Los Angeles – May 31 2012

Beverly Hill Cocktails with EuroCircle LA

Join us for an intimate evening of cocktails, conversation and laughter at this sexy new lounge in Beverly Hills.
Let’s check out how the million dollar renovation has changed the former Aqua to Confidential Beverly Hills.
Once arrive, please ask for me (DINA), I will give out EuroCircle wristbands, this way it will be easier to converse

7-8 pm complimentary appetizers

By the way, if anyone would like to take some photos from the event that would be greatly appreciated! No professional needed, many people can take pretty good photos with the current digital cameras!

See you there!


PS. Kaisa would like to find more team members for LA – anyone interested please email her at kaisa(at)eurocircle.con

CONFIDENTIAL Beverly Hills is a nightclub/lounge fusion conveniently located in the center of Beverly Hills. Behind the black padded leather doors, from the moment you walk down the steps into this modern speak-easy, CONFIDENTIAL Beverly Hills attempts to deceive you into thinking the motif is old world aristocratic, with crystal chandeliers and a white baby grand piano. However, behind the corner awaits a modern European discothèque-like lounge complete with large booths in a plethora of textured leathers and finished cement floors that appear almost glass-like. This nightclub/lounge fusion is the ideal place to go for a glamorous night out in one of the most posh cities in the world.