Swap Sofas – Travelling with a Low Budget

Many of us loved to travel much more but frankly not all of us can afford it. I have traveled both ways, a few super luxury trips where you pay $10,000 for a week’s hotel or a rented villa – and sometimes I have stayed with people I don’t even know.

You can stay pretty much all over the world using sites like CouchSurfing.org or Itamos.com

These sites will connect you to people who will host visitors in their homes – mostly for FREE! Pay attention what the hosts say as usually they are pretty honest and accurate. As always, be careful; there are some not-s0-nice and not-so-honest ladies and gentlemen out there. Scrutinize the photos provided carefully and check all references available.

Sometimes you share a room, sometimes you get your own room. No charge!

In addition, you can choose to stay at youth hostels, which are really for everyone – not only for the teens and young people. I have some friends in New York who use house-swapping companies such as HomeExchange.com and HomeLink.org. Those sites usually charge a membership fee which is usually around $150 per year. The arrangements vary from luxurious houses to small apartments.

My friends have a small 2-bedroom apartment on West 72nd Street in Manhattan. They have swapped to a big house in Austin, a beautiful penthouse in Sydney Harbor and so on.

Sometimes they also offer renting instead of just swapping.