New York – Musician & Actress Tres Hanley-Millman

Tres, please introduce yourself so our group gets to know you a bit more.

My name is Tres Hanley-Millman. I guess like most involved with EuroCircle I call more than one country home. I was born in NJ – just outside NYC, I grew up between there and London. For me London and NY are the two greatest cities in the world and I am blessed to call them both home. My career as an actress has primarily been in the UK but I’ve worked pretty much internationally. My first professional TV job was on soap. I had just dropped out of the Julliard School where I was a voice major. I was being pushed into doing Opera -which was not where my heart was. So I jumped ship when I had the opportunity. I did do many musicals though, which I enjoyed but the touring got to be a bit draining. I went over to London for a break and I was cast in 2 hr TV Drama. Pretty much then decided I was going to stay and my career really blossomed from there.

Your bio says that you were a protegee of Leonard Bernstein. What was it like working with him?

I was very lucky to be chosen by him to sing the role of Cunegonde in “Candide” in concert. It was one of the last Great Composer series at Lincoln Center. He conducted. It was not long before he passed away. I think at the time I was too young to understand him or comprehend the grandness of what I was involved in. I just knew he was very encouraging to us all. When I think back on it I can’t believe that I wasn’t terrified! There is an arrogance that comes with youth. I get nervous now just thinking about it! I wonder… how did I do that?

What are your biggest musical achievements in your career?

Probably that, working with Lenny. I sort of stepped away from music when my acting career took off. Though I did some film work with some big names, for the most part, my success/fame really grew from TV. I also had a big fan base in other parts of Europe for a Bacardi campaign that I had done. I never really made a mark as a singer as I did as an actress. But then I had sort of left that behind. Though I continued to do a few musicals and concerts in Europe now and then. I only got back involved in music after getting married. In 2005 I did a Broadway compilation album called TRES BROADWAY. Which did very well. After that I teamed up with an Asian rapper named BURCH to record a European dance single called “Dance of the Euro Diva”. That was a pretty cool thing. Talk about an international project. You had me singing with an Asian rapper with music was by Eric Serra who is French (who originally wrote the piece for the film “The 5th Element”). It was never released in the USA. It was pretty much everywhere else though. It did really well in some countries – not so well in others. It’s interesting thing how some things will fly in one country but not another.

Outside of music what are your passions?

Well my husband of course! And dark chocolate!
Other than that it would be animals. I’m what most would call an animal activist. I’m a big supporter of closing down puppy mills, adopting instead of breeding. If people want a specific breed, check with pure breed rescue instead of buying. I loved that Oprah did a show a few years back on how all pet stores sell mill or back yard bred pups. But still it’s not been enough and these stores still exist. Even here in NYC. It’s horrible. We need to stop it. I’m passionate about that, along rescue and ending animal testing. I also run an all info website which shares info on food, vaccines and more. I have a few friends who are vets who spill the beans on what you really should and should not do for your pets. Our facebook page lists recalls and more as they happen. I hope people with pets will check it out.

We see that you have a new album out congratulations! Can you tell us more about this album?

Yes! It’s called A SIREN’S ODYSSEY. It’s an autobiographical song cycle. The orchestrations by Daniel Moctezuma are magical. If you like soundtracks and musicals, you will love this. Some new twists on covers as well as some great original material from international composers.


What was your inspiration for it?

So many people are out there looking for their forever love. I used my own journey as a base to tell the story. That’s why we call it A SIREN’S ODYSSEY. It’s based on the theory we all have 3 loves in our life. Our 1st love, the one we think is love that nearly destroys us and then our destiny – true love. I think it’s something most can identify with more or less.

What are your favorite places in the New York City and why?

I hate to say this but all my favorite places are all in London!
But if I had to say what place I like most in NYC – well I think, as an artist, Lincoln Center Library is amazing. I can spend a whole day there. Also the idea that you also can see an old Broadway Musical there on tape for free is amazing to me. As to my favorite place for dinner, well being a vegetarian, I love Candle Café West and Candle 79. And a treat is having Banofee Pie at Bubby’s in Tribeca. It’s a British treat and it’s the best I’ve ever had. If they are out of it, their Banana Cream Pie is a fabulous back up! And I have to say Central Park cause our dogs love it so much.

Outside of music what do you like to do for fun?

My husband Paul Millman (who is an architect and engineer) and I are renovating our weekend retreat. It was once the weekend home Sergei Rachmaninoff. Right now our focus is on the renovation. It’s a 9 acre farm on a river. Though it’s only an hour from NYC when we are there we feel a million miles away. The original 2 rooms of the house were built in 1760 and it was expanded in 1856. It’s what we do for fun right now! Though when it’s done – then we’ll finally get to really enjoy it’s as it’s a bit stressful as well as fun. It’s actually got an amazing history. Ties to George Washington as well as Rachmaninoff. And of course we love to travel. It’s so wonderful to have friends in all parts of the world as many EuroCircle members know.

Other than London and NY what is your favorite European City?

Wow that’s a tough one. We love Paris and go often. We just got back from Nerja in the Costa Del Sol which I fell in love with But that’s not really a city. I have too many places I love! Ravello, Italy – again not really a city, is up there along with Prague, Copenhagen, Vienna… I just can’t pick one. Pretty much every place I’ve been, I fell in love with something about it. Probably one of the most amazing places is Azure Window in Malta. Then there are so many magical places, Lake Bled. So much of Slovenia and Switzerland is gorgeous. And there is a restaurant in Tallinn that I dream about going back to. I wish that wasn’t so far! And Budapest at this time of year, well, I think about their Kürtőskalács aka Chimney Cakes. OMG they are so amazing! The world is full of so many amazing places- my list could go on and on. And that’s just Europe!

How long have you been a EuroCircle member?

I was introduced to EuroCirle through my husband, when we were first dating back in Dec 2001. He hosted a wine event for the group. I was so excited to know about it. So great for all of us who are truly international citizens!

How can our members get in touch with you, buy your album?

Through my website or through my facebook page which you can find through my website. All profits for my music go to animal rescue groups as well as charities for HIV and the visually impaired.

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