San Francisco – Virginie Suos, Parisian Flair with Prélude

1. Please introduce yourself.

My name is Virginie Suos. I am from Paris, France and currently live in San Francisco, California. I’ve worked on several startups within the fashion industry and am now about to launch a clothing line on Kickstarter..
Prélude Kickstarter campaign

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2. Tell us about your upcoming line:

Prélude is about Women’s sleepwear + loungewear made from 100% all-natural, organic cotton. Inspired by classic French cuts and handcrafted in California. We combine timeless fashion + classic elegance to create easy, everyday pieces that are safe and delicate on even the most sensitive skin.

3. How and why was the company founded: Why?

To revolutionize the fashion industry! Nowadays, most companies are manufacturing their clothing in sweatshops overseas and using poor quality, synthetic fibers that are detrimental to our well-being and toxic to the environment. The clothing is then marked up 8x in fast retail. Prélude is about going against the status quo and abiding by healthier ethics.

4. When and why did you move to the USA

I moved to the USA about 10 years ago now. My parents immigrated to France from Cambodia in their early twenties; they’ve lived in several countries, experienced different cultures and always wished that we do the same. They firmly believe that California is the land of opportunities so my brothers and I moved here to study abroad. We spent our first couple of years in rural Modesto prior to transferring to the University of California in Berkeley.

5. What do you do after work, what interests you

Besides brainstorming and daydreaming all day, I enjoy taking fitness / yoga classes and surrounding myself with athletes + artists. I love attending art shows and classical performances. I get so much inspiration from the crazy ones who pursue their passion.

6. What is your favorite food:

I grew up eating a lot of my mom’s home-cooked French + Chinese meals! I love trying different local restaurants; Japanese + Thai foods are on top of my list, but French food is still my favorite as I find it more balanced and nutritious. More importantly, I’ve learned to seek more organic, fresh ingredients.

7. Tell me about your family, where are they now?

My dear parents are looking for a place to retire! I think they would be happy in the bay area, maybe in Marin county. I also have an older brother who’s in Los Angeles, and my younger brother is here with me in San Francisco.

8. Do you try to go back, what do you miss the most?

Sadly, I haven’t been back to Paris in over 5 years. My parents have been visiting a lot so I haven’t felt an urge to go back. I do get nostalgic at times though; I miss my French grandmother and aunt a lot. I also miss hanging out at Parisian cafés and parks with friends, and spending my summer in Southern France.

9. How do you see the French being different from Americans?

I see more similarities than differences. The lifestyle is quite the same; although French people tend to spend a lot more time traveling and enjoying the good things in life! I like French expats; the French people I meet here in SF because they tend to be more ambitious, more open-minded and more positive-minded than the typical French.

10. Would you ever return to live in France full-time?

At this point, I’m not sure. If my Kickstarter campaign does well, I’d like to keep on expanding the clothing collection/company and live in more than just one place! The world has plenty of beautiful places so I wouldn’t want to limit myself to just Europe or the USA.

11. Are there any other relevant and even not so relevant information you’d like to share?

I love interacting with different cultures! I’ve had roommates from all over the world. And l love my bitcoins! Not just for the libertarian ideas, but for the concept of global currency.

Connect with Virginie Suos:
Virginie at Facebook
Prélude Kickstarter campaign