: beer, mussels, and The Muscles from Brussels. Unless you count being the capital of the EU, and if you know who “The Muscles” refers to, you almost certainly don’t. Bringing Belgium’s edible stars to ATX, Hank’s Garage.

Helmed by a beer nerd who noticed Austin’s unfilled Flemish/Walloon niche, Hank’s is an open-kitchen, hardwood gastropub with a cozy back patio on which to suckle the nectar of their 32 taps, 33 if you count what you’re gonna do to dat ass…tap him, and ask if he really needs that second chair for his laptop. The knowledgeable barkeeps offer samples to help you choose from said copious spouts, which include high-ABV dark ivory and ruby purple varieties from St. Bernardus, raspberry-tinged Framboise Lambic, shockingly sour Duchesse de Bourgogne, and the “certified Trappist” Chimay, meaning it’s made under the direction of monks, though with their debilitating OCD it’s a miracle they can even get out of the cot in the morning. They’ve also got an array of Belgian-stylers, like Ft. Worth’s Rahr Ugly Pug, and Cooperstown’s Ommegang Hennepin — a beer Ty Cobb’s allowed to drink, but Pete Rose isn’t.

The evolving menu includes pommes frites with a slew of sauces (from smoked paprika mayo to dill creme fraiche) and toppers (chili cheese, chicken tikka masala, duck fat…), mussels in tomato saffron broth, steak (also with frites), and a St. Bernardus-marinated Beef Carbonnade, likely to result in emissions that neither your muscles nor bureaucrats from Brussels could cap.