Meet Atlanta Health Expert, Mom, and Entrepreneur Birgit Waites, Creator of Pauli Broccoli, International Health Hero

Birgit Waites’ exposure into the natural health field started at the young age of 4 in Germany, where her grandpa taught her everything he knew about nutrition and herbalism. She then lived in Africa and Asia, and all over the US, where she continued her journey of continued learning.

When Birgit  realized the serious nutritional problems facing children today, she discovered her passion.

She has been working with a well known clinic, high level companies, exclusive country clubs, celebrity and high end private clients worldwide to promote better, more mindful, and most importantly, sustainable lifestyles. Birgit accomplishes this through lectures, wellness programs, direct on-on-one consultations, and comprehensive nutritional therapies.

One of the services she has been providing for her Atlanta clients is 3 Day Detox Challenge Program

Facts about the world’s obesity HERE

After working with clients worldwide, one thing became clear to her: We have reached a critical point, where a lifetime of unhealthy eating has resulted in a projected shorter life expectancy for millennial children. Birgit took her quest to better children’s eating habits and nutrition one step further. The book, The Adventures of Pauli Broccoli, was born. She created Pauli Broccoli & Friends to help teach children the importance of healthy eating and living, and to nurture excitement in eating well.

“FACT: The percentage of children with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s.  Today, about one in five school-aged children (ages 6–19) has obesity.”  About Child & Teen BMI

Pauli Broccoli & Friends is a line of characters featured in storybooks, songs, merchandise and animations. The brand is quickly becoming recognized worldwide, teaching and inspiring children to eat better from a young age. Only developing this love of nutrition and a healthy life from childhood will help combat the epidemic of childhood obesity and illness so many kids face today. Pauli Broccoli & Friends is the brand that’s ready to help kids learn and grow into healthy adults.

“Green is the new cool” is catching on with kids everywhere, and parents are thrilled to have “Peas, Love, and Broccoli” back at the dinner table.

Birgit and Pauli Broccoli & Friends welcomes the EuroCircle community to join in their journey to build a healthier, future generation!


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Shall we all keep in mind that the GREEN is the new cool!

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FACT: In some European countries the number of people overweight or having obesity may be as high as 90% of the population.
In Europe it is estimated that 23% of women and 20% of men currently have obesity. The exceeded cost of obesity in Europe already in healthcare costs and lost productivity
€70 billion per year. By 2030, it is estimated that MORE THAN 50% of European population will have obesity.

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