Los Angeles – Feb 17 2015

EuroCircle LA February Event - What Can We Say, January Was Busy!

We know you guys were expecting an event to happen in January, but just seemed to be a rather busy month for several people. But We’re Back……. 🙂
We’ve organised our next event at a great Italian place, Spaghettini & the Dave Koz Lounge in Beverly Hills. Rated one of the top cuisine and live musical entertainment collide like never before in Beverly Hills.
Many members have requested an earlier time for the event, but taking into account traffic and other things, we’d like to shoot for 7pm.

See you all there, lets have a good one.. Please make sure you’re there and make sure you bring your friends, family, neighbours – whoever wants to have a good night out and meet some ravishing people from all walks of life.
See you all there 😉
Sonny Yo Yo Sarna AND Tanya Stawski Shamtoub
www.eurocircle.com] (your hosts for the evening)
EuroCircle Los Angeles FB group:

****Please feel free to bring your international friends and encourage them to visit our website: www.EuroCircle.com and become a EuroCircle member just like you! ***