Los Angeles – June 10 2014

Celebration of the Immigration Heritage Month @ Rosewood Tavern

Eurocircle Los Angeles and Welcome.Us Present the first ever


Join us for a relaxed international evening. Beginning in June 2014, Welcome.Us encourages every American to log on to their website and connect with them through social media, to help celebrate the month and share their stories using the hashtag#WelcomeUS on their social media streams, including facebook.com/welcomeus and Twitter: @Welcome_us

Happy Hour Menu including $5 Well Drinks & $5 Select Wines and Beer will be served from 7-10pm

We look forward seeing you all there,

Christine Hsu and Catherine Lyons, Fwd.Us
Tanya and Ajay, EuroCircle Los Angeles team

Welcome.Us is a non-profit dedicated to celebrating a United States that is fueled by an immigrant tradition – it is supported by FWD.Us

Other EuroCircle Cities are also allying with Welcome.Us/FWD.Us