San Francisco – Apr 23 2016


The 13th Annual Orange Kingsday party has arrived in the Bay Area!

This year we are going to go back to the Old Amsterdam Kingsnight with traditional Dutch music in a “Bruin” (Brown) Cafe on the famous French Belden Lane Alley that will be Dutch for a night. So as the cafe will be deocrated in it’s traditional orange festive King’s Night look, the alley will be perfect to get away from the blasting Dutch tunes and enjoy the delightful street with a cocktail in your hand.

Yes one of the most favorite activities for Dutch People is to sit/stand (we will remove most of the tables) on a terrace and watch other people! So be part of the lookers with a glass of wine in hand and enjoy this immense Dutch tradition!

DJ Marc van Brabant will be your host and DJ . He will play some fun Dutch Tunes and as the night progresses he will mix in some 80’s and the best beats from contemporary DJ’s such as showtek, dannic, hardwell, tiesto, and sunnery james. As always he will bring the Dutch and classic songs to make you sing along and truly have a fun orange festival experience!

The space is limited, so buy your tickets beforehand as one we run out we run out (op is op) You don’t have to be Dutch to enjoy this Orange Party but does help to understand the Dutch Way of dancing with one beer in your hand and the other making some form of a windmill and jumping up and down in a 15 cm2 area as Dutch are also limited to territorial confinement and overcrowding on the dance floor. But lucky this will not happen as we keep the ticket count limited to observe this crazy fun gezellig party for the king of the Netherlands.

At the door it will be $20
Right now tickets online are only $7.50 as we need to forfill a bar guarantee. As soon as we have enough people the price will double!

Here is the link for tickets:

Use “EC” for a 15% discount (for the first 15 to buy tickets)
Use “NL” for a 15% discount (for the first 25 to buy tickets)

If the link does not work that means that people beat you to it!