San Francisco – Feb 12 2015

Lincoln in Love

EuroCircle Presents:

LINCOLN IN LOVE: The most honest person in America on a quest for the truth discovered that love is the closest intangible assest that mankind can ever reach. So to honor this Great Man’s birthday and to be in the Valentine’s Spirit we are proud to present this fun soiree filled with serendipitous surprises!

The night will entail the following:
* A TEDDY BEAR TOSS, will Mr. Bear bring your Destiny?
* Pick a card and find your match and you will both receive a complimentary glass of bubbly
* A great Valentine’s Decor
* A vast array of Dutch DJ arsenal
* Chocolates from the World galore
* Specialty Honest Abe & Mary Todd Cocktails

No need to worry to find a date as this will be a party for all and fun will will be the main ingredient in this Valentine’s Ball.
It will be a time to mingle, dance, and have a few Lincoln cocktails.

The party will be held at the Raven bar. Raven bar seeks to imitate the style of lounge frequented by Humphrey Bogart and Edgar Allen Poe in its Folsom street location.

The bar serves up classic and modern drinks and cocktails, combined with a club atmosphere with DJ music and dancing.
The nightclub design by Michael Brennan seeks to create the atmosphere of a film noir movie filled with great house music you would hear at a film festival in Cannes.

PLEASE RSVP to gain complimentary entree to this chocolate, champagne and classic history soiree of fun, love, and TEDDY BEARS!

* to hand out name tags
* to hand out cards
* prepare chocolate trays
* organize the teddy bears
* toss the teddy bears
* meet, greet, and find great people to be foster parents for the cutest bears you will ever see!!!

The EuroCircle Team.