Vienna – Sep 06 2017

EuroCircle Vienna – Cocktails and Conversations

Hey y’all of EuroCircle VIENNA,  how are you today?… Last time it was so good at this place, that we have to be there again. Everybody liked it. EVERYBODY. Let’s see there again!

Best, Christian

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Denver – Aug 18 2017

We are excited to co-host a SUMMER BBQ Event with AfD Young Pro’s on August 18th at their backyard location! Members of our EuroCircle pay $15 while non-members pay $20. Please mention that you are a EuroCircle Member at the entrance. Food and alcoholic drinks are INCLUDED! Please RSVP by Monday, August 14th. See you all there!

An evening with delicious meats, fresh beers, wine, good music and pétanque.
That sounds AWESOME!!!!

ALL INCLUSIVE for only $15 for members and $20 for non members.
We reserve you a surprise after the BBQ! Shhhh …

New York – Aug 29 2017

Join us for our End of Summer Party at this fabulous rooftop and lounge!

Attire: Summer pastels (we encourage everyone to wear pastel colored clothing – any shade is fine- but it is not required)
If you show up in a hat or fascinator, you’ll look even more fabulous!
Let’s celebrate the end of summer in style!

NO COVER with online RSVP by 4 pm on August 29!
The drink special will be $10 Eurotini’s! Food is available for purchase.

Join us – and bring a friend/s who have never met us!!

Your hosts:
Harriet Kulmala, Finland
Diana Cristea, Romania
Katarzyna Czarnecka, Poland
Alexandra and EuroCircle New York Team

Austin – Sep 22 2017

EuroCircle’s Annual Summer White Party at Moonfire Lounge

4 OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM? Lika is a member of EuroCircle Austin and she is from Moldova.

Come dressed in your sexy, classy favorite shade of white and be ready to party! ***any shade of white is fine and wear something else if you have no white.
TIP: The venue has a “moonlight” style lighting so white color and other light colors (silver, gold) stand out BETTER than anything else.
Austin’s newest friendly, luxury cocktail and wine lounge is brought to you by the BLU PARTY ATX team!

The Steeping Room is bringing some of their famous salty toffee cookies this evening to Moonfire Lounge! What a treat!!! Moonfire Lounge is offering happy hour drink pricing until 10pm.  R&B DJ starting at 10, and no cover for our attendees! Thanks to Shalini @ AIN, and she is celebrating her birthday. Hope one of our favorite paparazzis is coming tonight (armed with extra light due to moonlights there).   Zoes kitchen is bringing some yummy snacks as well. Can’t wait to see everyone tonight!

$5 select wines
$5 Sparkling
$5 Moscow Mule

Come dressed in your sexy, classy favorite shade of white and be ready to party!
 Why: Do you have to ask??
EuroCircle Team/ Katya Aman, Emma Hochman, Yelena Lantsova, Kaisa Kokkonen
Our friends from APS & AIN are joining us for the fun and hosting the event with us:
Austin Polish Society – Angelika Firlej
Austin Intercultural Network (AIN)  / Shalini Komarla

Philadelphia – Aug 29 2017

Steve McCurry was catapulted to fame with his iconic photo of the “Afghan Girl” – the young, Peshawari refugee – which first appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 1985.  He has achieved unparalleled excellence in photographic journalism in a career that has spanned decades and crossed borders of some of the most war-torn regions on earth.

Throughout his career, Steve McCurry has documented the consequences of war on humankind, capturing those startling moments in images forever frozen in time.

Join us as we honor Steve McCurry, a native Philadelphian, as our 127th “Explorer of the Year”. As such, he joins the ranks of Theodore Roosevelt, Jacques Cousteau, and Robert E. Peary. The Geographical Society of Philadelphia honors McCurry for capturing history’s most captivating moments on camera.

6:00pm Reception with Steve.  Cash bar.
6:30pm  Presentation
7:30pm  Legacy Dinner
Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Union League of Philadelphia
140 South Broad Street, Philadelphia

Presentation Only:  $40 GEO Members • $60 Public
Presentation and Legacy Dinner:  $90 GEO Members • $125 Public


The Union League has a very strict dress code.
For men:  Jacket and tie are strongly preferred. Jacket and collared shirt are required at all times on the first floor members-only section of the League House.
Not Permitted: turtlenecks shirts, collared shirts open more than one button, untucked shirts, jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and flip-flops.
For women:   Business suits, tailored pant or skirt ensembles and dresses.
Not Permitted: spandex, open midriffs, halter tops, shorts, leggings, extremely short hemlines (not more than 3″ above the knee), jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, and flip-flops.

Meet Atlanta Health Expert, Mom, and Entrepreneur Birgit Waites, Creator of Pauli Broccoli, International Health Hero

Birgit Waites’ exposure into the natural health field started at the young age of 4 in Germany, where her grandpa taught her everything he knew about nutrition and herbalism. She then lived in Africa and Asia, and all over the US, where she continued her journey of continued learning.

When Birgit  realized the serious nutritional problems facing children today, she discovered her passion.

She has been working with a well known clinic, high level companies, exclusive country clubs, celebrity and high end private clients worldwide to promote better, more mindful, and most importantly, sustainable lifestyles. Birgit accomplishes this through lectures, wellness programs, direct on-on-one consultations, and comprehensive nutritional therapies.

One of the services she has been providing for her Atlanta clients is 3 Day Detox Challenge Program

Facts about the world’s obesity HERE

After working with clients worldwide, one thing became clear to her: We have reached a critical point, where a lifetime of unhealthy eating has resulted in a projected shorter life expectancy for millennial children. Birgit took her quest to better children’s eating habits and nutrition one step further. The book, The Adventures of Pauli Broccoli, was born. She created Pauli Broccoli & Friends to help teach children the importance of healthy eating and living, and to nurture excitement in eating well.

“FACT: The percentage of children with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s.  Today, about one in five school-aged children (ages 6–19) has obesity.”  About Child & Teen BMI

Pauli Broccoli & Friends is a line of characters featured in storybooks, songs, merchandise and animations. The brand is quickly becoming recognized worldwide, teaching and inspiring children to eat better from a young age. Only developing this love of nutrition and a healthy life from childhood will help combat the epidemic of childhood obesity and illness so many kids face today. Pauli Broccoli & Friends is the brand that’s ready to help kids learn and grow into healthy adults.

“Green is the new cool” is catching on with kids everywhere, and parents are thrilled to have “Peas, Love, and Broccoli” back at the dinner table.

Birgit and Pauli Broccoli & Friends welcomes the EuroCircle community to join in their journey to build a healthier, future generation!


YouTube Pauli Broccoli

Shall we all keep in mind that the GREEN is the new cool!

If you’d like to learn more about malnutrition, hunger, poverty and obesity here are some resources:
Obesity in UK
WHO – Healthy diet
Overweight and obesity in the USA (NHI)
Obesity in Sweden

FACT: In some European countries the number of people overweight or having obesity may be as high as 90% of the population.
In Europe it is estimated that 23% of women and 20% of men currently have obesity. The exceeded cost of obesity in Europe already in healthcare costs and lost productivity
€70 billion per year. By 2030, it is estimated that MORE THAN 50% of European population will have obesity.

BMI Calculator

Austin – Sep 19 2017

GlobalAustin is excited to announce our 2017 summit, “Texas Two-Stepping to a Better World:  A Celebration of Citizen Diplomacy.”

The summit will focus on how international issues affect Texas and how local citizens effectively represent Texas and the United States as they engage in business, culture and sports. Come exchange ideas and perspectives, one handshake at a time! 

The event will be held Tuesday, September 19th, at the Texas State Capitol Building.. Registration is now open.  Early registration is encouraged as space is limited.

GlobalAustin and our partners in Dallas, El Paso, and San Antonio, are pleased to announce Dr. William Charles Inboden, Executive Director, Clements Center for National Security, The University of Texas at Austin, will be the summit’s keynote speaker.  Congressman Joaquin Castro, will open the summit.

Registration and more information:

Member Fee (Includes Cultural Evening Reception)
Regular Fee: $70
Early Bird Fee: $60
General Public Fee (Includes Cultural Evening Reception)
Regular Fee: $105
Early Bird Fee: $95

Facebook invite and updates on the summit:

Atlanta – Aug 02 2017

Greetings everyone:

Please join us next week (Wednesday, August 2nd) at ESTABLISHMENT located in Midtown for our monthly get-together.. Like last time, we will meet in the back area and weather permitting we will have access to the outside patio. This is a very cool lounge with a great drink & food menu so hopefully everyone can make it once again. Parking is available down below in Colony Square and you can take the escalators to come up to the venue.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next week!!!

Atlanta Eurocircle

Meet Croatian-born guitarist Goran Ivanovic from Chicago

One of the most versatile, skilled, and curious musicians in Chicago, guitarist Goran Ivanovic has built a career built upon exploration.

Born and raised in Osijek – Croatia, he was in the midst of studying at the prestigious Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria with masters like Elliot Fisk and Joaquin Clerch when his parents (his father is a Serb, his mother a Bosnian Croat) were expelled in the late 90s; the family was granted asylum in the US and they settled in Chicago.

Since his arrival he’s displayed a deep interest in collaboration, steadily expanding his stylistic range well beyond the European classical music and Balkan sounds he was fluently versed in when he arrived. These days his repertoire not only incorporates those disciplines, but jazz and flamenco as well.

He’s recorded duet albums with the great Pakistani-Chilean jazz guitarist Fareed Haque as well as Greek-American musician Andreas Kapsalis. He’s a key member of the quartet Eastern Blok with Matt Ulery, Doug Rosenberg, and Michael Caskey, a combo that deftly surveys the folk music of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Serbia in a distinctly jazz-oriented context, embroidering timeless Balkan melodies and rhythms with sophisticated improvisational gambits.

Most recently, Goran released an eponymous trio album with bassist Ulery and percussionist Pete Tashjian where he’s achieved a stunning assimilation of his many influences, creating a hybrid all his own. Reviewing the new album for All About Jazz, Budd Kopman wrote, “It is easy to get lost in Ivanovic’s technique, especially if one plays (or attempts to play) Classical style guitar, in a jazz style or not.”

The trio’s agility has also been noted. As Jeff Elbel wrote in the Chicago Sun-Times, “The trio are recognized for their individual virtuosity, but they show particular excellence as a unit able to stop on a dime and twist gracefully through the trickiest hairpin turns together on local stages.”

Connect with Goran Ivanovic:

GoranGuitar at Facebook

CONCERTS: calendar


This is just one example we picked as it mentioned another EuroCircle member Ian Maksin.

October 21, 2016 Jeff Elbel
Chicago-based guitarist Goran Ivanovic has shared the stage with boundary-pushing local artists including current Claudettes’ drummer Michael Caskey in the pair’s former group Eastern Blok, as well as classical and jazz master Fareed Haque and renowned cellist Ian Maksin. The Croatian native’s stirring style incorporates jazz, traditional Balkan, flamenco and classical styles.

Ivanovic’s rich discography is often signified by “Seven Boats,” a powerful collaboration with Haque released in 2004 that made a strong impression with its unusual fusion of classical, jazz and world music influences. The title track was reprised on an eponymous 2005 release by the Goran Ivanovic Group. Other key collaborations included 2009’s duo album with innovative Greek-American Chicago-based fingerstyle guitarist Andreas Kapsalis.

Currently, Ivanovic is celebrating the debut release by his Goran Ivanovic Trio with bassist Matt Ulery and drummer Pete Tashjian. The trio are recognized for their individual virtuosity, but they show particular excellence as a unit able to stop on a dime and twist gracefully through the trickiest hairpin turns together on local stages including those at City Winery and the Whistler. The trio’s upcoming show is a return visit to Jazz Showcase.

The trio’s new album features concert highlights like the spirited roots-music influence of “Alvorada Americana,” in which Ivanovic tumbles through lilting arpeggios and chiming harmonics on his nylon-string guitar before the rhythm joins him in crashing acoustic rock. The moody and haunting “Patient Zero” creates a disquieted but compelling mood. “Querido Paco” pays homage to flamenco giant Paco De Lucia.

Maksin joins the trio for the undulating “Maurice’s Ragtime,” a beautifully impressionistic piece honoring French composer Maurice Ravel with its intoxicating and sublime atmosphere. If it’s not in the set list at Jazz Showcase when Maksin shares the bill with Ivanovic, patrons should demand it as an encore.

Milana & Sergey – A couple from Belarus creates a new life in Austin

My name is Milana.

I’m a simple girl from Belarus. My whole life has been connected to music and creativity. After graduating from the Belarusian State Academy of Music, my husband and I moved to Poland, where my daughter and son were born. Taking care of my children replaced my practice of music for quite some time. I never lose my creativity, though; I kept up with it by being engaged in various kinds of crafts. I found that I could turn these crafts into my job when I moved to the USA in the spring of 2016 with my husband Sergey

Sergey and I met when I was studying at the music academy. We quickly realized that we would always be together and married six months later. Sergey worked on different jobs and learned several computer programming languages and taught himself how to code, allowing him to work as a freelancer for a while.


Musicians aren’t paid very well in Belarus, so my husband’s job has always been the main source of our family’s income. Thanks to him, we were able to move to Poland, where he worked as a web developer, and then to the US, where he continues his work as a web developer. He has so many plans and hopes associated with our move and the potential it gives us; I completely believe in him!

I really want to contribute to my family too, then my husband will not be the only one taking care of our family’s livelihood. I hope to use the skills that I have learned over the years and turn it into a business. Then, I will be able to help contribute an income, even if it may not be a large contribution.

I have a dream to open a small craft shop as well as a music school that implements the Russian music education from my home in Belarus.

However, these are plans for the distant future. I need to start with what I have now. “Moscow was not built in one day” people say.


My daughter, Nicole, started kindergarten in Poland where she learned to speak Polish (she has already forgotten everything, though). She is a very sociable girl. Nicole enjoys going to gymnastics and ballet. They’re some of her favorite things to do! This year she will go to kindergarten in Austin, Texas. I’m very glad that she will learn a new language while attending school! This will greatly develop her thinking abilities.

Her little brother, Marcin, is 2 years old. He is a very active child and my husband and I think he might like to try playing sports soon.

I am very happy that my children will grow up here, in a country with great opportunities! However, it’s a shame that they will not have memories of their native country. I continue to teach the Russian language to them at home as it is important that they know where they come from.

We didn’t originally want to move so far from friends and family, but we did not want to miss out on opportunities to see the world and get acquainted with new people and places. Austin is the first city in the US that we have lived. It’s a wonderful and cozy city with lots of friendly people! Thanks to Austin, I had a great first impression of America, as I always imagined it.


It was here, in this city, that I had the idea to give things a second chance! Once, when I went to a Goodwill store, I saw how many wooden things people threw out. Boxes, furniture, trays, frames, etc. Looking at them, I saw how beautiful they could still be! I just had to find a way to make these wooden objects into useful works of art! I became interested in the “decoupage” technique (implanting an image in the surface).

I looked at lots of videos and articles and now I have “new things” with an old story. Next, I tried remodeling old furniture. At my house, there is now a table, a bookcase, and a night table that found a second life in a new form.

My friends advised me to make things to sell. So, I began decorating boxes – a box can become a wonderful, one of a kind gift for loved ones or for yourself.
I like to learn different techniques and make sure that no two items are the same. I really try to make each item unique. Next, I really want to start making baskets for my clients!

I like to think that recycling and restoration of old things helps to save our natural resources on our planet. I am ready to help people in the transformation of their favorite wooden items that have lost their former beauty or give things a new look.

Quality and attention to detail”! These are the main tasks for me in creating these works.

Milana’s work can be almost any item – furniture, boxes and so on. The sky is is the limit, take a look below and
email Milana if you’d like to have her make you something.

MILANA’S WORK – item by item:

Credit: Morgan Kainu and Julie Candoli – our editors.